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  1. Welcome to day 10 after this it will be 1 more week of olympics action another great day today MEDAL COUNT 1.RUS 15 2.NED 14 3.USA 14 4.NOR 13 5.GER 12 (7 gold ) TODAY'S SCHEDULE Sochi Time Alpine Skiing Men's Super G under way Biathlon Men's 15km Mass Start MEDAL 19:00 Bobsleigh !! Two Man Heat 1 20:15 Heat 2 21:50 Cross Country Men's Relay 4 by 10km MEDAL 14:00 Curling Men's Round Robin Session 10 underway Women's Round Robin Session 10 USA V CAN SWE V RUS DEN V KOR JPN V SUI 14:00 Men's Round Robin Session 11 CHN V CAN USA V SWE NOR V SUI GER V DEN 19:00 Figure Skating
  2. Hello and everyone and welcome to a great 3 day weekend of action (president's day in USA) Today big must see is USA vs RUS in men's hockey MEDAL COUNT 1.NOR 13 2.USA 13 3.NED 12 4.RUS 12 5.CAN 12 TODAY'S SCHEDULE Sochi Time Alpine Skiing Women's Super G MEDAL 11:00 Cross Country Ladies Relay 4X5km MEDAL 14:00 Curling Women's Round Robin Session 8 under way Men's Round Robin Session 9 SWE V GER CAN V GBR DEN V SUI RUS V CHN 14:00 Women's Round Robin Session 9 CAN V RUS USA V SWE GBR V SUI DEN V CHN 19:00 Ice Hockey Men's Group A SVK V SLO 12:00 USA V RUS 16:30 Women's Playof
  3. Ok guys One more day till the Weekend MEDAL COUNT 1.NOR 13 2.NED 12 3.USA 12 4.RUS 11 5.GER 10 (most Gold with 7) Today's Schedule Sochi Time Alpine Skiing Men's Super Combined Downhill Under way Men's Super Combined Slalom MEDAL 15:30 Biathlon Women's 15km Individual MEDAL 18:00 Cross Country Men's 15km Classic MEDAL 14:00 Curling Men's Round Robin Session 7 under way Women's Round Robin Session 7 USA V DEN GBR V JPN KOR V CHN RUS V SUI 14:00 Men's Round Robin Session 8 RUS V USA CHN V KOR GBR V DEN SUI V GER 19:00 Figure Skating Men's Free Skate MEDAL 19:00 Freestyle Sk
  4. 1st off Yes I have been saying MEDEL instead of MEDAL by accident It was mostly a spell check error so sorry about that. I do want to say that these games are the games of the youth as we can see how many defending medalists have retained it this year. 1 week in and today we have 6 medal events including the start of skeleton and Men Hockey's debut of USA, Canada, and Russia MEDAL COUNT 1.NOR 12 2.CAN 10 3.NED 10 4.USA 9 5.RUS 9 24 countries have received medals so far SCHEDULE Sochi Time Biathlon Men's Individual 20km MEDAL 18:00 Cross Country Ladies 10km Classic MEDAL 14:00
  5. Wow just saw Halfpipe Final very upset about Shawn White USA having some trouble getting golds MEDEL COUNT 1.NOR 11 2.CAN 9 3.NED 8 4.USA 7 5.RUS 7 TODAY'S SCHEDULE Sochi times Alpine Skiing Women's Downhill Just Started Curling Men's Round Robin Session 4 underway Women's Round Robin Session 4 USA V CHN KOR V SWE JPN V RUS CAN V GBR 14:00 Men's Round Robin session 5 SUI V GBR GER V CHN DEN V SWE RUS V CAN 19:00 Figure Skating Pairs Free skating MEDEL 19:45 Ice Hockey Women's Group A SUI VS FIN 12:00 USA V CAN !! 16:30 Men's Group C !! CZE V SWE 21:00 LAT V SUI 21:00 Luge
  6. Well it's day 4 of 17 and another great day of action MEDEL STANDINGS 1. NOR 7 2.NED 4 3 USA 4 4.CAN 4 5. RUS 4 TODAY'S SCHEDULE Sochi time Alpine Skiing Women's Super Combined Downhill 11:00 Women's super Combined Slalom 15:00 MEDEL Biathlon Men's 12.5k pursuit 19:00 MEDEL Curling is back ! Men's Round robin session 1 DEN V CHN GER V CAN SUI V SWE RUS V GBR Already under way Women's Round Robin session 1 CHN V CAN SUI V USA RUS V DEN SWE V GBR 14:00 Men's Round Robin session 2 SWE V GBR CAN V SUI USA V NOR DEN V RUS 19:00 Freestyle Skiing Men's Moguls Qualif 1 18:00 Men's
  7. Wow what a great 1st day Current Medel Count 1.NOR 4 2.CAN + NED 3 4.USA 2 5 AUS+SWE 1 sliver 6.CZE 1 bronze Schedule Sochi time Alpine Skiing Men's downhill MEDEL 11:00 Biathlon Women's 7.5km sprint 18:30 Cross Country Men skiathlon 15km classic+free 14:00 Figure skating Team Men's free skating 19:00 Team Ladies free skate 20:05 Team Ice Dance Free Dance 21:10 LAST EVENT FOR MEDEL Ice Hockey Women's Group B SWE JPN 12:00 RUS GER 17:00 Luge Men singles run 3 18:30 Men's single run 4 MEDEL 20:30 Ski Jumping Men's Normal hill 1st round 21:30 Final Round MEDEL 22:35
  8. The 2012 Olympics bid was a memorable one no doubt and was especially a close one between Paris and London although Paris held the edge over London and was the favorite and it was strongly believe that Paris would win however in the final round London won by a mere Four point surprising a lot of peoples (including some in it own country). It was a huge loss for Paris as it was widely expected they would win. So was the 2012 Sumer Olympics Bid the biggest upset of a candidate city who was widely expected to win?
  9. Dopinge karşı 4 maddelik plan Gençlik ve Spor Bakanlığı, 'dopinge sıfır tolerans' ilkesi doğrultusunda 4 maddelik eylem planını hazırlayarak Başbakanlık'a gönderdi. Yeni düzenlemeyle ödül yönetmeliğinde değişikliğe gidilirken, antrenörler ve federasyon başkanlarına da sorumluluklar getirildi. Doping kullandığı tespit edilen sporcuların cezalarının 3 ay içerisinde verilmesi zorunlu kılındı. source: http://yenisafak.com.tr/spor-haber/dopinge-karsi-4-maddelik-plan-05.10.2013-571199?ref=manset-4.2 --------------- note: translation will come soon, together with other news on the same item. will
  10. Madrid Gay Pride Madrid hosts every year one of the most important and crowded gay parades of the world. Between 1.000.000 and 2.000.000 million people meet in a route between Puerta de Alcala square and España square. This year the itinerary will be modified, from Carlos V square to Puerta de Alcalá square. In 2007 Europride was celebrated with more than 2.000.000 million people, and in 2017 Madrid will perform the World Gay Pride. This celebration (Desfile del Orgullo Gay de Madrid) is protected by law, and considered by the Administration of Madrid as relevant event. Madrid Gay Pride is
  11. I think this may be of a usual find for you, when Anchorage bidded for the winter Olympics for the first time in 1985. Having a really strategic plan meant long enough before it became ousted from making it into the shortlist, which eventually went to Albertville. And after losing their 1994 bid to Lilliehammer during the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, they said: "No more, we're wasting money on such nonsense!"
  12. Krakow Considers 2022 Bid Officials from Krakow, Poland will meet this weekend to discuss a potential bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics, Around the Rings has learned. Henryk Urbas, a spokesman for the Polish Olympic Committee, tells ATR "very preliminary meetings" with local and regional authorities are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. Krakow, Poland's second largest city with 1.4 million residents, is considered the country's artistic and cultural capital. Source: Thoughts?
  13. I was wondering how big does a City has to be in order to host a Olympics in both Winter and Summer? I notice the Cities that host The Summer Olympics are generally Larger then the Cites who host the Winter Olympics in size and Population.
  14. Nothing much to say, but lots to show: RIO STREET PARADES Cordão do Bola Preta (Black Ball Band - free translation), with their 2 million people in Downtown Rio! TV report: http://globotv.globo.com/rede-globo/rjtv-1a-edicao/v/cordao-da-bola-preta-arrasta-multidao-no-centro-do-rio/2396476/ Pics:
  15. Hosting Olympic winter sports requires a few things, many of which money can buy (venues, equipment, etc.). But one thing that cannot be bought is weather. Cold weather. And Snow. The average night temperature at Krasnaya Polyana where the Olympic Sliding Center is located is about 21-25 degrees. That is JUST at the end of the temperature zone to hold a refrigerated track. I think it was enormously short-sighted for the IOC to accept that. This year--right now in Feb 2013--the Bobsled and Skeleton World Cup is at the Sanki center. It is over 40 degrees every NIGHT, warmer during the day. Yes,
  16. http://uk.reuters.com/article/2013/01/15/uk-cycling-armstrong-olympics-idUKBRE90E0ZO20130115
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