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Your Torch Relay 2008

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Hello every body,

Finally Olympia has given its essence to the world and it is heading towards the National stadium. I liked the lightining very much and too many people in my country watched it live on BBC world. I am amazed that why torch is touring Greece without any offical protocol, without ofiical convey and escorts without offical uniforms. I think the actual torch relay will start after the handover ceremony, becaues flame is still in hands of Greek authorities.

It is true that Torch is very beautiful and artistic, but as compared to Athens 2004 design it is not that much elegant and decent but still it has its own value and style. While they have designed uniform in such a way that you can't find a single logo of Beijing 2008 Olympic games on it.

Why uniforms of torchbearers has a logo of HOC on one arm? will there be a logo of every National Olympic committee of the country hosting the torch stopover? or is it just for the Greek part of the relay?

Does anybody know the cost of the torch for torchbearers? or is it free for them? :)

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I suppose that I'm the first GB member that has seen the Olympic Flame passing infront of him!

I've just returned home. Not so glamourous like 2004, but quite good.

I saw many police cars passing before the convoy. I don't remember in 2004 so much police.

Anyway a chinese woman was carrying the flame and I'm very happy that I saw the flame once again in my life! (Of course in 2004 I was lucky carrying it).

Here is a small video fro the torch relay in Thessaloniki.

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Another video recorded from a local TV station in Thessaloniki

Nikos Galis carries and lights the cauldron at the Aristotelous square.

Galis is a basketball myth in Greece. He was the first torch bearer at the 2004 Opening Ceremony. Captain of the national basketball team that in 1987 become European Champions.

You'll also hear the Olympic Anthem, Chinese and Greek national anthems.

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I suppose that I'm the first GB member that has seen the Olympic Flame passing infront of him!

Your probably the only GB member that has carried the torch but I am sorry to inform that Atlanta's passed right in front of me but not only that, the runner high-fived me. B)

I appreciate your efforts at giving us all the highlights of what seems every torch carrier in Greece. And I really do hope you continue posting said photos as they are quite enjoyable for all of us. But could you PLEASE downsize them before posting? I was able just now to trim a few Rose bushes, sweep off my front porch, put a load of laundry in and clean the toilets in my two bathrooms before this page finished downloading! And my computer is only two years old!

Seriously thank you for posting these. Just please downsize them before doing so. B)

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Light from light ..............

Ladies and Gentle men, The Olympic flame, Madam en Missu La flam Olympiq, Le Olympiq flogha.........

If someone has memories of Athens 2004 Olympic games than Pyross' first photo is very emotional for him, Olympic flame has touched the beautiful Olympic Stadium of Athens once again, after four years.

13 August 2004, wow.........what a night it was........

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PS: I though that the forum has a script that minimizes automatically the images to fit your screen.

It does but I dunno - something happened.

Anyway, grreat pix - thanks.

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Athens ready for sacred flame handover ceremony


Marathonas mayor uses cauldron to light the Olympic Torch. (Photo credit: Bi Mingming/Xinhua)

(ATHENS, March 29) -- On Day 6 of the Torch Relay in Greece, the sacred flame moved from Marathonas to Athens, where it will stay the night. On March 30, the Olympic torch will be ceremoniously handed over to representatives of BOCOG at the Panathenaikon Stadium.

On Saturday morning at 7:00, the flame took off from Lamia, passing through Amfiario before reaching Marathonas. From this famed city, torchbearers carried the flame onwards to Rafina, a city on the outskirts of Athens.

Fans were out in droves to welcome the sacred flame long before its arrival in the center of Athens. Greek, Chinese, and Olympic flags decorated the air. Nikitas Kaklamanis himself, the mayor of Athens, will be present to welcome the flame. Stavroula Kozompoli, captain of the women's water polo team from Greece that won the silver medal in the 2004 Olympics, will light the cauldron in the city.

Marathonas lies 26 miles away from Athens, and is the site of the most famous battle in the capital's history. In 490 BC, the Athenians rose up against the much larger Persian army, fighting a very bloody war which in the end they won. According to legend, Pheidippides, the winning team's fastest runner, was then sent to Athens to pronounce the victory. Upon reaching the city, after running at his highest speed for the 26 mile (42.2 km) journey, he shouted, "We have won!" and then promptly dropped dead from exhaustion.

In 1896, when the first modern-day Olympic Games was staged, planners decided to include the "marathon" race as a competitive event; athletes would test their endurance by running the same route (in length) that Pheidippides ran to serve his country.

Along this historic road from Marathonas to Athens, five Chinese citizens will participate in the torch relay, including Zheng Xiyuan (who works as a counselor in the Chinese embassy to Greece), Qiao Li, Zhou Meifen, Cheng Xiaxi, and Ye Ruizhong.

On March 30, the sacred flame will leave from the ancient Acropolis in Athens to its last destination in Greece. BOCOG will be presented with the sacred flame at the torch handover ceremony, which will take place in Panathenaikon Stadium, the site of the first modern-day Olympic Games.

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PS,Dear zainhasan15 how about your preparation about your Torch Relay?

i have seen the reports about the preparation situations from some Torch Relay cities via TV,they are Moscow, Nagano, Sydney.

How about Islamabad?

Thanks XU wen,

Yesterday I recieved an accriedation application form from NOC pakistan, so I filled it and sent it back to them via urgent courier. They have told me that I have to come to Islamabad on 12 while relay will held on 16 and I will leave on 17 of April 2008.

Preparations are in full swing, they have announced the route but it is still hidden due to security plan. As far as I know, torch will pass through constitution avenue where world will be able to see Presidency, Parliment building, Supreme Court of Pakistan and Faisal Mosque, it will also pass from Sereena Hotels, Diplomatic Enclave and Kashmir Highway from where it will take its route to Pakistan Sports Complex, at last it will take a round around Jinnah Stadium and finally celebration will begain at Liaqat Gymnesium. According to POA officals, Lots of fireworks, music gala and performances are arragned for the big day.

I will try my best to capture my journey and event from every angle.

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