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  1. and some videos of the official broadcasting... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ItRrO6P1W4...feature=related
  2. Much Ado About Nothing. The Olympic Rings where nice but no innovation in Torino. We had them in Sydney (for the first time?), then in Athens, then in Torino and now in Vancouver.
  3. Great songs by te Doves: Firesuite, The Cedar Room, Rise, Black and White Town, Satellites, Words... Sorry for the off topic
  4. Oh,.. yeah,... how embarrassing! But the Doves are also great!!!
  5. Wel fantastic choise of music: The Editors!!!
  6. Well maybe Greece isnt in the top10 but they are in the 20 first countries. A fantastic performance buy the hellenic paralympic team and they surely deserve big respect as all athletes of the paralympics!
  7. especially the "top gun" wannabe sound of the 80-90s
  8. why was it so difficult for the chinese to compose 2 hours of music? the loop gets on my nerves!
  9. Unfortunately we have a music loop again!!!!! Dont get it..
  10. The Music of the Parade of the Athletes is much better then the of the Olympic Ceremony!!!
  11. » airv The OST of the Ceremonies underlies strict IOC Copyrights so it will be very difficult to find this music. Advise, by the OC DVD!
  12. Mercy Pierre pour le compliment... Of course there are rejected ideas for every OC. Dozens of rejected ideas... I just said that i have the feeling that some of those pictures are just drawings of artits inspired by the OC or trying to present an own idea. For example this picture: It seems more like a drawing of a young manga artist... I may be wrong but imo it doenst fit in Zhan Yimous style. On the "Making of Video of Beijing OC" there are also some rejected ideas to see.
  13. Well it does. If they arent official then they cant be rejected OC ideas either!!
  14. i have the feeling that some of them arent really conceptuall drawings but fantasy works of some chinese artists who were not involved... By the way,.. what do you think about the use of 3d projections and hologramms? Would you mind the extreme use of them in a opening ceremony or would you prefer to try to use the real element... Example: Lets say it is possible to simulate visualy rain. Would it be ok or would you prefer "real rain"?
  15. ...and because NBCs coverage isnt the original issue: fact is that this Martin Rogers, knowing of the great weight it haves to make public such an article on the front page of yahoo.sports, made an aimed mudslinging against Greeces reputation and our hosting of teh Olympic Games by publicating lies and creating an enotionaly withering negative picture of Athens. PurelyAcademic and myself could revise this ridiculous article. But only in here... Thousands or even million of other people have not the chance to learn the truth and this is the so unfair and annoying thing. It is really outrageous
  16. I will not play silly kindergarden games of using political correct names Barron. It isnt the use of the word it is the meaning behind is saying: Gypsy camps have sprung up in the shadow of stadiums where the world’s finest athletes once battled for gold. If you can not see the chauvinism and the rasism in this sentense then i cant help you either...
  17. The pictures of BBC and the reports are reffering to the Hellenikon Complex which is at this stage in a "stand-by" phase. We know those pictures from greek media also. Yes the planing did last too long. Yes we could have done it faster. Yes, we were busy before the Games to get things ready on time. This was a gigantic effort but it was Greeces choise. We knew what it means. We knew that it would be expensive. But we didnt care. It is our mentality. If i go out with some friends and i have only 100 euros for the next 10 days i still will spend it at this evening to have fun. because it feels g
  18. Faliron Olympic Complex: The Faliron Marina Has become the National Nautical Centre. Belongs to the Hellenic National Sailing Federation The Faliron Gymnasium Has become the International Convention Centre of Athens The Beach-Volleyball Stadium Has become an Open-Air Theater for music concerts, art performances and theatralical plays Faliron Delta and Esplenada The walking area will be connected with the Faliron Delta where the New National Opera, New National Library and Cultural Centre of Stavros Niarchos will be built by famous architect Piano Renzo
  19. Do you all have lost your minds? Poor Athens? Why? Because this ridiculous idiot writes incoherence and untrue nonsenses without any research, without any journalistic sincerity? Were are his proofs? Journalism isnt to write every flatulence your little brain produces.
  20. It is really incredible that there are people who get paid to call themselves a "journalist" and fot writing crap like that!!!! Such an idiot!!
  21. oi,.... god,... please, deliver me from this...
  22. the stars this evening are really the volunteers...
  23. if i close my eyes i see...... keira knightley and johnny depp... did they use the Pirates of the Caribbean OST?
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