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  1. Well to put thing straight bacause i may sound too negative. I have no doubt that we will watch a visual phantasmagoric show. My doubt is if there is a meaning behind this.. Example: Here you see also a perfect visual made with high-end technology. But there is meaning behind this. the mythology (Heras milk - galaxias), the human (the woman to give birth to new life), the science (the double Helix as a symbol of the uniqueness of every human). A single picture tells a story of immeasurable worth. This is what i am expecting from the OC in China also. I dont want to see a "Look how powe
  2. I hope that it is going to be more then a globe comming out of the hole with torchbearers walking on it and a "Galaxy" around. Been there done that,...
  3. Yes it seems to be the most logical idea. But still... The "tube connection" hasnt necessary to be a gas line. I think it is clear that this construction moves. So it could be a tube for wires! Or it is a gas line but only for a "fire spitting dragon head"... Ihave the feeling that this is nit the cauldron
  4. I also dont think that the construction on the roof is the Cauldron. The position of it alone is strange. It is not in the center of one of the diametric lines of the stadium. It isnt harmonic with the shape.
  5. ... but the Warriors Uniforms are really cool... I always liked them very much. Chinese traditional clothing is very beautifull anyway...
  6. You dont have to feel sorry Barron. I know there are people which have to eat out of golden spoons to feel rich... I dont care how expensive the production is or if there are 20.000 performers. Numbers and cool effects dont impress me long. The glow of meaningless things fades away quickly. It is like Disneyland: The fancy world dazzles you for a moment but you can feel the emptiness and you know the lie! So, i said it before, i say it again: We have to wait until after the Ceremony to express our opinions.
  7. Well why not? Everyone diserves a second chance. If she is clean then why shouldnt she compete?
  8. I searched for the pictures of the outfit of the German Team but i couldnt find it. Can you post one CAF? I saw an interview of Sascha Klein 1 month ago... He seems to be a quite nice guy but also very promising for some medals!
  9. You never get tired of being the first Team to enter the Stadium as it is one of the highlights of the Parade of the Athletes. It is also a source of pride as the connection of the Greeks with the Olympic Games is a highly emotional one.
  10. Lol... sorry this looks like this first olympic aerobic contest!! Sorry just a joke! Woa, Barron you let almost speechless. i just wasnt prepared for such a mature answer from you!! You can think what you want and have every opinion you want. My reaction is on the way you talk about something you dont like.. You dont have to use a derogatory tone such "dolls in plattforms" when you are refering to "Clepsydra" a word you "accidental" write wrong every time. Demoting of what you dont like or dont understand doesnt make your opinion stronger!
  11. As for the gradients: I think this is a nice idea. Perhaps they need more and more specific combinations: like "Green theme", "Fire theme" etc. I suppose this is a generic banner: I like the idea of "From the blue water, over the green of the land to the orange of the sun"...
  12. i like the lucky cloud pattren also very much but and dont get me wrong this is not a breakthrough design. Using a single pattern on gradient backrounds is nothing new. Athens had already o look of the games with 10 different patterns and a palette of 20 colours. This without counting the look of the banners with the pictogramms. Please dont get me wrong but this is a very nice look of the games but surely upgradable. But i am sure this will happen as we have not see the banners hanging on the venues yet
  13. Yeah i did notice that. I just said it would be very obvious copied if they let torchbearers walk on and fly to a globe. You can see all the performers raising a hand in the air like they are holding a torch..
  14. Well i couldnt find any information about Eurosport showing it live. But the german sport broadcaster D:SF is showing it live.
  15. Oi Barron... Dolls on platforms? Your statements can be so unpretentious sometimes. You just can understand that technology doesnt ends in itself. It is just a medium that it is sometimes necessary for the dramaturgy. The "dolls on platforms" part of the Ceremony was meant to be as simple as a dreamlike passage through time where people only concentrate on the fine movements of the passage and the performers. As for the rest of the Ceremony; the olimpic rings of fire, the lake with 2,162,000 liters of water drained in less then 2 minutes, the giant Cycladic head brokes in pieces which are floa
  16. woa,.. i didnt knew that you can get so ecstatic barron! The pictures look very promising but i have my provisos. What i am expecting to see but dont want to see: - Massperformances - Chinese opera with fireworks - Star-Guests I just hope Zhang Yimou will avoid a cliché ceremony and will surprise us just like Papaioannou did.
  17. We have to wait until 08.08. to judge if this is the first one/best one OC. But i personally find it unsympathetic when an artist (director) praises his work as the best one ever before it has been staged. By this way he anticipates the opinion of the audience. I dont like that.. It also leaves me cold when i read about: 20.000 performers, HDTV, paper-like screens. That tells absolutely nothing about the quality of the OC. I could get some 40.000 people together and let them dance the boogie boogie... What i find very interesting is that he skips the OC of Athens and he refers to Sydney to co
  18. It is the new one. The old Olympic Stadium, the "Panathinaikon" is very often called "Kalimarmaro" which means "Beautiful Marble"
  19. The Olympic Park will be fabtastic but the Stadium... It has to be the most expensive temporary venue ever build. I just cant understand the logical thinking behind this!!
  20. DIMITRIS PAPAIOANNOU MEDEA|2 Perfomances: 1-5 June 2008 / Athens / Peiraios 206 Premiere / Sold out 5 June -8 Jule 2008 / Beijing / National Center for performing Arts from 1 October 2008 / Athens / Athens Pallas Theater Fifteen years have passed since the first performance of Medea (1993), Dimitris Papaioannou's signature work and unquestionably the most inspired achievement of Edafos Dance Theatre, an ensemble that left an indelible mark on the Greek dance-theatre scene of recent times. This inventive, water-bound retelling of the Medea myth was warmly received on its travels round
  21. i like the womans outfit.. more then the "we are going to safari" Athens ones... The grey of men is rather boring.. They could have used a cravat or a handkerchief in the same orange..
  22. Yes, i think no one in here understands why this article is posted and why in the Beijing section... If you feel bored there are plenty other forums or chatrooms for your nonsenses. If you want to discuss such a serious political and social issue then do it.
  23. They are not ugly but kinda... bland? i think it would have been better to intergrate the pictogramms more in the design..
  24. This picture made me furious about this protestor. Attacking a disabled young girl... Look the view of the girl and how she is protecting the Torch.. Full of strength!
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