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  1. i know it is funny but i do remember Al Trautwig covering skiing in Calgary in 88... he seemed to do a good job with Beattie..never have liked him on NBC..maybe because on ABC he had some good analysts like Beattie or Cathy Rigby working with him
  2. I remember during the 91 world gymnastics championships when it was Gary Bender(he was doing college football at the time for ABC), Bart Conner and Kathy Johnson now those three did a better job than the crew that did the Olympics one year later the ironic thing the gymnastics crew on the Olympics is the only crew I could not stand because of the bias now I was fine with Hammond on track or Albert on basketball.. now when I watched the hockey in Sochi Emrick and Kennedy Albert didn't show any bias so didn't Johnny or Tara on figure skating so you can have announcers who were not bias towards the Americans
  3. I remember Bob Trumpy being bias too during the boxing in 92 same thing with Marv Albert with the basketball but Charlie Jones and Tom Hammond were pretty good at not being bias..i remember when the aussie swimmer was edged out by Summer Sanders and Charlie sounded excited. and yea the gymnastics crew in 92 and 96 was awful.
  4. i know this might be out of line but the bias in the 1984 Olympics coverage i have seen from ABC is kind of weird since they were always "cheerleading" for the Americans it seems i give you two examples.. and in the first example it is Curt Gowdy and Russ Hellickson in the second one is Jim Lampley and Donna De Varona Can anyone of you guys think that the bias by ABC is the same kind of issue that NBC has now or not?
  5. i remember being impressed with Costas as late night host in 88 was not shocked when he got prime tiem slot in 92 hte 92 games were the first i watched all the way
  6. i think the first big event that Costas did for NBC was in 1980-Tigers Yankees because the main game was rained out in Montreal causing NBC to switch the whole network to that game at Yankee Stadium and Yankees won AL East-was part of doubleheader with Astros Dodgers with Dick Enberg
  7. i remember watching much of 2000 live on cbc on my dish-my teacher at school really got on me for doing that
  8. the first Olympic moment i remember was on ABC in 88 when Dan Jansen fell during speed skating- i remember how Gary Bender and Eric Heiden reacted also i remember how Jansen left the ice in tears it made me so sad but i also remember the Battle of the Brians and and how Elizabeth Manley won sliver over Debi Thomas
  9. funny thing i have two of the vhs tapes nbc did in 88 for seoul
  10. makes more senese to have gymnistacs on tape due to short turnaround?
  11. i still can hear don criqui calling janet eveans winning the gold medal in her races in 88 same thing with charlie jones and florence griffin joyner in 88
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