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  1. I had checking the schedule and the final of the basketball is at 6:15 PM, 15 minutes later the Closing Ceremony, at 6:00 PM. Is it possible? lol

    That is strange to schedule it that way if it is correct. I know in London there was at least a couple of hours between the end of the game and the start of the closing ceremony, although none of the basketball players from the final went to the ceremony anyways.

  2. Did the cauldron in the OC/CC stadium actually burn the whole time the Olympics were there, or was it just shut down in between ceremonies? Sure there are 2 cauldrons, but under slightly different circumstances where fuel resources weren't exactly doubled.

    London only had one cauldron and it didn't even stay lit the whole time. No need to have two going all the time. Just have the Maracana one on when an event is occuring at the stadium.

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