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Found 1 result

  1. as leader of the most popular lunch table clique at this high school, i considered just telling you who was on the gamesbids A list and who were lesser satellites orbiting like rocky, baron moons around our brilliance, whose importance waxes and wanes cyclically -- and also, who were annoying, barely noticeable pests like so many gnats in your face after a twilight game of flag football by the lake. but i like to give you the impression that this cheerocracy is a democracy so i've decided to let you vote, eurovision style, for your favorite GB members -- the official gamesbids A list. the winners, the top 10 (the number of american idol finalists that get to go on tour for that sweet, sweet six figure check -- love you ramiele malubay!), will be on the A list. then you get the B list, C list, D list etc. you don't need me to tell you where the B list ends and the C list begins and all that. it'll be pretty obvious, i promise. if you don't want your vote public because of vicious, vicious drama or you're too canadian or something, you can PM it to me. if you don't want to PM it to me because you think i'm just going to tell everyone your votes the next time i get drunk, you can PM your votes to sir rols and he will pass it along to me without your name. (i haven't, like, cleared this with rols or anything, but he'll probably do it 'cause he's got the time. he likes to be put upon. it makes him feel useful, and i like to make people feel better about themselves when i'm not making fun of faster) THIS IS HOW IT WORKS: you give one member 12 pts, the next 10, then 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 points. totals will be added with my shitty windows 8 light blue calculator and we will have an A list. pecking orders will be established. your feelings will probably get hurt, unless you're CAF because then you will have won and even i will have to concede an equal if not a superior. ALSO ROLS will you like do all the math and basically run this thing for me if i forget or think this is stupid when i wake up tomorrow? no, no i'll do it i guess but i need someone reliable and organized. i'm an IDEAS person. and i guess you can read all this and not vote or whatever, but it's your loss because the A list is happening whether you like it or not and even if you go "oh whatever this is sooo dumb and my name is quaker2001" you'll still be aware of the A list and psychologically, on some level, it will still color your view and interactions with the members of this site, and everyone else's with yours, like, scientifically or something. so, just throwing that out there. you don't have to do all the points if you get bored or you forget or you're paying more attention to a roseanne rerun or something. YOU CAN VOTE FOR YOURSELF BUT IT'S TACKY AS HELL. unless you do it anonymously but then rols will still know. i can't tell you your strategy on this thing. i will go first 12 points - rob (effortless A lister) 10 points - thatsnotmypuppy 8 points - rols (thx for running this comp, btw. should have put you higher.) 6 points - michelle (idc if she never logs in again, this girl is A list) 5 points - the tower bridge fox (well someone's gotta vote for him) 4 points - FYI 3 points - CAF 2 points - michael warren (i will never forget the magical week we spent together in sochi in my head) 1 point - me tacky! 0 points - faster
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