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Euro 2008

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Now tomorrow

Sweden 1 - Greece 0

Spain 4 - Russia 1

I agree with a comment I saw that sad irregardless of the first goal, the Dutch were going to win the day.

Interesting notes:

Every keeper that has won or drawn has produced a clean sheet.

Each group has had 3 goals total

The second game always had multiple goals

The away team has always won the second game

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That's absolutely true. Despite a highly disencouraging Dutch lead, the Italians showed an incredible spirit. But also they made unbelievable mistakes in front of the goal. Especially Luca Toni was a huge disappointment tonight.

Nevertheless, I'd not count Italy out. We all know that they are best with their back against the wall.

I'd be reluctant to write them off aswell, but they were all over the place defensively tonight and I question whether that can be turned round without Cannavaro.

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Just finished watching the Romania-France match, and Good Lord that was a freakin horrible match. The attacking chances were few and far between. Maybe I should have just slept in....

Awful game. Truly dreadful. France were appallingly bad. Romania look toothless up front. Their defence can surely only take them so far.

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Germany is going to win the Euro Cup this year.

**** me in the ass if I'm wrong.


I must admit that the Dutch played a splendid game today.

Welcome Blue!

That's gotta be one of the best introductions by a Newbie to GamesBids I've seen!!!!!

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Awful game. Truly dreadful. France were appallingly bad. Romania look toothless up front. Their defence can surely only take them so far.

I think France is this years Germany, very poor performances.

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Switzerland - very unlucky not to get a draw, played well but not well enough to upset Portugal

Czech Republic - lackluster performance, little danger to score and no depth

Portugal - decent performance, though they are still lacking in areas and Ricardo doesn't look as good as 4 years ago

Turkey - not much to say, they are an up and down team and have better, should give the Czechs a hard time

Austria - like Switzerland unlucky to score, lacks finishing, should have player Jimmy

Croatia - poor overall performance with little scoring threat, needs to step it up against Poland and Germany

Germany - good performance, needs to improve but will come because the areas that need improvement are because of injury

Poland - no feel in the box, poor defence, can't defend pace and a under-maned midfield, excellent keeping

Romania - good defense, but they ain't Italy

France - dreadful, no touch and too old in places, Analka needs to get off the pitch, should have had Cisse in the squad or Trezequet

Netherlands - excellent performance but depth and defense are still gonna be a problem

Italy - good performance but no touch up front and the defense is not as good as 2 years ago

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Here are some stats to pick the winner.

1. Only one out of the last nine winners hosted. Thats counts out Austria & Switzerland

2.The last eight winners had all qualified for past Euros. That counts out Poland

3.The winners have never retained their title. Which means, no geek win.

4.Germany are the only losing finalist to have bounced back and win the next euro. So unlucky, Portugal

5.No WC runner up has won the Euro. So the French are out.

6.Only once have a losing semi-finalist gone on to win the next time round. That cross out Czech Republic & Netherlands.

7..Spain have a good squad but its been 24 years since they reached a tournament semi-final.

8. Only once have the WC winners won the Euro, that counts out Italy.

9. The last six winners all came from the first 15 letters of the alphabet. (France, Netherland, Denmark, Germany, Frence & Greece) - So bye bye to Russia, Romania, Sweden & Turkey.

10. Only one runner-up in a qualifying group went on to win the title and that was in '92 went Denmark replaced Yugoslavia and went on to win. With that, crosses out Germany.

So after all this, we're left win only one country that matches all this stats and thats none other than... CROATIA.

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What are you actually trying to say? In your opinion, Germany didn't play well and will -- if it continues on that level -- not win the title. On the other hand, you say that usually the teams which start tournaments best rarely win them, too.

So what now? Even if Germany had had the match of its life yesterday, it wouldn't win the title in your opinion? :blink:

Anyway, I've had my share of tournaments as well and therefore know: It doesn't count what you do in the opening match, but what you do in the matches to come. Additionally, you seem not to have watched the final test matches of Germany before the EURO. Because if you had, you would have been pleasantly surprised by their performance yesterday. As I said: It was a significant improvement compared to the final test match against Serbia, and even more so the next-to-final test match against Belarus.

I heard the results of the warm-up games and I treat them with the caution that friendly games should be treated with in my view. I would have thought most German fans wouldn't give a stuff about the warm-up games now that the tournament has started with, in the end, a comfortable win.

My concern for Germany would be that, as a neutral observer and I feel I need to emphasise that, there were lengthy periods in the game on Sunday night when the German side were frankly chasing shadows against a decent but not world-beating Polish side. Better teams than Poland will punish them for that if they do not improve as the tournament progresses. The only difference between the two teams on Sunday night was the Poles' inclination towards the kamikaze defensively.

I would accept that it is probably easier to improve through the tournament than start brilliantly and try to sustain that level as the Dutch will now have to do. But look back to England at the last World Cup. We never really got going at any stage during the tournament and we ended up getting knocked out in the quarter-finals. Take heed.

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We did play well?? When exactly, apart for the very first ten minutes and a few flash in the second time?

We plaied just disgrecefully in most of the time. That's it. Nothing worked as it would from defence to attack and it could have gone even worse if there wasn't be some of Buffon's miracle..

I really didn't think that Cannavaro's lost could have bothered us so much. Fairly sensitive may be but not at this level.

Barzagli-Materazzi didn't work together, Panucci clearly didn't recover well and the poor Zambrotta forced riding all over the field tring correct other's faults.

As for attack I've never been much confident about Toni. Really, I'v never been particulary found of him before and least of all now. I hope Donadoni would change his offencive tactics opting for Cassano or Del Piero in next matches but I doubt it.

And the Miedfield?

I can't understand why Donadoni prefered keeping the entire Milan's miedfield when he has at his disposal someone like De Rossi and Aquiliani and also given that Milan does not come from a properly brilliant season. What about De Rossi instead of Ambrosini for example???

I did not find Holland so superlative as some others tend to see. They did a good job by remaining calm, strong of a general great form and incisive technic. Curious.. they did seem playing in our play manner yesterday.. btw congratulations to them. Absolutely deserving winners.

Now let's see what happens on friday..

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Rei, I think you've just got to hope and pray that you can't play as badly again. Romania looked pretty limited, though well organised, against the French so I would expect it will still come down to the final games to decide qualification.

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According to some major officiating officials the officials decision was correct.

It was funny on the Canadian coverage the head of officiating for Soccer Canada e-mailed in and said the goal was rightfully counted and the commentators were still going on that it was offside after.

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I think it's offside. Most people do. Ever since the offside rule has been meddled with, all it has done is create more controversy until we've reached a point of no return where nobody knows where they stand anymore.

I thought Gordon Strachan on the BBC highlights show last night got it right when he said they realised there'd been a cock-up and they'd tried to trawl through the books to try to get the official off the hook. Shame really, because all the talk on this detracts from how good the Dutch actually were and how good the referee was.

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Rei, I think you've just got to hope and pray that you can't play as badly again. Romania looked pretty limited, though well organised, against the French so I would expect it will still come down to the final games to decide qualification.

Actually, it's not that much important to me.

Just hope, whetever in or out, for some recovery play in next two matchs. That's all.

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