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Found 1 result

  1. you knew it was coming. it was a magical 17 days in the undisputed capital of the world should something drastic happen to NYC and paris, and hong kong is having an off year. but CLEARLY it had the worst (WORST) logo of any olympic bid or games ever designed. you laughed when the "lisa giving bart head" joke was made for the first time because it was so true. here is the scene: the year is 2014 (omg can you even?) brazil is so far behind the IOC strips rio of the games and gives them back to london. because london is shiftless and lazy, they just want to resue their old logo, but then someone, princess anne i guess, says no let's let gamesbids.com/forums do it, because i'm princess anne. this is what it looks like to be a gay man and have no job. now is your chance to revenge LOCOGLOC and set the real legacy! introducing: the OFFICIAL design a better logo for LONDON 2012 LOGO COMPETITION. the competition is open to all. sadly, because of the tragedy of MH370, and since the requisite 180 days of islamic mourning has not fully passed, it would not be appropriate for us, the LOGOCOC logo organizing committee, to allow any bids from malaysia, as a sign of respect. there are rules, of course. POINTS: each submitted logo will receive 16,000 points upon submission. to balance things out, for every subsequent comment another forum member makes about your logo, you will lose 1,300 points. for every week your logo remains up, you will receive 800 points. points can also be earned through special BONUS challenges that will be awarded throughout the competition. the first bonus point competition is what is krow's favorite color and is worth 750 points. WINNING: those with the most points at the end of the 2 week entry period will advance to a VOTING LIGHTNING round where there will be more voting than lightning. a winner will be chosen by the general public. because we are going off a points system, it is technically possible to proceed to voting without submitting a logo, although a difficult task to be sure. COLOR PALATE: every logo that contains the color brown will receive 2,501 bonus points. however, the more... post christmas turkey turd than chocolate the better. improper shades of brown will receive only 1 bonus point. i also forgot to mention that the person with the most points will be SAFE from elimination in the bonus round, and the person in 2nd place will receive 2 bonus votes to their total. totally meant to mention that before. SPECS: logos must be submitted in normal format and once in lavender or aqua color scale because i am redoing my bedroom and i want one of the walls one of those colors and i need ideas (maybe teal too? teal scale will get you 3,460 points). DESIGN: you may design any way you like using any program you like. although hand drawn logos will receive a bonus 7,200 points -- because of the inherent disadvantage. i don't want you to spend a lot of time on this but i'm sure you can do something better than london because it's easy. ENTERING: i will enter this competition because i have a lot of ideas. i will probably hand draw my logo because the bonus points are alluring. i can also win challenges and i am the ONLY person who can think up challenges unless i designate a secondary challenge designator. right now i designate: ROB, ROLTEL, PAUL, PYROKENISIS, and OFAN97 to be able to create challenges for points for this competition. any of them can now create challenges and win them themselves so you have to be quick. PICTURES AND GIFS: you will receive 531 points for every related funny picture and gif you post. unless it's not funny, then no points. you will lose 49.6 points for any pictures of tacos hint hint lol NAMES: every logo needs a name. not like a stupid slogan: bringing the world together in london: one voice, one truth or something but like a NAME, like sadie or alexandra. if you name your logo sadie, i'll give you 2,300 points. lilian gets 400 points and fefe gets 2,301 points. one name per entry, so no like 30 sadies because sadie is a special name and should not be over used. i may give more points if i like your name more. POINTS II: points are subject to inflation or deflation based on the popularity of this competition. for every extra page this thread gets to, points will be inflated by 10 percent, but if it doesn't get at least one page a day, point values will be deflated by 10 percent. CHALLENGE NO. II: every logo comp needs a theme song. 12,000 bonus points to the theme song i pick nominated by YOU. RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. POINT VALUES SUBJECT TO CHANGE. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. THIS COMPETITION WILL BE OPEN UNTIL THE FIRST LOW TIDE IN SYDNEY AUSTRALIA ON THE NEXT NORTHERN HEMISPHERE HALF MOON. IF I KEEP IT OPEN LONGER EVERYONE GETS 2,900 BONUS POINTS. BY POSTING IN THIS THREAD YOU ARE ENTERING THIS COMPETITION AND I WILL GIVE YOU 511 FREE BONUS POINTS. I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFER TO ANYONE IN THIS COMP AS ESCANDALO MONTANA. THIS THREAD AND COMP WILL BE OUTRAGEOUS, HILARIOUS, SHAMELESS, AND I PROMISE GRATUITOUS NUDITY (404 POINTS FOR HAND DRAWN TASTEFUL NUDITY). I WILL UPDATE THE LEADERBOARD OBSESSIVELY AND BUMP SHAMELESSLY. THIS COMPETITION OPERATES ON MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME. i want us all to have a lot of FUN here. so let's laugh and not take ourselves too seriously but if you do take yourself too seriously i will give you 1,100 points, so you have to play it careful you know? also, 1,452 points for every typo you point out in this thread (capital letters don't count, -3,000 points if you suggest that). OH AND YOU CAN HAVE NEGATIVE POINTS! LEADERBOARD tnmp - 8594 athensfan - 4771 lord d - 3065 jmarksnow - 2874 tony e - 2568 mr.bern - 2141 paul - 1374 ofan97 - 674 krow - 674 points rob- 314 OH thatsnotmypuppy can also do challenges & points, duh. please APPLY THRU ME FOR PERMISSION TO DO CHALLENGES. I CAN NOT HAVE EVERYONE DOING CHALLENGES BECAUSE THAT DEFEATS EVERYTHING AND I AM A GOOD ORGANIZER. PS: 201 points to the fourth responder in this thread too and all responses that end in 4 (14, 24). TODAY IS THE 24TH THAT IS WHY I AM DOING THIS. PS if someone wants to double check my math i can give them like 1,030 points or something PPS that whole thing about pricness anne was supposed to mean that she's like a gay man and has no job. i don't know if you got that or why i thought that was an amusing thing to say. frankly, it was a little offensive.
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