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Fifa World Cup 2014

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FIFA 2014 world will be hosted in Brazillian cities. Through out the period the world best football nation will be leashing the best players in the world. From Pele popularly called the king of football to Ronaldinho who has performed brilliantly in Europe and elsewhere .

Brazil has made great impact in the history of the game and it can not be deny the opportunity to host, that`s more a reason for it to be hosting the game come 2014.

Country with natural beauty, bio-diversity -- which is a common sight in Amazon forest areas, beautiful splashing beaches, good hotels, nice people and a home to the world largest festival celeberation, the Samba.It`s rightly to say, the people will samba the game.

Meanwhile, it quickly comes to mind to ask this question.How are they really preparing for the game? Urban movement has be put in place regarding transportation. Hotels are been developed,construction of new roads, just to mention a few.

It will present the capacity of a wonderful country like Brazil to host world big games.

What more do they need in this ealy stage?

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