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Rio 2016 Olympic Projects

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Brazil wasn't as bad as it was described in the past, and isn't as good as it`s being described now. But, when it comes to the 2016 Olympics, the timing couldn't be any better.

I still think that the timing is not good for a OG in Brazil.

Of course, every aspect of describing Brazil is exagerated, just as you said. Not too bad as some say and not too good as some expect.

And that´s exactely why I think the timing is not good. Let´s take care of the WC and make it right before trying to make the OG.

And it´s not a problem of money. Financially, we DO have the conditions to host BOTH. But we still need to adress some internal matters that prevents us, as a country, to enjoy our investment and organization habilities.

One thing at a time, well done. Instead of two things at the same time, badly done.

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will INFRAERO be expanding Galeao Airport shoudl Rio win?

No, and the answer is because the airport is working really under its real capacity. Should things have worked as expected and the airport was running smoothly, it could support more than double of this actual capacity.

Talks about privatizing the airport are underway right now and should be finished before 2016 decision. Should have been earlier, but better late than never. After that, then we will see a reform of the airport.

I think that, if Rio wins, regional flights will be temporarily moved to Santos Dumont Airport (local one) which was reformed for PanAm 2007 and Galeao would be responsible only for the international flights.

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