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Found 1 result

  1. I’ve been very eager to set up a Bid Contest!! I went and looked around in the Forums and found there was already a 2023 Pan Ams Comp, but it didn’t finish. I hope to get this Contest from start to finish and I hope we get a variety of entries! To enter, here is what you have to do: -Name the City you are bidding with -Submit a Logo (With ‘Candidate City’ since I don’t want to do a whole Applicant Phase) I will accept 1 US City only, so the first to enter a US City will bid for the US. If I feel kind then I might do more than 1. The Deadline for Applicants: Thursday 4th June 2015 After you have submitted your Logo, you can start work on your Candidature File. It’s up to you whether you create a Full-Sized Bid Book or a Brochure. It must be in PDF Format, However, it must be able to explain the following: -An Introduction: -Why the City you have chosen will be a Good Host - The Concept of the Bid -The Venue Plan -Maps and Pictures of Venues -Media Facilities -Accommodation -Weather ^That is what is needed but you can add on to it if you want The Deadline for Candidature Files will be: Sunday 31st June 2015 If Extensions are needed, I’ll add a week, but that’s all. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with! If there are questions, then just leave em below!
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