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  1. i do remember seeing what happened(it was either on NBC or CBC. Might have been the later since i had a dish at the time and i could see CBC's coverage as well as NBC's coverage too(it was the first time i had seen an gold medlist sing the anthem without the tape
  2. i was going to add Charlie Jones blowing the call in Seoul in 88 but you beat me to it but.. 1988- US volleyball team wins second gold in back to back Olympics -Bob Trumpy, NBC 1994 - Dan Jansen finally wins gold medal -Dick Stockton, CBS 2000 - Rulon Gardner beats the unbeatable- Russ Hellickson, NBC 2008 - Michael Phelps 8 gold medal races- Dan Hicks, NBC 1984 - Mary Lou Retton's Perfect 10- Jack Whitaker, ABC 1988 US Soviet basketball semfinal that led to the Dream team being created in 92- Dick Enberg, NBC
  3. mine would be maybe of course Al Michaels during the Miracle On Ice of course but id add maybe a few others like Russ Hellickson after Rulon Gardner won in 2000 or Tom Hammond during the women's 100 meters final in 92(he like the rest of us didn't know who had won until the replays clearly showed it was Gail Devers) cant remember any others so what were your favorites?
  4. i was thinking about what happened in Seoul during the 88 Olympics when Arlene LImas(the girl that won the USA's first gold medal) had to sing the anthem by herself because the tape machine was not working has it happened outside of that incident(i remember seeing this on either NBC or CBC and me and my parents were shocked about that since they were around when the black power salute took place in 68) was this kind of demonstration allowed back then or was it because of the tape machine not working?
  5. with NBC and Seoul, i am shocked that they didn't go with Enberg as primetime host but i guess they didn't want two of their big stars not being happy so that's why they created the venue host role of Enberg
  6. but I am saying what if ABC didn't have MNF though? with CFB they could have used some of the ESPN people for the college telecasts..
  7. i know that in 84 ABC got some criticism for scheduling events around their soap operas as well as the local news(the gymnastics team finals and some of the swimming events if i remember correctly) is there a issue next year with NBC having the swimming finals so late? i know it is because of the soaps in the host country(kind of what happened here in 84)
  8. since i might mention what if ABC did Seoul? my thinking would have been Frank Gifford would have been primetime host since Mckay was close to cutting back Keith Jackson and Dick Vitale would have been on basketball and maybe Gary Bender also on that sport(maybe Jackson does swimming the first week?) Al Trautwig would have been at the gymnastics venue with Cathy Rigby with Becky Dixon doing the role that Anne Simon did in 84 Al Michaels would have done track just like in 84 also they had Mike Adamle on staff maybe he does one of the minor sports? Donna de Verona would have been at the swimming pool with Keith Jackson most likely they had Don Cheriver for boxing or maybe Chris Schenkel? i also wonder how they would have handled MNF and CFB at that time? they would have been withouth Gifford or Michaels so..maybe they bring in Mike Patrick and Joe Theismann from ESPN for MNF as far as CFB they could have used Jim Kelly from ESPN to work with Griese or even used someone else Bob Beattie might have done volleyball just like in 84 cant think of what Jack Whitaker would have done maybe equestrian? Russ Hellckson would have done wrestling maybe solo? or maybe Adamle joins him for PBP dont know who would have done rowing or handball or tennis maybe Cliff Drysdale on tennis? what about Steve Alvarez? he could have done handball or rowing they also had Jack Arute on staff maybe he does cycling since he did that during 91 Pan Ams
  9. ABC also had enough capbale venue announcers fro either 92 or 96 but i wonder about 2000(since it would have conflcted with college football) my guess is that ABC would have kept Keith Jackson on CFB and had Musburger hositng the Olympics(but they had Sean Grande and a few others to fill in on CFB and they could have used a few guys from ESPN too to fill in) they also had Charlie Jones too(he had went to ABC in 99)
  10. the announcers i liked in Sochi were the ones who did hockey and figure skating like Emrick and Edzo on hockey and Weir and Lipinski on figure skating.. even Kenny Albert and Terry Gannon were good too
  11. i have always compared the medal ceremonies to church services sometimes like when the gold medalist is crying.. compare that to a church speaking in tongues lol but a American crying on the top step of the podium can be very moving
  12. you know the PA announcer Charles Corson sounding like a schoolteacher to please return to your classrooms at times reminds me of in the Senate when Rand Paul had finished his filibuster the president kept banging the gavel asking for order and saying that applause was nit allowed but the audience ignored him!
  13. i have to agree with you-those olympics the us team did so well my Mom got really tried of hearing our national anthem even a few of her friends got tried too! of course i could not blame her because it seemed the Americans did so well it was no joke without the Soviets there she told me stories about the fact when the Soviets withdrew she said that "I tihnk we are going to hear the "Star Spangled Banner" a lot more this year than we did in 80" she was right but sometimes the gold medlaists have worked so hard i dont blame them for crying during the anthem!
  14. my Mom used the dish in 84 for a few events-the US-China volleyball gold medal match-was ABC raw feed she even skipped the late news(even though ABC went to the news she didn't want to watch the news instead) also used it for wrestling and basketball and for the medal ceremonies-ABC was all over the dish with the Summer Games that year their main sat(T1) and the second one(T2) was lot of raw feeds from LA she saw a lot of events that weren't live she told me later one she remembers how Russ Hellickson was working wrestling venue solo-and had to get microphone and headset to interview gold medalists near booth i wonder if ABC did commentary on all events for world feed-was before OBS
  15. my Mom watched LA pretty much wall to wall-expect for the soaps(those soaps though were her favorites since she was a big fan of the ABC soaps IMHO) and the news my Mom said that she had never sat in front of the TV for as long as a time as during the 84 Olympics my first was Calgary in 88-was 3 years old at the time and can remember watching all of the feeds on my big dish of sports that were on tape later that night-mostly were ABC feeds-Mom used the dish in 84 for when ABC was airing the soaps or the news or if she wanted to watch a event uninterrupted
  16. to me the medal ceremonies could be quite emotional sometimes..like in LA my Mom can remember some of the gold medalists crying like Tracy Caulkins or Jeff Blatinck or Nancy Hogshead and her teammate.. sometimes what you saw on the medal stand could be quite emotional..i remember how sometimes my Mom would get misty eyed too and ABC to me did a much better job on the medal ceremonies than NBC..no offense to Costas but Jim Mckay to me is the standard on the Olympics..he could wring a moment during the anthem sometimes for all it worth..i remember during one such moment at the wrestling venue Russ Hellickson started to really lose it over Jeff Blatinck crying during the anthem you had to feel for him since he was a expert but who was called on to do play by play when it looked like there was a gold medal at stake there aren't too many guys left like that anymore would could do that i could add Frank Gifford..like Mckay he was classy but he wasn't like Mckay..i remember when Keith Jackson hosted daytime in 88 at Calgary..he wasn't as good as Mckay..none at NBC could top ABC though when you had Gifford doing daytime and Mckay doing primetime those guys were better hosts than either Costas or even Lampley(although Lampley did host in 84 for ABC) to me ABC's coverage in 84 set the standard for the olympics..although NBC is getting there
  17. i hope i am not saying anything bad about Dick Ebersol but when he started on the Olympics i remember him talking about the fact that in 1988 "in the midst of that great story of [diver] Greg Louganis on his way to his first gold medal, they were doing split-screen coverage of volleyball," and he also added that "You simply can't do that. You have to tell a story, tell it well and then move on." i had to agree with him back then and i still do although ABC did a good job in LA too with almost everything being live of course they also had to juggle the soaps and the news too
  18. as far as the 84 Olympics.. i remember during one of the ABC 40th year specials they showed Russ Hellickson calling Jeff Blatnick winning the gold medal in wrestling..and of course the interview that followed..also they showed Jack Whitaker and Cathy Rigby calling Mary Lou Retton's gold medal too..cant remember if they had Jim Lampley or Al Michaels on there but they did also show Bob Beattie calling the US mens volleyball team's gold medal..interestingly the clip of Russ Hellickson calling Jeff Blatnick winning the gold medal in wrestling was precced by a clip from the "China Beach" finale..where Dana Delany as McMurphy is shown speaking more into the camera and then talking more as she walks away and then she says "I remembered. He said that I would." i remembered at that how that kind of cool for that to happen too it was a interesting kind of segue BTW that special was really good as it showed a lot of great moments from ABC Televison over the years was impressed they featured a lot of Olympics stuff not only from LA but also the 80 olympics and 76 too and 72 that was the first time i saw Mckay's announcment of the hostages being killed and it almost made me cry
  19. but i know that NBC used CNBC when a US hockey conflicted with the news during the 2002 games in Salt Lake
  20. i hoped to ask this question but.. would have ABC in 84 used ESPN in certain cases like for example if ABC had to air local news during the womens volleyball gold medal game? or lets say the basektball final? would have ESPN used ABC's talent for example Bob Beattie or Keith Jackson but use a ESPN person to host like Tom Mees or Bob Ley? maybe in that case ESPN would have aired ther whole game with ABC dipping in and out(depnding on news obligations) NBC did that with hockey in 2002 i tihnk
  21. its funny i remember Bryant Gumbel hosting in 88 as well as Costas and Jane Pauley? Costas was so much better than Bryant and Jane
  22. i remember when after the 88 Olympics Mckay's next event was the Florida Derby and he was 66 then so he was still doing a heavy workload back then
  23. i know that Sam Nover was going to do boxing with Dr. Freddie i think Marv might have handled basketball?
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