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  1. how many hours did nbc and cbc do form seoul in 88?
  2. what i remember about Seoul was there were a lot of crazy things happening like arlene limas singing the anthem because the tape machine broke down the boxing riots the us gymnastics team getting a deduction and other weird things happening i saw lot of it on NBC and CBC
  3. i can remember who did some of the events for NBC in Seoul in 88 Charlie Jones on track and field and diving Don Criqui on swimming Dick Enberg on gymnastics and basketball and venue host Marv Albert on boxing Bob Trumpy on volleyball Russ Hellickson on wrestling thats about all i know does anyone remember who did some of the smaller events
  4. how was abcs coverage of the 84 summer games? i seem to remember it was on expect for the soaps and the news?
  5. 88 Calgary was first Olympics i saw was it with jim mckay? i guess so because it was on abc
  6. in 88 summer games with cbc and nbc combined i saw the olympics from 7:30pm to 10am sometimes nbc would be airing local news while cbc would be showing a event
  7. wonder for the rio olympics will nbc have to delay the news like in seoul?
  8. might also add i had cbc so if nbc was showing the news or their regular programming i had a second choice and cbc was on a lot longer
  9. i remember the first Olympics i watched was Seoul in 1988 so many great moments plus it was mildly interesting to see NBC delay the late local news for events like the women's gymnastics all around final with Elena Shushunova and some of the swimming races with Matt Biondi and Janet Evans
  10. since i am new to this board, how did NBC handle the 1988 Olympics with the NFL? since most of their regulars would be in seoul
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