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Bus Bombed In Shanghai Today

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What you said, Maryjane, is true! This is proof...

Three killed in China bus blaze

But that article doesn't mention anything about a bomb. This is what it does say (parttly quoting Xinhua):

Three people were killed and several others injured when a bus burst into flames in the Chinese city of Shanghai, state media said.

The incident occurred during the morning rush hour in Yangpu in the north-east of the city.

Fire-fighters said that there were about 50 passengers on board the No 842 bus when the fire broke out, Xinhua news agency said.

Three more passengers had been taken to hospital with severe burns, it said.

The cause of the fire is not yet known, the agency added.

The BBC's Quentin Sommerville, in Shanghai, says that two other buses have caught fire in the city in the past year because of overheating.


I've yet to seee any news item (and I have access to the world news agency feeds) that mentions a bomb in connection to this.

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Exactly. Why would anyone bomb a nearly empty city bus? What? 3 people dead (probably including the unwitting cause -- out of 1.3 billion? :rolleyes: What next, maryjane? 5 people die in a hospital?? :blink:

3 people are just around 18-20 year old and were burned to death inside of the bus.

And it was concerned to be Terrorism Attack. Because both America and International Criminal Police Organization has warned China eariler there might be potential Terrorism Attack during Olympics from Al Quata aims to massive Western visitors. And also the chief of ''Tibetan Youth Congress'' has claimed there are going to be suicide bombing towards to Beijing. Though that's not even been confirmed as any potential links yet, but you know Chinese Authority is good at blocking the news source if they think is the right thing to do so.

Remember the train crash few days ago? it's still being rumoured as it might be another planed Terrorism act, and also about 2 days ago, somebody found sth suspicious in Beijing Underground causing the authority has to temporarily close the station.

Eariler this year and just before Tibetan Riot, East Turks Group was fail to hijack a airplane to Beijing on the half way. You can see sth are well planed one after the other.

Now is just May, still got 3 months left. Let's see how many more drama would be happened in China.

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