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Found 1 result

  1. The global slide towards nationalism has finally arrived in New Zealand with the Hung Parliament result of the 2017 General Election. Under MMP, the incumbent National Party has failed to get enough of the party vote to lead ahead of a resurgent Labour Party without the help of New Zealand First Party, the nationalist leaning creation of Winston Peters. Labour can form an alternative centre left government with the help of the Green Party that just made it back over the 5% threshold to get MPs into the House (they didn't win any seats) - But only if NZ First sides with them. National lost three of it's allied parties with both Maori Party and United Future falling well below the 5% threshold and not gaining seats. The third party, right leaning ACT Party retained it's only seat but also fell well below the threshold. Winston Peters lost his seat of Northland but his party gained nearly 8% of the vote and giving him the controlling 9 seats to negotiate with either main Parties. Peters is well known in the region for his Trump like rhetoric that is more akin towards the likes of One Australia, UKIP, or France Nationale. He is also the longest serving politician having been in the House since 1982 - apart from three years out in 2008-11. The general feeling in NZ over the last couple of years is the massive economic boom hasn't really served the majority...The country has serious social issues such as unaffordable housing, child poverty, and a growing drug problem affecting law and order...all this as inbound migration continues to strain the country's infrastructure. New roads, rail connections and utilities are being built or promised...But the biggest issue is NZ can't build houses fast enough, at an affordable price, thus casing social unrest. The average price of a house in Auckland is approximately $1 000 000.00. The election campaign has seen outrageous promises being made but as we know, most will go unfulfilled. There is now a general feeling that Globalization, something NZ helped create, is failing under the current model and NZers fear as the world falls apart that it's time to close the fortress gates and slow down immigration. Social issues are also under scrutiny. Some parties offered a referendum on Euthanasia and decriminalization of Marijuana...and this has angered the Right. The feeling is that the country is losing it's moral compass and some are looking towards Australia and it's Yes/No vote on same sex marriage as an example to help settle the issues here. Winston Peters has pounced on all of this and since you really can't define New Zealand First as either Left nor Right or Centrist - would that make them National Socialists? (but are pro Israeli) They sure sound like it...
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