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Found 2 results

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mesdames et Monsieurs, Welcome back to our fine venue, Mr.Bernham’s Barely Legal Bargain Bed-n-Breakfast on Bourbon, in colourful New Orleans, Louisiana, for the launch of the next stage of our ongoing search for another logo to be bestowed with the honour of gracing my (sometime) signature banner, the GamesBids 2028 Summer Olympic Games Logo Comp. So buy some libations with some beads from Baron’s Book and Bead Barn, kick back and sing along with the Big Easy’s own Harry Connick Jnr and his tribute to logo comp runners up. This time we begin the race with nine competitors in the starting gate: A – New Orleans, USA by MissEurasia B – New Orleans, USA, by mr.bernham C – Quito, Equador, by Lord David D – Manila, the Philippines, by CobiWenlock E – Be’er Sheva, Israel, by Glacib F – Singapore, Singapore, by aismanggo G – Kochi, India, by woohooitsme83 H – Milano, Italy, by Anthony I – Buenos Aires, Argentina, by Paul The first stage will see members select a short list of four from the entrants of above. The rules for the upcoming round of voting are: Vote in the poll above for your nominations for the 2028 Summer Olympic Games shortlist from the selections above. You may vote for UP TO Four (4) member's logos from the selections. You may vote for less than four, but if you vote for more your votes will not be counted. Entrants MAY NOT vote for their own logo. You MAY post your reasons for your decisions, but try to be respectful please. Voting will last approximately 24 hours. The poll will close after 7am Thursday January 7 2016, Sydney time (8pm January 6 GMT). After this time, the votes will be collated, and the top five logos in terms of votes will proceed to the first elimination poll round. In the event of a tie for fourth (or higher) place giving us more than four logos, all tied logos will also move on to the elimination rounds. Voting is limited to members of GamesBids as of December 1, 2015 with a bona fide posting history. The judge's (my) decision on what constitutes bona fide, and the validity of votes, is final. I'll decide any other rulings on the fly if necessary. I will vote in this round. So that’s it! Let’s all get drunk and make rash decisions.
  2. Look, I know that a Havana bid is a longshot, especially in 2028 or 2032 with lots of cities considering, but I after watching the 1991 Pan Am Games Ceremonies, I thought 'What If Havana bid for the 2028 Summer Olympics or 2032'? It would be costly but it would kinda be awesome to see Havana be the first Carribean City host the Olympics, it would also be a chance for them to upgrade/renovate some of the unused and vandalised venues such as Estadio Panamericano and Jose Marti Parqueo Stadium. ^Carried On: I thought I might share that with y'all and get your opinions, ideas and thoughts.
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