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Sharon Stone Vilified In China...

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sorry, I am not attending any of her bitch parties. I am tired of everything of about DALAI LAMA HIS SHITTINESS.

He is foxy, two-faced, speak and do goes the opposite......OK, he is not, he is the winner of 'Nobel Price'.

Not interested in any of it.

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Shame on her.....if she has a problem with China, she should take it on the Chinese government - not on the 80,000+ innocent people who are dead or missing and many more who are now in grief and homeless.

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I think this is just like a situation where she is at a great fabulous party and got liquored up too much while enjoying it all impairing her sense of judgement and perspective.

Well, it seems it's left her with one hell of a hangover!

Sharon Stone dropped by Dior over China quake comments

30/05/2008 8:05:00 AM, CelebrityFIX

Sharon Stone is beginning to feel the aftershock from ticking off one billion Chinese people.

Christian Dior has removed advertisements featuring the actress from stores across China after she suggested that the recent Chinese earthquake was the result of “bad karma” for the government’s treatment of Tibet.

"I'm not happy about the way the Chinese are treating the Tibetans because I don't think anyone should be unkind to anyone else," Sharon said yesterday during an interview with Hong Kong's Cable Entertainment News. "And then this earthquake and all this stuff happened, and then I thought, is that karma? When you're not nice that the bad things happen to you?"

Sharon’s comments have drawn a wave of outrage, with many Chinese cinemas vowing not to show her films... though we doubt they’ll stop downloading them and selling them on the street for five bucks.

Dior said in a statement: "Due to some customer reaction we have decided to pull her image from all of the department stores and from all of China."

Meanwhile, Sharon is doing some mighty fast backpedalling, issuing an apology and offering to travel to China to help the quake victims in any way she can. We're not so sure that's a good idea... how many bodyguards can you fit on the plane Sharon?

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Fire-hit Universal Studios opens The world-famous Universal Studios in Los Angeles, California, has re-opened to visitors, a day after a blaze tore through sets and exhibits.

Hundreds of people streamed into the movie studio's theme park as the gates opened a day after firefighters had doused a fire at the 400-acre site.

An investigation into the cause of the blaze, which also damaged a library of videos and film reels, is under way.

Claims that low water pressure hampered firefighting are being followed up.

On the studios' first tram tour of the day, damage from the fire was clearly evident and the smell of smoke hung in the air.

A guide thanked firefighters for their work in battling Sunday's blaze.

Black smoke

A King Kong exhibit and sets from the films Back to the Future and Bruce Almighty were among the attractions destroyed. However, the head of Universal Studios, Ron Meyer, said the studios had duplicates of everything lost in the video library, and that the main vault containing motion picture negatives had not been affected.

The blaze began before dawn on a sound stage featuring New York facades.

Helicopters were called in to drop water on the flames, which spread rapidly and produced thick clouds of black smoke.

Hundreds of firefighters also worked on the ground to tackle the fire. Several were injured as they struggled to bring it under control.

Air quality tests were carried out amid concerns that people living nearby might be harmed by noxious fumes.

Behind-the-scenes tours of the studios are a long-established tradition popular with visitors.

Due to Mrs Sharon Stone her holiness's great wisdom, there comes the 'karma' of her wishes.

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C`mon, Maryjane! The studio doesn`t belong to her.

C'mon james, Quake victims' lives don't belong to her and her hypprocratic sympathies to th real Tibetans either.

She says ''there would be bad things happening if you're not nice towards other people''

There you go, one and another patronizing hollywood nobs

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Maryjames, the slut already apologized for her insensitive remarks. Don't take quotes from these Hollywood airheads seriously.

However, George Clooney's endoresment of Chicago 2016 will definitely win the female IOC vote for Chicago.

are they selling sports or what......Is that the Doomsday would be commin in 2012? confused.

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