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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone! I know it's been quite a while since I posted here in the forums. Nonetheless, I've been reading many of the discussions on here with great interest. Plus, major props to Sir Rols for running an logo competition for the Olympic Games. While I know that the last chapter of this competition hasn't been written yet, I've been inspired (also by my participation in the 2024 bid competition headed by Paul) and would like to suggest a new competition for the 2028 Olympic Games. Of course, there is always the danger of competition fatigue, but hear me out on this one! And please bear with me, it's a detailed post! The details of the proposed competition To put any doubts to rest: I'm more than happy to head up the competition myself. In fact, I have a concrete idea of the parameters within which the competition is going to take place. In this thread, I would like to especially call on the well-established members like Sir Rols to comment on their experiences, so that the envisaged rules can be refined and adjusted to accommodate for previous experiences. That said, here goes: TIME The competition will deal with the 2028 Summer Olympic Games. LOCATION Any city in the world may submit its bid. The plausibility and viability of the bids submitted to the International Olympic Committee will be evaluated upon submission of the bids. PURPOSE This will expressly be a bid competition, to submit a formal application file on the respective city's bid for the 2028 Summer Olympic Games. The elements for the envisaged application file will be set out below, but will also include a logo. Issues like war, terrorism, natural disaster probabilities and the like will be considered by the International Olympic Committee. THE SUBMISSION AND EVALUATION OF BIDS Applicant City Phase In order to not have people waste their time devising extensive files for bids that may end up being disqualified, the IOC will first examine preliminary applicant files. Think of them as concise executive summary of the bids concerned. With a length of 5 pages max (Times New Roman, ft 12), the topics covered will be dates, climate, transportation, infrastructure and preliminary list of venues and a brief summary of the bid rationale. The IOC will be permitted to ask any questions of the Bid Leaders during this phase. Members of the Committee will be able (and are encouraged) to discuss the preliminary applicant files with their colleagues. At some point, the discussion will be declared over and I will formally announce the IOC's voting (which will be conducted in secret) on the Applicant Cities (think of it as my version of the IOC Technical Commission). This is expressly NOT a vote on the merits of a city against the other cities, BUT a vote on its technical AND philosophical suitability: in other words, the IOC members will essentially vote on the question, for each city (with a simple YES/NO format), whether they believe that the city concerned can realistically pull off the 7+ years effort of preparing for their Olympic Games and whether it's minimally equipped to stage those Games. Instead of a competition against each other, each city will have to clear a 60% hurdle within the IOC to qualify, namely in at least two out of three successive rounds. If a city fails to secure 60% on two out of three rounds, its application will be deemed rejected on technical grounds. An announcement will then be made regarding the cities which will move onto the Candidate City phase. Candidate City Phase This phase will see the Applicant Cities compete with one another for the honour of hosting the 2028 Summer Olympic Games. The IOC will invite the Candidate Cities to expand and update their preliminary application files to submit a formal Final Application File. The maximum number of pages (excluding maps, charts and the like) will be 25 pages, to be submitted in PDF format. At minimum, the Final Application File will contain the following Table of contents Dates of the proposed Summer Olympic Games Rationale for the Summer Olympic Games Benefits of hosting and bidding Climate Preliminary logo and rationale Political situation at the time of application (2015) City's experience with sports events Legacy of the Games and further use of Olympic facilities Ticketing and Marketing arrangements Overall venue plan (both as a map and a detailed explanation of clusters) List and presentation of the venues concerned for the Games Security issues Timeline of the events Description of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies proposed Transportation Plan Projected cost (rough estimate) and financing of the Games You are free to be as detailed as you can, and to add topics that you feel are important for the Games to be realistic and a success. All cities will be encouraged to be innovative and creative. Do the bid files in a way that reflects YOUR way of doing things. The most important thing is to convince the International Olympic Committee that your city 1.) has what it takes OR 2.) doesn't have it just yet, but is on its way; OR 3) a combination of 1)/2) and its potential to spread Olympic values to a new country, continent, region or city. It's completely up to you. Voting Phase The International Olympic Committee will then vote on the 2028 Olympic City. The voting system will essentially give each member as many overall votes as the number of cities. These votes will be cast as preferences, basically ranking your most favourite city to the least favourite city. The twist? The vote of your most favourite city will be multiplied by the overall number of cities, whereas the second and third cities will get your votes multiplied by the overall number of cities MINUS ONE. In a six-city scenario, one vote by an IOC member would be split like this City A: 1st preference x 6 = 6 votes City B: 2nd preference x5 =5 votes City C: 3rd preference x4 = 4 votes City D: 4th preference x3 = 3 votes City E: 5th preference x2 = 2 votes City F: 6th preference x1 =1 vote Voting will take place under the principle that the city with the least votes will be eliminated, round-by-round. The Olympic City will be the one which beats all other cities AND secures 50%+1 vote within the IOC. Now you will ask, "Who will be the IOC?". Good question! INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE - 2015 version The IOC will consist of at least 8 and a maximum of around 12 members PLUS myself as the President of the IOC (namely to produce an uneven number in order to minimize a stalemate on any issue). These will be experienced members of this forum, who have in various ways made a contribution to the forum. I'm aiming for a wide representation from all regions. It goes without saying that none of the IOC members may submit bids themselves. Should you, however, withdraw your bid in a timely fashion and are a well-established member of this forum, there is nothing stopping the IOC from co-opting you as a new member. WHO CAN DO THE BIDS? Frankly anyone who feels like it! I encourage wide participation, as this will make for a great competition overall. Now, for the most important question on your minds, the timeline. WHY THOSE DETAILED RULES? To avoid confusion and uncertainty; to minimize disputes and bad feelings; most importantly, to permit you the creativity to have fun with this concept! TIMELINE 18 January 2015: Announcement of the competition. Time begins for announcing intention to bid. 28 February 2015: Applicant Cities to formally submit their Preliminary Application Files. Discussion within IOC begins. 30 March 2015: Voting begins in IOC on Applicant Cities to progress to Candidacy Phase 5 April 2015: IOC announces results and Candidate Cities selected. 30 May 2015: Candidate Cities to present and submit Final Application Files. 10 July 2015: IOC to begin voting on the Olympic City 15 July 2015: Announcement of the results; Designation of the Olympic City And now, let the Games begin!
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