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Found 1 result

  1. A big round of applause to Toronto’s own Fefe Dobson, who dedicated that song to comp founder, Thatsnotmypuppy! Pups, Krow, she’s all yours now. I’ve had her locked up in the green room with Mayor Ford since just before round one narrowly failed to go to a clear result, and I don’t know if RobF’s given her anything, but in that time she’s gone from Diva-ish to demonic. Anyway, Governor General Johnston, Prime Minister Harper, Mayor Ford, President Bach, General Moderator Livingstone, Ladies and Gentlemen members of GamesBids, welcome! Usually we reserve the big ceremony for the end of the summer logo comp, but hang it! Toronto deserves one of its own! So we’ve spread the entertainment budget a bit to bring you here tonight to Toronto Town Hall for the glittering climax of our quest to crown a logo for the Winter Games of 2026. It’s great to see so many of our native Torontonians / Torontites / Torontinistas / Torontinos / locals – sorry, I don’t even know my Anthony’s from my Italians - here tonight. Our beloved leader, Mr Livingstone, of course, but also great to see intoronto, who played such a diligent role in keeping an eye out for copyright violations and cityscape silhouettes. And I see Faster finally voted in the final round just so he could get a shout out. Tuck into the buffet. The original spread laid out on the weekend went off in the meantime, so Puppy stepped in to arranged the last minute catering. Give him a big hand of thanks. I hope you like tacos. Joining Herr Bach to announce our winner, I’ll call up to the stage a man who exemplifies everything that makes Toronto such a memorable and striking icon in the ranks of world cities… Mr T! **Applause** President Bach: Guten Abend, meiner Damen und Herren! Es ist… Mr T: Shut up fool! Quit yo Jibber-jabber! Howdy! Do you know me? Of course you do. 'Cos I'm famous! First name Mr, middle name 'period', last name T! Just like Toronto! It’s your honor t’nite to have me here to crown de winner fo this great occasion. Hey, you with the teeth... mista Bach. You get that card ready to show now, ‘cause I’m gonna read the winner. I pity the poor fools who competed against this dude. Who this also-ran Danny think he be anyway! The real winner is that Cool Dude… ... Ice mango! Sir Rols: Congratulations aismanggo!!!!! It’s a long time you’ve been trying, and you came oh, so close to doing it in one round! In fact, had Afiq not been sporting and given his vote elsewhere in round one, you’d have been crowned days ago. That was really gracious Afiq. I see he’s entered in the Bangkok section, so I wonder if we’ll have a family affair all-round this year! It’d be special to see you both on the podium together. Anyway, the lead in the vote kept changing so much yesterday - I really thought I might have to use my tie-break vote when I got up this morning. But in the end, a clear win and Gold for aismanggo! And a big hand also to our runners-up. You’ve all been strong contenders and great sports! DannyelBrazil takes Silver (mate – the Argentinos as usual have scrutinised the votes – you don’t have to count them again). And a round of applause to newcomer, alphacarter, who took Bronze in his debut year on the logo tour circuit. Well done! Hope we see you both, and indeed all our other entrants from the start, back again next year. In the end, another strong turnout for the final round voting, and the official result was (discounting the luan and rpryor03 votes): Dannyelbrazil A: 18 aismanggo B: 21 President Bach and Mayor Ford… I trust you’re pleased with our decision! Okay, that’s almost a night. The after party’s in the Mr X Suite at the Toronto Hilton. Management have asked us to keep the stairwells free, however. Do let your hair down tonight, and let's rejoin tomorrow for the Bangkok 2028 vote launch.
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