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  1. We have to wait until 08.08. to judge if this is the first one/best one OC. But i personally find it unsympathetic when an artist (director) praises his work as the best one ever before it has been staged. By this way he anticipates the opinion of the audience. I dont like that.. It also leaves me cold when i read about: 20.000 performers, HDTV, paper-like screens. That tells absolutely nothing about the quality of the OC. I could get some 40.000 people together and let them dance the boogie boogie... What i find very interesting is that he skips the OC of Athens and he refers to Sydney to compare the Beijing OC with. He has said that the Athens 2004 OC did troubled him and made him sleepless for many days. Now he avoids to talk about the Beijing OC in relation with the Athens OC which took the OC to the next level or better said which was truly a ceremony and not a show.
  2. It is the new one. The old Olympic Stadium, the "Panathinaikon" is very often called "Kalimarmaro" which means "Beautiful Marble"
  3. The Olympic Park will be fabtastic but the Stadium... It has to be the most expensive temporary venue ever build. I just cant understand the logical thinking behind this!!
  4. DIMITRIS PAPAIOANNOU MEDEA|2 Perfomances: 1-5 June 2008 / Athens / Peiraios 206 Premiere / Sold out 5 June -8 Jule 2008 / Beijing / National Center for performing Arts from 1 October 2008 / Athens / Athens Pallas Theater Fifteen years have passed since the first performance of Medea (1993), Dimitris Papaioannou's signature work and unquestionably the most inspired achievement of Edafos Dance Theatre, an ensemble that left an indelible mark on the Greek dance-theatre scene of recent times. This inventive, water-bound retelling of the Medea myth was warmly received on its travels round the world, enchanting audiences with its visual power and ingenious coupling of silent, stylised movement with the drama of Bellini's operas. Glowingly reviewed by the international press, the work has well endured the passage of time. This year, Papaioannou returns to take a fresh look at Medea, bringing the wealth of his experience to bear on this historic and accomplished work. Reworking the production with an all-new cast, he seeks to isolate and convey the essence of what made the original version so captivating. Medea: Evangelia Randou Jason: Yiannis Nikolaidis Dog: Aris Servetalis Glauce: Katerina Liontou Sun: Fevos Papadopoulos Argonauts: Nikos Dragonas, Michalis Elpidoforou, Altin Huta, Nikos Kalogerakis, Tassos Karachalios, Konstantinos Karvouniaris, Fevos-Thomas Kyriakou, Agni Papadeli-Rossetou, Vagelis Telonis, Simon Tsakiris A Commission of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture for the Cultrural Year of Greece in China A co-production of the Athens Festival, Elliniki Theamaton and DYO. Sponsors: Theodoros & Gianna Angelopoulos For more Information: Athens Edidaurus Festival 2008 Unfortunately i couldnt find any Information for playtimes in Beijing as the China National Center for Performing Arts is only in chinese. This is a fantastic play and i wonder if someone of the chinese forumers will attend the play. **********************************************************
  5. i like the womans outfit.. more then the "we are going to safari" Athens ones... The grey of men is rather boring.. They could have used a cravat or a handkerchief in the same orange..
  6. Yes, i think no one in here understands why this article is posted and why in the Beijing section... If you feel bored there are plenty other forums or chatrooms for your nonsenses. If you want to discuss such a serious political and social issue then do it.
  7. They are not ugly but kinda... bland? i think it would have been better to intergrate the pictogramms more in the design..
  8. This picture made me furious about this protestor. Attacking a disabled young girl... Look the view of the girl and how she is protecting the Torch.. Full of strength!
  9. Ahh, what a gigolo.. I think Carla would prefer this picture then... this one...
  10. I am sorry to say but at this moment i think it was a big, big mistake to award the games to Beijing. And i am extremely surprised that the so powerful IOC is so "passive".... At the Athens Games they played the big strong man and now the little marionette! Due all the respect this is pathetic.
  11. gern geschehen... Tomorrow the Olympic Flame will arrive in Athens. But it is very sad that we can not enjoy unconcerned this torch relay
  12. Hi CAF if i may answer: it is "Dimos Pellas". Dimos (in English Demos) is "the people" and in this case it means Municipality of Pella. Pella is a city, the ancient Capital of Macedonia, birthplace of Alexander the Great. Today the city of Pella is part of Nomos Pellas (Prefecture of Pella) and has about 7.500 citizens.
  13. This is such a wonderful picture taken in Thessaloniki. Look how happy this man is... Very touching
  14. There is also Ekechereia, the Olympic Truce revived by Athens 2004 and adopted by the IOC. Well we now that it is impossible for all wars to stop during the Olympic Games as in Ancient times but atleast the hosting Country should be in a polemic-free condition!!!!
  15. After this highly emotional morning, some nice pictures of the Ceremoy:
  16. Well it isnt ok and right at all to disturbe the Torch Relay but even worse the Ceremony of Ancient Olympia. This a sacred Ceremony for us Greeks and for many other poeple around the world. Abusing hellenic hospitality and disgracing our this very special event of our cultural heritage undermines their own idea of a cultural and political independent Tibet. If you ask for respect then you have to proove that you are able to respect others too. They can protest in every damn meter in China. But to come here in Greece and to make a political circus out of our sacred Ceremony is realy outragous.
  17. An update to the arrest: Police said a total of nine people were briefly detained and at least one woman -- a Swiss national -- and the three demonstrators from the ancient stadium would be charged. But since they face misdemeanor charges they are also expected to be freed later on Monday pending their trial. The 3 French of Reporters Without Borders and others Look at those fearsome and brutal policemen. The Police was very gentle to them and only did her job, as they announced. There was an official press release by the Hellenic Olympic Comittee and the Police Departement for the visitors of the Ancient Olympia with a list of things that are not allowed to bring and rules which ensure a fluently Ceremony. People knew that protesting in the sacred grounds or disturbing the Olympic Flame Relay isnt allowed and that people risk to get arrested. And some of them did. A woman even used red paint to give the impression of blood.
  18. Were for gods sake do you see a brutal and rouggh action by the police? The only thing the police is doing is to keep them away of the street so that the torch can pass by!!!! :blink:
  19. Just for the record: there were 2 Tibetans and one greek photographer arrested. One Tibetan who tried to interrupt the speech of Liu Qi. One who tried to get in contact with Jack Rogue to hand him down a signed protest letter. And a greek photographer who attended the tibetan protester to make "good" pictures. Later, a tibetan woman painted herself in red paint and lay in front of a runner of the Olympic torch and other protesters chanted "Free Tibet" and "Shame on China" Well this wil be the most difficult Torch Relay in history. And this already starts with 3 protests in the first day.... Oi... Can you imagine the Flame passing Tibet? I have no idea how this is going to happen!!!!!!
  20. i have also to say that western media and more specific greek and german media do report about the uprising of Tibetan people. (The freedom of greek media is so big that they almost have political influence) I would go so far to say that european media are worlds most objective and informing. Of course there are exceptions but with the variety of tv stations and newspapers you have to be a real fool not to have a relative objective impression of what is happening. We know that uprising implies riots. And everybody knows that oppression always ends with an uprising. This is not the first time. This is not a new situation for China. The great difference is that a democratic country that respects human rights does not sends military troops to controll riots. People dont get jailed or even get executed for expressing critisism. A good democracy and healthy state does not need cencorchip of media. The behavior of the chinise gov is outragous, the situation of human rights unacceptable. Even if the Tibetans are rioting a state which has democratic values does not kill its people. Or are Tibetans not your people? What are they? Are they chinese or are they a minority? And if they are a minority dont they have the right on their own cultural and political life? And if the chinese gov dont accepts an independent Tibetan state why dont they at least seek for a reasonable solution? At least a dialogue? Nothing of that happens.. Just violence. The IOC knew the human right problem, they knew that it is an illusion to think that the Olympic Games could make a change. Even olympic works have cost the lifes of who knows how many chinese workers. Still i am not in favour of a boycott. Because the Athletes dont deserve that and also the chinese people dont deserve it. I just wish Beijing wouldnt have not been choosen as a host city. Not after courent developments. And i hope that the chinese people will understand that one of oldest cultures of this world deserves more then to live in a big rotten cage.
  21. Riots do happen in western countries, in france and in germany last year, in Athens this year. But there were not over 100 deaths to report. International media wasnt threatened and forced to leave the place. And even more importand the riots in paris or germany or athens had a reason but not claim. Those people are asking for something. If the government of China has nothing to be afraid of why the cencorchip of media? No one blames your government for reacting in this issue. The huge problem is the way of reaction. Brutal military regulation with no objective media coverage. So dont behave like chinise government is a victim of tibetan actions. Chinise gov never asked for a dialogue, rejected the dialogue, reacts like a true communist power with brutalism and intimidation. As for the chinise people who think they live in a democratic and free society? Just ask a German from the former DDR (East Germany). He can explain you the illusion of living in a free country!
  22. We Greeks wishing you, Olympic Flame, a good journey. May you reach the hearts of people and make the Idea of Olympism a stronger one!
  23. CNN what a discrease of the Ceremony, of Ancient Olympia and the Olympic Idea your broadcasting was. Shame!! "Well this outdoor event,... well, ehmm, it is quite,.. not the spectacle we expected..." and then they interrupt the Ceremony for advertising without continuing broadcasting!!!! An unbelievable discrease... Great covering by EUROSPORT! So the first runner started and the run beginn. Lets hope something of this message of freedom and peace will reach Beijing
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