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Found 3 results

  1. I'd like to start a discussion on the current state of the Paralympics and what it could be in the future. Let's hash out the pros and cons of the Paralympic Games being staged before, alongside, and after the Olympics. Let's talk event logistics, impacts on media, political influence, effect on athletes, etc. There are so many angles to look at. At first thought, I'd really like it to be staged during the Olympics, by extending the Olympic program another two weeks to accommodate Paralympic events being fully integrated throughout. I mean, "para" infers that they run parallel to the Olympics. Last time I checked, AFTER isn't "running parallel." Further analysis to come!
  2. Since there is one for the Olympic one, why not one for the Paralympic as well? First thing, since the IPC is nice to us, you can actually watch the ceremony on YouTube and give a veredict to it without have seen it live. Here: Now that we are all set, let´s go. The only truly CCP pandering-part was right before the ceremony actually started, with Xi Jinping going for his seat and all. What if any of the people at the stadium booed him, though... Anyway, not even a segment, doesnt count. Now, we get to the countdown. Nice implementation of the paralympic disciplines here, and a curlingfied countdown proper to boot. A perfect shot, brought to you by the LED screen! Good one here. Next, the welcoming to the athletes, with literal WELCOMES in Chinese and English featuring four specimens of our Paralympic Mascot, Shuey Rhon Rhon, and a bunch of people to dance to the stars of the show. Unlike the Olympic ceremony, the LED screen was more reserved this time, just showing the country flag in one side, country name in the same two languages as before in the other. Simpler, but your mileage will vary in this one? Way simpler than in the Olympic without a doubt, doesn´t means that´s worse. After all, some of you may feel the music feel more "right" than in the Olympic festivities, going for a more orchestra style instead of Classical Winter Megahits. Highlights here are the four adorable lanterns of happiness, Ukranian delegation march with a heavy heart and Italy dressed with their national flag. Also, due to the snowflake plaques returning, the calduron is spoiled to be the GIGA SNOWFLAKE again. Wonder what would have happened if the IOC approved of the design but the IPC not. A #WeThe15 video later, and right on the speeches. First the president of the organizing comitee, which was just ok as you would expect. But then came Andrew Parsons. The IPC president showed in a speech more guts than any that the current IOC reign had concieved, even with similar themes; you could feel the power here, in particular in that INCREDIBLE ENDING of a heartfelt call to peace: Just WOW. I had never seen an ending like that for a speech live before, if i recall correctly. That´s a speech... And of course, it was censored in the host country. BUT, DON´T WORRY CCP, IT DIDN´T ENDED THERE, OH NO!! He then called for the President of the Republic of China to open the games, with the People´s Republic of China answering the call. He called for the Pesident of the Republic of China. You know, the one in Taiwan? He did it on purpose, didn´t he? It´s really rare that we see a speech of all things be a spotlight of the show, and with good reason; nice job, Andrew. First half of the artistic segment, a wonderful galaxy with moments of life, showing and celebrating people with all kinds of disabilites and their normal lifes. Change start´s with sport, and Agitos on the hands of everyone, giving the segway to the Paralympic flag and anthem, performed by people with disabilities as well, along with the oath. A video segment with two visually impaired kids making a painting, and the second half starts. WOW, that valse was the reverie of that LED screen! While all danced, deaf dancers with listeners alike, the beautiful painting of the children morphed in even more wonderful landscapes, eventually filling the whole space of the screen. That was a sight to behold! Zhang Yimou, you actually nailed it there!! Another video, and here we go... PARALYMPIC FLAME TIME! Carried mostly for notable Chinese summer para-atlhetes along the way because of their not as stellar winter performance, at least for now, this leg avoided political controversy at least. But, the leg of the last carrier, para-triple jump world recordist at the 2008 summer games, Li Duan, was something else. He is visually impaired and his task was to insert the torch in the middle of the Giant Snowflake we have grown either fond or weirded out for last month; at first he struggled a bit, not being able to put it in the right place — "Jiayo!!", the people in the arena screamed as he tried, if i recall correctly: "GO FOR IT!", in a liberal translation if i´m not being wrong here, but i could tell that was probably the case (Thanks LoL Worlds 2021-time Chinese cheering that i could see online for that). After a while, a volunteer assist him a bit, and the legend hinself then find the right footing and all by himself inserts the torch in the right place, celebrating like a true triumph. Magnificent. The snowflake shine like it should, fireworks pop in the sky and eventually the snowflake song from the olympic half returns. Overall, 8/10. Nothing more needs to be said.
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