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Found 12 results

  1. Salt Lake City is happy to bid for 2030, it would be the 50th anniversary of 1980 Winter Olympics held in Lake Placid!
  2. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/canada-olympic-house-2018-1.4477963
  3. With almost only one year to go, I guess it's maybe time to make a proper thread for discussion about the ceremonies. However, it looks like there are some issues surounding the production of the ceremonies, according to this link http://news.sbs.co.kr/news/endPage.do?news_id=N1003757002 It seems that there were some internal conflicts between Song Seung Hwan, the ceremonies director, and Jeong Gu Ho, art director, which forced the later to resign (apparently there were a lot of creative differences between the two, so its now feared the ceremonies might suffer because of this issue). However, Song assures everything is set up and they're now on the process of picking an Agency which will be in charge of delivering the show. Also, the budget of the ceremonies, according to the link, is 100000000000 Won , which is around $85 million. A very big budget, far above Rio's and in comparison to London. Looks like they want to go all out, but they're now having internal creative conflicts rather than money issues.
  4. News outlets are reporting that 2014 figure Skating bronze medalist Denis Ten died as a result of stab wounds he received during an attempted car robbery. It all happened in Almaty, where he lived and trained. So sad to see this in the news. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/early-lead/wp/2018/07/19/olympic-figure-skating-medalist-denis-ten-killed-in-stabbing/
  5. According to a NYT story, by 2050 several former winter Olympic hosts will no longer be able to host the winter olympics again due to climate change. Some on there weren't at all surprising to me like Sochi and Garmish (I've noticed a trend in warming temps there when I compared temps between that area and Pyeongchang while they were bidding to host the 2018 winter games). Looks like maybe Vancouver should try and put in 1 more bid soon. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/01/11/climate/winter-olympics-global-warming.html
  6. Last week, the slopestyle course for both Snowboard and Ski were unveiled as part of the 100 days to go events. PYEONGCHANG 2018 OLYMPIC SLOPESTYLE COURSE REVEALED AND IT LOOKS CRAZY https://www.dewtour.com/snow/pyeongchang-2018-olympic-slopestyle-course-revealed-looks-crazy/
  7. If anyone is in town over the next couple weeks, Winsport will be hosting a few events to mark the 30th anniversary of the Calgary 88 Winter Olympics at Olympic Park. First up is this weekend. There will be some family oriented events for the Family Day long weekend. Then on Feb 23, there will be an adults only party starting at 7pm, which is free. Got my ticket already. Come out, reminisce, and show support for Calgary 2026! For details for all the events Winsport is hosting, check out this link: WinSport events: Celebrate Calgary 88's 30th Anniversary And keep your eyes on the Calgary Tower. Each time we get a gold at PyeongChang, the Olympic cauldron will be lit from 6pm to 7pm! Tonight it will be lit for our curlers.
  8. I thought I should make a separate thread about this, considering its starting to gain a lot of momentum at the moment as a great majority of South Koreans are looking with contempt this decision which might marry the reputation of these games. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-olympics-2018-northkorea-icehockey/plan-for-joint-olympics-team-with-north-gets-icy-reception-in-south-korea-idUSKBN1F50E8 To add more insult to injury, it seems they even forced SK coach and the team players to not even talk to journalists anymore. http://english.yonhapnews.co.kr/northkorea/2018/01/16/0401000000AEN20180116010500315.html?sns=tw Many players of the Hockey team are also reported to be displeased with the whole sudden decision, working for many years with the hopes of winning gold only for being most likely placed in the bench because of a political statement. The most insulting thing was the PM saying "They weren't going to win anyway" as a justification. Even if that was the case, you just don't say that. It's a big shame the opportunities of many female athletes went into the trash due to this. I initially didn't understood why some conservatives in SK kept accusing Moon and his friends of being closeted North Korea sympathizers, but after this I think i'm starting to understand. This has also affected Moon Jae In reputation. His support has dropped 20 points since November after the whole drama with the Hockey team happened. What's the opinion of the rest of GB about this new drama happening around these games?
  9. So, Canada apparently unveiled already their apparel for Pyeongchang 2018 some days ago, so I think it's time to open up a thread for the apparels the rest of the delegations will be wearing for the Winter Olympics. http://olympic.ca/2017/10/03/team-canada-and-hudsons-bay-unveil-pyeongchang-2018-collection/ Here's the unveiling of Team Canada apparel. Here's the latest incarnation of Canada iconic red mittens which will be worn next February
  10. Yet again the Winter Olympics is causing havoc with the environment http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2015/sep/16/olympic-organisers-destroy-sacred-south-korean-forest-to-create-ski-run. The IOC claims to uphold the environment as its Third Dimension! Same happened at Vancouver and Sochi and is also happening at Beijing2022 http://www.nature.com/news/chinese-biologists-lead-outcry-over-winter-olympics-ski-site-1.18174?from=timeline&isappinstalled=0
  11. And now we're down to the final two showdown! In the last round of voting, we finished up with the result: Innsbruck 2, Oslo 5, Reykjavik 6, and Denver 2. On the basis that the combined votes of Innsbruck and Denver would not equal their next nearest rival (Oslo's 5), and in the interests in keeping things moving, the tail-end two are eliminated. Thanks to both aismanggo and mr.bernham for entering - you take out joint Bronze medals. And well done to mr.bernham for polling to choose his final entry. We'll be seeing both of them back to contest the summer section. We had 15 votes cast, all bona fide. Which leaves us with woohooitsme83 and Anthony to battle it out to become the first new names on the winners' board for, well, quite some time (I think it was aismanggo's Toronto win). Good luck to both of you! And it means we're left with a battle of the Scandinavian cities - Norway's capital versus Iceland's. So, to the rules: This voting round will be open for (approximately) 24 hours - it will close after 7am, Tuesday January 5, Sydney time (8pm Jan 4 GMT). Vote in the poll for your favourite logo. You have ONE vote, so make it count. Your vote is public and can be seen by all. Entrants MAY vote for their own logo if they wish. Votes are valid if cast by members of GamesBids as of December 1 2015 with a bona fide posting record. I will rule on the validity of any suspicious or disputed votes, or who constitutes a bona fide voting member. At the close of the poll, the logo with the majority of votes will be declared the winner of the 2030 Winter Games logo comp. I will not vote in this unless a tie-breaker vote is needed. Be fair and sportsmanlike, this is meant to be fun and the entrants all deserve RESPECT. I guess that's it. Let the people decide!
  12. Welcome back everyone for the business end of the Winter Games section of the Seventh Annual GamesBids Logo Design Competition. And a really big thank to all who voted in the short list round. We had an amazing 50 votes – I think it was our biggest voting turnout ever, to match the big field! Re: the results of the short list round. I discounted the votes from: nzl (competitor protest); rypyor03 & luan (not satisfied of their bona fides); all votes for submission G (the rest of the votes for members who voted for G are valid); and alphacarter’s, Daveypodmore’s and Mr Benham’s own votes (their others are valid, including the replacement votes they posted). No one got an absolute majority. The end tally left us with the clear final five shown above. It was close, though. By my reckoning this morning Mr Bernham’s B was through… just. By the afternoon and poll close, Scotguy’s drew level and pulled ahead to claim sixth spot – Good on you! You kept up your run of making the finals! Kevzz’s J lost two votes disqualified as per above, but gained one also. That still left it tantalizingly just out of the final. There were a handful of others who were also within one or two points of making it, but just missed out. Congratulations to the finalists who now battle to decide our winner to set the tone for winter festivities in Toronto in 2026. Commiserations for those who've been voted out – as always, there’s a few who really deserved to go on. Thanks for your participation, and hope you stick around to vote.

 Okay, down to business. The rules for this stage are: This voting round will be open for (approximately) 38 hours - it will close after 7am, Sunday January 5, Sydney time (8pm Jan 4 GMT) - this will make it easier for me to make the following rounds 24 hours each. Voting will now be conducted in rounds until one entry has an absolute majority and is declared the winner. In this round ONLY the TWO logos with the lowest number of votes will be eliminated at the close of the poll. Vote in the poll for your favourite logo. You have ONE vote, so make it count. Your vote is public and can be seen by all. Entrants MAY vote for their own logo (though two votes for the same logo by relatives will count as one). Votes are valid if cast by members of GamesBids as of December 31 2013 with a bona fide posting record. I will rule on the validity of any suspicious or disputed votes, or who constitutes a bona fide voting member. I will not vote in this, or any subsequent rounds, unless a tie-breaker vote is needed in a tied elimination round or the final round. 

 Be fair and sportsmanlike, this is meant to be fun and the entrants all deserve our respect. If any contenders have any complaints or disputes, PM me and I'll rule on them.

 Bonne chance, good luck and may the best logo win!
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