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  1. I wonder how Seven Network will handle their AFL commitments- given that was a big issue in 2008 with Beijing.
  2. I'll say this about Costas: besides the baseball work he has done, my favorite moment would be during the 1996 Opening Ceremony. The wrok he and Dick Enberg did that night was awesome.
  3. Also, this ties into what happens with Sunday Night Football. It wouldn't surprise me if Al Michaels retires after the next Super Bowl(which NBC has), and that Tirico replaces him too.
  4. You make the point that CBS was "under strict orders to not run long to make sure Letterman started on time" They didn't do that with the NCAA Tournament, but they always gave Letterman those 4 nights off. NBC will give Fallon two weeks off and go wall to wall skiing and figure skating in 18. I had a dish and can remember watching Nagano more on CBC than CBS. They were trying to juggle the Canada hockey semfinal with with the women's figure skating final, but they went commercial free and showed both events, even using that double box. They showed Picabo Street's gold in the Super G before CBS did. They showed more hockey than CBS, but skiing was in the morning in Japan, but figure skating often conflicted with hockey.
  5. I've wondered how NBC has changed their attitude to their soaps. In Seoul, Barcelona and Atlanta and Sydney, they didn't bump the soaps, but since Athens they have done so. has the landscape changed that they don't need to air their daytime shows(apart from Today?)
  6. Quaker you are right about that. ABC had to juggle their soap operas during LA, although they were shorter than usual. NBC did keep their soaps during their first couple of Summer Games, but in 2004, bumped them for the Olympics, and have done that since then.
  7. I know it might be stupid thing to say, but why does NBC need to put the Opening Ceremony in context and show it on a delay? ABC didn't do that, and NBC didn't do it in Atlanta. when it was live.
  8. Channel Seven is showing the Olympics on their main channel, even for highlights, and relegating the AFL to 7Mate. They have never done that, have they before?
  9. that second night schedule works for me- I can watch the women's "Dream Team" in the early evening, then watch Katie Ledecky and Dana Vollmer in the swimming finals. (and there is a few good soccer and basketball games too, including the host nation against Iraq.)
  10. I always have liked the version used in Seoul. It was more stirring than the ones used in Barcelona and Atlanta. The version i've liked for another country would have to be the Aussie one i heard on CBC during Seoul too for Duncan Armstrong. The British one for Adrian Moorhouse was really good too. For some reason, i didn't like the Soviet anthem i heard after the women's gymnastics team final. Might have been too dramatic of a arrangement for my liking.
  11. Do you think NBC has no control over the schedule? in Seoul, when they had some of the swimming races involving Janet Evans and Matt Biondi, some of the track and field, and even the diving that were scheduled for the morning in Seoul, which network did that? NBC. It's NBC that sometimes scheduled a US hockey game during the past two winter games for the afternoon US time too so they didn't conflict with figure skating in Primetime, and NBC had the gymnastics and swimming in the 08 games in the morning for the same reason: so they could be seen live in Primetime in the east. However, NBC has to make changes to their sports lineup and their daytime schedule too to accommodate the Olympics. Why would they preempt Days Of Our Lives? why would they move some of the Winston Cup and even Busch Races to CNBC or USA Network? it's because are devoting their resources and time to the Olympics.
  12. I've always wondered what arrangement has been for our national anthem at the Olympics over the years. The first one i can recall was during Seoul for swimmer Janet Evans but i wonder what versions they've used since Seoul
  13. NBC didn't protect the Today Show in 88, but there were a lot of events in Seoul that NBC aired live in what would be the Today Show slot. for example i saw Janet Evans win one of her gold medals in what would be the Today slot(7am?) the women's' team gymnastics finals were also in that slot and a few events like Track and field and even diving. does NBC really need to protect the Today Show?
  14. I have to agree, although you did see CBC often talking up the stars from other countries. during Seoul, they talked up Janet Evans, Kristin Otto and Matt Biondi during the swimming events. But NBC does that too with the non-Americans sometimes.
  15. I have to agree with you, Quaker. Do you expect Rowdy Gaines not to talk up Katie Ledecky or Missy Franklin? it's like Chris Collinsworth talking about Tom Brady during Sunday Night Football or Edzo to talk about Sidney Crosby on the NHL On NBC? those guys are paid to sometimes praise the athletes during events like the Olympics and even the NFL or the NHL.
  16. Yeah i forgot about Charlie Jones. Could add Don Criqui too since he was on swimming when Janet Evans had her 3 gold haul in 88, and you could add Trumpy and Enberg too.. And if you go back to the ABC and CBS days, Frank Gifford, Al Michaels, Keith Jackson, Bob Beattie, Curt Gowdy, Gary Bender, Bill Flemming, Jim Lampley, Jack Whitaker, Howard Cosell, Chris Schenkel, Dick Stockton, Verne Lundquist, and i am forgetting a few from the CBS era. NBC will need a few new voices, and that's where were seeing Gannon, Tirico, Albert, and a few others take their places in terms of PBP voices.
  17. That's interesting. Maybe Tom Hammond is retiring at some point, because i've heard Kenny Albert do play by play on the "B" hockey games the past few Winter Games. He's the guy that will take over for Hammond i think. He also did the Western Conference Finals for NBC this past Hockey season so maybe they are grooming him to take Hammond's place at some point. Surprised Tom is hosting: he's the voice i associate with some of the great US gold medal moments(along with John Tesh, Dan Hicks, Al Trautwig, Russ Hellickson, Arlo White and Tim Ryan.
  18. Maybe Tom Hammond has requested that he be a host rather than PBP but wouldn't Albert be scheduled to do baseball for Fox that week anyway?
  19. What i am really looking forward to is Marv Albert doing the basketball games with Doug Collins: when was the last time Marv was inloved with the Olympics on NBC? in 2000 i guess
  20. I have to agree with you about that. What made Ali light the flame so memorable at least to me was how Costas and Enberg handled that. that was one moment where you have two of the best sportscasters at NBC(at that time anyway) handling that moment, and they did it right. i don't think the the Today Show crew would be able to do what Costas and Enberg did that night in Atlanta in 96. that was one moment where those two guys shined and for a good reason. They were the best in the business. They also had the right words for that moment. that, along with John Tesh calling the U.S. women's gymnastics team winning gold, and CBC's Don Wittman on the Canadian team's success in track, were the two most memorable calls i heard during those games. Between CBC and NBC, i was watching pretty much wall to wall Olympics that summer.
  21. I don't it is a big deal whether the news starts at 5pm or 6pm. ABC did the same thing in 84 in LA but that was subject to runovers, like we will see in Rio most likely.
  22. i was thinking 10am-6pm(i know you say 5pm for the ending time, but 6pm seems to me a better option)
  23. does NBC had to make as many decisions about switching back and forth between events nowadays that they have cable? i remember in the 88 winter games ABC had to decide between a hockey game and the mens downhill(the hockey game was live while the downhill was taped ealrier in the day) do you think that NBC has a easier time now that they have cable in terms of having to go back and forth between events
  24. i think the worst bias i have heard was not from Cathy Rigby- she was so bias towards the American gymnasts but i don't remember Gordon Maddux being that bias but he and Jack Whitaker seemed to be excited when the American's won the Men's Team event in 84 Rigby showed that too when Mary Lou won too
  25. i was thinking that duirng the 88 womens volleyball final between Peru and the Soviet UInon, Bob Trumpy didnt show any bias towards either team- at least he was even handed and so was Chris Marlowe they were like that too during the US-Soviet mens volleyball final too always thought that Charlie Jones didnt show any bias on track and field in 88 or swimming in 92 he was even handed too so the american networks dont need to show any bias sometimes
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