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Found 5 results

  1. So there's one last act left to play out, and it comes down to Davey versus Davey! Round three of the Hamburg vote ended with a decisive result. With 12 votes cast, we had Davey's logo A come in comfortably with eight votes against Scotguy's Logo B with Four. I was actually quite pleased that Scotty made it this far - I know he's been a bit discouraged with the comps in the past. Maybe he didn't make the big final, but I was pleased to see him fighting to the end here. Good one mate! And great sportsmanship with your vote in the end. Well done! And a big congratulations to Davey - finally
  2. And so we reach a penultimate showdown. Thanks to everyone who voted in the previous round. Watching the thread over the past 24 hours, I observed the lead change numerous times. Certainly the closest round we've had so far this year in the comp votes. I'm sure it was a tense one for the entrants. I went to bed really torn about what I would do if there was a tie for last - maybe kept the poll open until I wouldn't need to decide. But today dawned with a clearer field. So, unfortunately, we have to lose one of them. Official results from Round 2, with 14 valid votes cast, were: Logo
  3. Welcome back everyone to Round 2 of voting for the 2032 Summer Games Logo of the 10th Annual GamesBids Olympic Logo Comp. First of all, the events of Round 1. And the big news there was the single round victory of Daveypodmore in the Havana section. Congratulations Davey! Well done. Which means we say Adios to Glacib's, JO2024's and Paul's Havana entries . Results were, with 14 votes all valid: Logo A (Glacib) 3 votes; Logo B (JO2024) 2 Votes; and Logo C (Davey) 9 votes. Davey's, with 64.29 per cent, is automatic winner. The big shock to me was Paul's bowing out with no votes!
  4. Sorry Martin, I know it's not to your tastes, but it had to be... Guten Abend meine Damen und Herren, Willkommen zu Hamburg! We;re here tonight to start our our voyage on a slow boat to Havana to decode on the winner of this year's Summer Games section of the logo comp. We've got a field of eight starters for this section - four for Havana and four for Hamburg. So we're gonna have a slight change in proceedings from the usual for this part of the comp. I've divided the logos up into two groups for each individual city. These two groups will be voted on in c
  5. Yes, at the risk of flogging a dead horse, I'm doing it again. Let's get it started Nicole! Thank you to the lovely Nicole Kidman, and welcome to the launch of the 10th Annual GamesBids Logo Design Comp. To say the least, it's been a bit of a quiet year on GamesBids, the festivities in August in Rio notwithstanding. Still that mid-year period did bring back some of the old spirit, and one thing that helped a lot with that IMO, was Yoshi's World Cup logo comp. I'd wondered whether I'd bother to revisit the Christmas staple again this year, but that comp did inspire me that i
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