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  1. i little correction (i sound like a smart-ass i know) it is the Panathinaikon Stadium.. it was changend by Athens 2004 the give the olympic games its original hellenic character... Nike is flying with open wings into the Panathinaikon Stadium the Stadium of the first Olympic Games of the modern era and the last Olympic Games (2004) to praise the best athletes... There is no real connection between the Games and the Colloseum, as it was not a arena of athletism but a place where violence was presented as entertainment.. The "new" design is absolutely fantastic.. The Beijing medals are very beautiful, very lice...
  2. although i think that the Athens Olympic Stadium is from an architectual point of view still the best and very "open",.... i think that the stadium is going to look fantastic when finished... When the inside is painted red and the surrounding are complete.. And the right illumination.... The only thing is that it looks a bit too "heavy" from the outside...
  3. can somebody tell me why all the beijing website are sooo slow!!! It gets really on my nerves...
  4. Well this isnt ridiculous but indeed funny... So i would say Baron is right...
  5. Well i also think that at the opening ceremony there should not be any popular performers.. Perhaps one for the national anthem,... sarah mclachlan would be an excellent choise to perform the national anthem.. she has a great and very special voice...
  6. Nice news: It is official announced that regisseur and choreograph Dimitris Papaioannou (creator and regisseur of the Athens 2004 Opening and Closing Ceremonies) will be the director of a 6.000.000$ production which will promote the Olympic Games of Beijing 2008 around the globe. He and his team will arrive in Beijing in March for the preparation of the play. The premier show wil be staged in October in Athens.
  7. The cola Logo looks nice... I know that sponsorship is necessary but i dont like it... Another thing is that the BOCOG has to upgrade the server of their website immediately.. every time i try to visit the site i get and then ... and then klick away..
  8. The phoenix? as far as I know the phoenix is not a chinese myth...
  9. Naa,.. Be nice Baron! You dont want to put out the greeks!! About the Roof.. This is some bad news.. If the whole stadium is in danger... This wil be a very critical situation.. 3 years to go, a new roof is easy, but a new stadium?? Althought..
  10. Here is the amazing part of the Ceremony "Klepsydra". The part of the parade of the greek history from ancient times to modern times. the song composed by one of the best (in my opinion) artist of electronic music Konstantinos Vita Athns 2004 - Klepsydra
  11. Here you can see and hear the "Countdwon" and "The Drums" of the "Athens 2004" Opening Ceremony... just amazing... Athens 2004 - The Countdown ...and the Double Helix "DNA" theme Athens 2004 - Double Helix
  12. the website is so disappointing... terrible, slow connection, bad design and teh navigation sucks.... i hope they will release a new one soon
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