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Found 15 results

  1. basically anything worth watching happens at 3 in the morning, which is ridiculous. I'm exhausted from waking up to watch ski jumping at 5, not sure it's very sustainable over 16 days. i actually had to watch the ceremonies on NBC last night if you can freaking believe it. now i have tape-delay luge on but it's not live obviously so I'm starting to question whether the athletes can actually hear me shouting at the screen and react in real time to my coaching advice. i am however enjoying as the commentators dance around the OAR question while avoiding mentioning doping or the
  2. let's do a sweepstakes but with a sexy krow twist. put your name here and i will give you a random country. something about little strips of paper and a big hat and iphone pics. unless i get lazy and then i'll just tell you i did that. i will also come up with a clever nickname you can change your display name to. oh wait. remember how i said there would be a sexy krow twist? no? well start from the beginning of this post. see it? ah-ha. the twist is that you lose points for every medal your country gets! so you're actually rooting against your team. -3 pts for a gold. 2pts for
  3. mine was freaking annoying. i think he had aspergers, so i broke up with him. not sure if he's noticed or not. (it was like talking to myself for four months.) anyway, i want to hear all about your boyfriend. what does he do? what color brown is his hair? will you trust him to pick me up when i'm too drunk to drive that we won't hook up because my friend jose's boyfriend doesn't. i guess if you have a girlfriend or smthng you can talk about her but i'm not reading that ****.
  4. i know you miss puppy but since he's not back from his trip barebacking through asia or whatever it is he's doing, we both thought you deserved a rare peek at what GB celebrities are talking about when they think you're not looking! here's every PM puppy & i have exchanged since i started saving them and not deleting them to make room for more tony questions. (i'd post my PMs with him, but i'm sure you got the same ones). Subject: Dumbass thatsnotmypuppy, on 04 Jun 2014 - 02:19 AM, said: There was no fuckking Macys style parade for my birthday a couple of weeks back [ ] Nonetheless happy
  5. the dress is the only thing i can talk about. i don't have time for anything else tonight, except visiting dozens of articles about the dress and refreshing twitter to read more about the dress, and texting people, who for whatever reason don't care about the dress, about the dress. i am literally rocking back and forth possessed by the dress. wtf was i going so crazy over ߷ for when it's all about the dress??? i mean, it's gold and white, obviously, but apparently it's really not. it just looks that way to people who can see. so why do people see different colors? apparently from one of the
  6. Recently I've come to the tragic conclusion that "krow" must die. "krow" as you have come to know "him" is a relic. "He" exists in a sexist, archaic male-dominated, patriarchal, misogynistic, homophobic society that gives lip service to the different, to the unique, to the independent while prizing nothing but bland, anodyne conformity. "He" is an intolerable symbol of everything worth hating in the world. Your names are, too. "krow" evokes ravenous birds. Anachronistic, racist laws from the American south. Catchy pop hits like "Soak Up the Sun." No capital letters. "krow" was a tasteless, b
  7. as leader of the most popular lunch table clique at this high school, i considered just telling you who was on the gamesbids A list and who were lesser satellites orbiting like rocky, baron moons around our brilliance, whose importance waxes and wanes cyclically -- and also, who were annoying, barely noticeable pests like so many gnats in your face after a twilight game of flag football by the lake. but i like to give you the impression that this cheerocracy is a democracy so i've decided to let you vote, eurovision style, for your favorite GB members -- the official gamesbids A list. the wi
  8. private votes and i won't cheat because the stakes are so low. it's been a while since i won anything. just genuinely curious if you prefer me to england, the subdivision of the UK with 50 million people and a medium sized clock tower. you have to vote your gut on this one.
  9. following up on the revelation that mr berhnham doesn't like short people, bizarrely, i thought i'd poll gamesbids.com/forums, continuing my new tradition of creating hit threads that spark stimulating intellectual debate, like 'happy easter! does god exist?' and 'redesign the london 2012 logo contest' (big success. btw, i won the whole thing). there is only one true height, which is different from the ideal sexy height of 6' even. i don't know centimeters but i will google for the good of the forum. did you know google has made things so lazy for us, you don't even have to click out of the t
  10. you knew it was coming. it was a magical 17 days in the undisputed capital of the world should something drastic happen to NYC and paris, and hong kong is having an off year. but CLEARLY it had the worst (WORST) logo of any olympic bid or games ever designed. you laughed when the "lisa giving bart head" joke was made for the first time because it was so true. here is the scene: the year is 2014 (omg can you even?) brazil is so far behind the IOC strips rio of the games and gives them back to london. because london is shiftless and lazy, they just want to resue their old logo, but then someon
  11. cut and dry, yes or no. also, there's no "i don't know." that's a cop out. you know. if you must, pretend we're sitting indian style at a sleepover and playing that game where you have to say the first thing that comes into your head. peanut butter or jelly (peanut butter). red or blue? (red). athensfan or FYI? (FYI. eeee omg don't hate me!) yes god or no god? and no "i'm spiritual, not religious" choice either 'cause that drives me nuts. "oh, you know, i have a spiritual side for sure, but i don't go to church." you know what that is? polite conversation. you can hold that view and still vo
  12. one of the greatest things about next to no american stars this olympics is all the foreign athlete special interest pieces we're being treated to. usually you have to have won 3 golds and have been born deaf, dumb and gay to get a 2 minute spot on primetime. apparently, tina maze splits her time between being a POPSTAR and a GOLD MEDAL SKIIER and REALLY PRETTY (a fulltime job in itself). that is seriously 3/5 of what i would consider the perfect life. (tied only with carla bruni: zillion dollar heiress, first lady of france, popstar -- another tie!) eurovision gays: what's your verdict on "
  13. all these light threads lately + my reference to the fact that tony e. should read a book in the sochi nations thread (he really should; a tale of two cities, perhaps?) + the fact that we're all restless this month before sochi had me wondering what everyone's favorite books are. this saturday is my weekend a month to drive downtown to the fantastic LA central library, so i'm wondering what i should checkout. if i respect you, i will certainly take your suggestions into serious consideration. if i don't, well, i guess you're posting for the rest of the board, baron, not that you've ever read
  14. rascall? aidyn jaymes? alyvia? edward or isabelle? katniss? i'd name her victoria jane and call her janie. no, maybe i'd just call her princess like my friend's older sister's mixed terrier mutt.
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