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  1. I was wondering that at first but after rewatching it, it became clear that he snuck back in the pipe and exited through a backdoor after he held up the red ball. What aired on tv was a video segment that looked almost exactly like the Tron portion in Sochi's OC, when it cut back to the live performance I saw him already walking towards the stands.
  2. I think labeling an Olympic ceremony as "theatre" is putting it in too small of a box. Artistic in nature yes, but I would rather call it a "showcase", whether it be historical, cultural, artistic, or popular culture, it's all relevant when it comes to showcasing a nation. In that sense, I think Japan succeeded to show the world what most people love about Japan in the modern era. Leaving out traditional elements in their show was a good decision in order to stand out from Beijing's ceremonies. What Japanese people lack in emotion, they make up for in style, ingenuity and technical abilit
  3. Overall I think the CC was good, more festive and enjoyable than the OC, music was better as well. Better CC than Beijing and Athens but not as good as Sydney and London imo. Tokyo handover was the highlight, I was never that excited about the games in Tokyo before but the handover ceremony reminded me of all the exciting things about Japan and now I'm psyched. I was really looking forward to seeing more floats for the Carnival segment of the finale, at least five (one for each Olympic ring/continent perhaps) but I guess the budget kept them from going all out.
  4. You say it was COLD, I say it was COOL. I don't think Japan has anything to prove when it comes to being high tech, people all over the world for decades have been aware of Japan being at the forefront of technology. Japanese people for the most part are very unemotional, the polar opposite of Brazil's fun loving, passionate, and upbeat culture so I didn't expect them to portray something they weren't. They had two angles to showcase their culture, and that was either the traditional route, or the modern route and I'm glad they chose the modern route. They played to their strengths and hi
  5. I think it would be a great idea to make the Olympic schedule flexible according to the host city up to 4 weeks. It would alleviate the need for multiple venues especially when they need to be constructed from ground up. There's 2 aquatic stadiums in Rio's Olympic park, which is unnecessary since water polo can be played in the same pool as the swimming events, but due to lack of time within the 2 week Olympics window is why there's 2 separate venues I'm guessing? With a 4 week schedule you'd have plenty of time to use the same venues for multiple sports. Besides the sports that require
  6. I think London was riding this timely wave of positive press and worldwide attention leading up to 2012 regarding everything British such as the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Will and Kate's wedding, and British artists such as Adele and One Direction garnering a media love fest. Public interest of British pop culture was high in 2012 and the London Olympics was the crest of it all, even Harry patiently waited til after the Olympics for another scandal when he showed the world his bum. Brazil on the other hand has been riding the opposite wave of negative events and media attention regarding
  7. There's an empty lot in Century City along Avenue of The Stars that sits right on top of a future Metro Purple Line that's the exact size just for an arena, probably not enough to add a parking garage though. There's a proposal for an office building on that site but I assume the land can be sold and repurposed.
  8. I don't think the Inglewood stadium would be good for ceremonies. It's already in the direct path of the LAX runways and it's gonna be sunken about 100 feet or so to accommodate that. The ceremonies might be a little too distracting for flights coming in, the bright lights on game days are nothing compared to the visual mayhem of Olympic Ceremonies, plus how would they incorporate fireworks? I think the Coliseum location is perfect for ceremonies especially with Downtown LA as the backdrop, it just needs a lot of TLC. The Inglewood site however would make for a great backup Olympic village in
  9. I like the idea of finding local Olympians for the cauldron lighting and final torch run. The William sisters would make good candidates but I'd really like to see Misty May and Kerri Walsh considering they played a sport LA is most recognized for and originated there. They're more associated with Olympics than the William sisters are. Also, Greg Louganis would make a better choice than Caitlyn Jenner if they're thinking about making a "statement".
  10. What is even more amusing is before the IOC vote in 2005, NY2012 stated their commitment to bid again for 2016 and possibly even 2020. That was an unfair tactic to use as one of their selling points during the domestic race against SF, they said they were in it for the long haul, but after placing 4th in the IOC vote their tune suddenly changed. I believe every city has a right to change their mind and do what's best for their city, I just don't like misleading statements especially when it works to their favor and then back out when things don't go their way...hence, "big boy pants"! To be f
  11. After seeing the bid book, I'm disappointed they removed Long Beach entirely from the venue plan. I think that's a shame because Long Beach would've been a visually pleasing backdrop for the water events. The Marine Stadium would've been great for rowing as well as sailing alongside the Queen Mary. Along with that came the events at the Long Beach Convention Center and Long Beach Arena. I know Long Beach feels isolated from the region, but this is a lost opportunity because Santa Monica is the only beach city in the bid now with just a few events and it would've been nice to showcase more tha
  12. New York and Chicago are the only options better than LA, but neither city seem to have big boy pants after being rejected during their respective turns. No more Atlanta's in the foreseeable future!
  13. Union Pacific owns that lot which is currently a rail yard called the piggyback yard. It's an ideal location sitting next to the LA River near Union Station, which is practically LA's crossroads for all major transit lines (perfect for an Olympic Village). The ones in charge of restoring the LA River, Army Corps of Engineers intend to include that lot as part of the restoration project, however, Union Pacific is holding off selling the property for a higher valuation which is putting the restoration project out of budget and on hold. The LA River project will be funded by the feds, state and c
  14. I guess LA's Olympic motto is..."if at first you don't succeed(1), try(2), try(3) again", literally!
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