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  1. The pictures of BBC and the reports are reffering to the Hellenikon Complex which is at this stage in a "stand-by" phase. We know those pictures from greek media also. Yes the planing did last too long. Yes we could have done it faster. Yes, we were busy before the Games to get things ready on time. This was a gigantic effort but it was Greeces choise. We knew what it means. We knew that it would be expensive. But we didnt care. It is our mentality. If i go out with some friends and i have only 100 euros for the next 10 days i still will spend it at this evening to have fun. because it feels good to have this great time with good friends. It was our priority to stage the Games and we made it. Yes, the Olympic legacy was problematic at some stages because we hadnt the time before to think about it and we hadnt the experience. Maybe she isnt as prfect as she could be. But why cannot this be our own business? It is like giving a party. Id rather have too many food and drinks, knowing that some of them may be wasted after the party. It is my choise and it should be ok for my guests. Why do i have to apologize for having too many food? Its was our party.. We had a fantastic time and great joy.. Why isnt this enough? This Olympic Games was a dream come true for Greece. We waited so long for them to come home. It was the start of a new chapter in greek history. We learnt so many things about our selfs and we noticed our weak points. Maybe this new chapter starts slow and the writer is the same one. But it is a new one.. Maybe our Olympics wasnt perfect but we made them with our deepest heart.
  2. Faliron Olympic Complex: The Faliron Marina Has become the National Nautical Centre. Belongs to the Hellenic National Sailing Federation The Faliron Gymnasium Has become the International Convention Centre of Athens The Beach-Volleyball Stadium Has become an Open-Air Theater for music concerts, art performances and theatralical plays Faliron Delta and Esplenada The walking area will be connected with the Faliron Delta where the New National Opera, New National Library and Cultural Centre of Stavros Niarchos will be built by famous architect Piano Renzo The IBC (International Broadcastin Centre) Belongs to private Investor Lamda Development and will open this year with the name "Golden Hall" as a Mall. Part of the IBC will be the Athens Olympic Museum The Olympic Press Centre Has become the new Office Centre of the Hellenic Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity The Goudi Equastrian Centre Has become a multipurpose area for cultural and athletic events and a place for young artist to create culture The Olympic Badminton Hall Has become the ultra modern Badminton Theater The Markopoulo Shooting Centre Belongs today to the Hellenic Police as the National Training Centre The Olympic Equastrian Centre of Markopoulo Belongs today to the Hellenic Equastrian Federation and serves the needs of training and staging equastrian sport events Schinias Rowing Centre Is used by the Hellenic Rowing and Canoe-Kayak Federations for training and competition. It is also one of the official training centres of the International Rowing Federation FISA The Ano Liosion Arena Has to become the National Digital Archive and Centre of Cultural Academies Nikea Arena Is today the Academic Centre of the Pireus University Pancretian Stadium Is today the national Stadium of Crete and serves the training needs all proffesional and amatuer athletic clubs but also for the training and competition of schools. Patras Stadium (the Panpeloponnisian) Belongs today to the National Ministry of Athletism. A cooparation between the Ministry and the Municipality of Patras has been signed. The University of Patras is also involved in this cooperation. Volos Stadium (the Panthessalian) Is the National Stadium of Magnisia, Volos and Nea Ionia and serves training and competition. It will be the main venue of the Volos 2013 Mediterranean Games for the Opening and Closing Ceremony and athletics. Galatsi Olympic Centre Sierra Charagionis S.A. has earned the usage rights for the next 40 years as a Mall. Agios Kosmas Sailing Centre Has become a touristic and leisure site. It serves the need of hosting 1000 luxurious yachts. A new romantic walking area at the sea-front has been created with restaurants, plams and benches. Hellenikon Olympic Complex The complete site will become the Athens Metropolitan Park until 2012. The park of 783.000 square meters will be europes biggest Metropolitan Park. The venue of Canoe Kayak Slalom will become the Athens Hydropark. At this moment the venue of Baseball is the home of the Hellenic National Football Team OAKA The Athens Olympic Sport Complex existed before the Games. It was renovated by the fantastic Santiago Calatrava. Today it is one the masterpieces of architecture in Olympic history. All venues are in use ni the same frequence as before the Games. The Athens Olympic Stadium is home of Superleague Panathiniakos and AEK Athens. It hosted the UEFA Champions League Final, and the superb Acropolis Rally of World Rally Championchips. All venues of the OAKA are in use and the Olympic site can be visited by organized tourists groups. In September Madonna will perform in the Athens Olympic Complex in a sold out concert. Bjork had her concert in the Olympic Indoor Hall in July. The Agora and the Wall of Nations hosted this July the Fly Beeyond Festival and the Fashion Walk of Nike. The Velodrome staged the Panhellenic Cyclin Championchips in Juni and the bacardi-b-live party in July. Beyond the venues Athens has because of the Olympic Games: The New Athens International Airport. One of the best Airports in the World in its category with so many international awards. The New Athens Tram and Metro Systems. Europes newest and most modern subway and s-bahn systems The Attica Motorway with a total length of 65 Km The Rio-Antirio "H.Trikoupis" Bridge . Worlds longest cable-stayed bridge awarded the "Engineering achievement of the Year" I will not talk about the Olympic Games itself staged absolutely successfully, with all venues ready in time, fantastic organisation, unique competition venues such Ancient Olympia and the Panathinaiko Stadio, superb weather, perfect public transportation.............................. etc. I will not talk about the homecomming of the Games, the first International Torch Relay, the fantastic Look of the Games, the revolutionary Opening Ceremony. I will talk about how Athens sold as many tickets as Barcelona did althought we are a Nation of only 11.000.000. I will not talk about the athletic success and the records of the Athens 2004 Games. I will not talk about the anticipation of 11.000.000 Greeks to welcome the Olympic Games home. The unbelievable joy and proudness that was relate to it while the International Press did its best to manipulate those Games. About the magical moments we lived in a natural, warmth and free place. The journalists talks about Beijing Olympic Legacy only one day after the end of the Games!!!! And he discribes it as the big success. One day after the Games!! People were forced to leave their homes and got jailed for their protests, to built the venues. Some 40 people died during construction. Chinese had to work under unhuman conditions. Even in the Opening Ceremony soldiers were forced to **** in diapers because it was forbidden for them to go to the toilette for 7 hours. What a great success... He talks about great economic success when even Beijing Economists and business men have complaint about the fact that the touristic boom didnt came and the most hotel rooms were empty. He talks about Beijing beeing a city that deeply loves its sports when they had to arrange "fake" audience in some venues to cover the empty seats... He talks about great Games when people that were there report about a cold and a tense atmosphere. If he considers this as a great success.. please, let him. But to talk about the Athens Games with lies and in such unrespectfull way, about the Birthplace of the Olympic Games! He didnt had the uprightness to research what he is writting. He reports lies such as 21 of 22 venues unused! He has the boldness to discribe the Athens Games as embarrassingly and disgracefully wrong. This unique achievement of a smallest Nation hosting this gigantic sporting event that the Olympics absolutely successfull (by far more successfull hen Atlanta) has become embarrassingly and disgracefully? He has nerves! And he isnt just an idiot. He is also a rasistic idiot. As it is a disgrace to be gypsy. And people in here, are so excited about this mudslinging against Athens, getting almost a hard-on by reading this brainless article and posting their "funny" answers.
  3. Do you all have lost your minds? Poor Athens? Why? Because this ridiculous idiot writes incoherence and untrue nonsenses without any research, without any journalistic sincerity? Were are his proofs? Journalism isnt to write every flatulence your little brain produces.
  4. It is really incredible that there are people who get paid to call themselves a "journalist" and fot writing crap like that!!!! Such an idiot!!
  5. oi,.... god,... please, deliver me from this...
  6. the stars this evening are really the volunteers...
  7. if i close my eyes i see...... keira knightley and johnny depp... did they use the Pirates of the Caribbean OST?
  8. Do the US and China recongnize WADA as an official Anti-Doping Agency or do they have thier own Anti-Doping-Controll?
  9. Another strange story: Hungarian discus thrower Robert Fazekas, who was stripped of his gold medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics for doping, did competed today as the IOC allowed him to participate in the Beijing 2012 Olympics. Strange that the IOC is so generous to a prooved doped athlete but thinks that Ekaterini Thanou has no right to participate in Beijing.
  10. Fani Halkia also said that: "On the document was written that the controll was on 12.08. But this is wrong. I was controlled on 10.08..."
  11. I am the last one to say if she has doped or not. There have been too many greek athletes tested positive tha last year. Yet this is just too strange. Here is what Halkia said in the Press Conference: «A view hours before Mr. Kouvelos asked me to meet him and he siad me that i was tested positive. At the start i thought he was joking. I am shocked because the last months and the last 2 years a have been tested more then any one else. My last test was on 1 August. I have no idea whats going on here... I can not believe that there are people who want to hurt me. I will give to the EOF all of the products to be tested. I take part on the pilot programm of WADA and i am 365 days a year on demand there for the IOC. I got sick of give attention to evry bottle that someone opens for me. I am so sorry that i can run for my country. We have to give a bigger attention on other "parameters" If i show you my documents you will see that i have been tested almost every 3 days. This is the truth this is why i am shocked. When you take part on this proffesional athletism of extreme performance and there is a business that is called IOC or IAAF, the athlete is powerless to proove anything. I dont know if it is god to say. They have the knife and they have the watermelon*. The document with my code is at the inspector. I dont want to believe that there is matter of sabotage but no one can proove the opossite. I am powerless. There are a thousand thought in my head but i cant proove anything» * when someone has the power to controll everything
  12. Fani Halkia also takes part on an enhanced dope testing program of WADA
  13. This was really absolutely awesome!! Lets hope all this performence is a "real" one!!.. Stunning...
  14. This isnt right: Both of the drummers are musicians. The drummer of Ancient Olympia is a proffesional percussionist, one of the very view in Greece who can play all type of drumms. The young drummer in the stadiun is am artist of pontiac dances and he plays pontiac drumms and lyra. He played live, the drummer in ancient olympia was prerecorded which was absolutely clear for every one.
  15. I am not holier-than-thou. I never claimed that. And if i am severe with my opinion on other things this applies to many other issues also. Issues on the World, on Europe, Greece but above all on myself. This isnt about right or wrong. It is about what i accept and what i refuse in my own reality of things. It is completely a personal sense. This is why i never claimed Athens to be the best Ceremony ever. But for me the Ceremony was a mirror reflecting in an erotic way my sense of hellenic culture, of our existance. It was a dreamful connection to what i concider to be the truth. This is why this Ceremony is so extremely importand for us Greeks. Because it touched long forgotten parts of us still existing though. I may be too serious on this and it sounds too wannabe philosophical to you as you concider the Ceremonies to be a Show. Maybe it is a nostalgia for something but this is how we feel. This is why i tried to explain you the meaning of the Ceremony in other threads. I know you never asked me to do that, so it was my mistake. And because this is going really too far and the Athens Ceremony belongs to the past for the rest of the world i will just drop it. Enough with the "deep stuff"
  16. This poor girl? Why poor? Because she dont fit the beauty criteria of the government? This is highly rasist and chauvinistic. For me it would have been a thousand times better and by far more sweet and touching to see a little girl with 2 teeth mssing singing. People can say what they want. Praise the Ceremony as you want. This is a matter of taste. But what you cant change is that this Ceremony reflects perfectly the fasistic character of the government which ignores the human rights. No respect for the ndividual human. Not even the fundamental ones such the dignity of human. And as the world is blended by this spectacular Ceremony, the Ceremony itself was the proof for this. Computer generated "live" pictures, "ugly children" replaced by beautiful ones (by the central office of the communist party), 9.000 of the 14.000 performers are soldiers, the military raises the Olympic Flag. This is like rotten meat hidden behind tasty sauce if you ask me.
  17. Nah, its just a crude attemp to express our affection...
  18. No you dont have to.. I am not trying to force you to have my point of view. I am trying to explain to you. The cut it out is for the distorting of the saying of Papaioannou just to make it fit in your point of view
  19. I just don't go for all that symbolic, less-is-more stuff in a stadium=sepctacle sense. It didn't deilver ALL THE POTENTIAL it could've. It depends on what you concider to be a spectacle and if it was meant to be a spectacle as people were used for the Ceremonies to be Did you really need water to show that DNA effect? No. Yes because water is the source of life, like oxygene is Did "Klepsydra' really need the water? No. They just walked into the water at the end. But to what purpose I don't know. Yes because the sea has always has been an extreme source of inspiration for the hellenic civilisation And the fact that you have to issue lengthy explanations for the motivations MEANS that the conveyance of his deas, vision WAS NOT clear and subject to many interpretations. It was not clear for you this is why i am trying to explain My take: it failed to live up to WHAT COULD'VE BEEN a far greater show. According to Papaioannou it could have been a better ceremony. But this is in the nature of art. afterwards there are always things that you would change. Zhang Yimou already said that he wasnt satisfied with the result, only 1 day after the show
  20. Klepsydra wasnt the main part of the Ceremony. It was just a part of it. It was the passage throught time. Before that there was the Countdown, the Olympic rings, the Arrival and the walk of the President, the Allegory. After that there was the book of live, the Olive tree, the Parade of the Athletes, Oceania, the Olympic cities of the past........ and lighting of the torch. The Ceremony of Athens didnt had the need to present such things like a naval battle just for the stupid ones to understand "ah cool,... this is supposed to be the sea..." And as for your daft attempts to distort Papaioannou words: He said the "i dont like the Olympic Game as they have been a plattform for staging supershows!!!" So cut it off..
  21. Og Baron, my mentor... The Lake of water was: - The contrast to the Olympic Rings of Fire which represent the power of the Olympism. It is so strong that even it can brun on water. - The sea for the little paper boat to move on and the Naval Band to walk by... - The source of inspiration for the Cycladic Head of the Cycladic civilisation to rise from - The mirror to reflect the broken pieces of the cycladic, floating in air representing the univers - The Hellenic sea for the broken pieces to lie on to represent the isalng of greece - The night beach for the erastes and their play of love - The sea to surround the Passage through time as the sea surrounds hellenic civilisationsince it existence - The source of live that surrounds the eart to give birth to the olive tree and the element that accompanied the choros of the performers that move in circle The hole was for: - the cycladic head to rise from - the cube to rise from - the entrance for many performers such Eros - the olive rtee to rise from - the globe of the names of all the Olympic Cities projected on it and the floating torch bearers flying to it to rise from
  22. Yesterday on Elefterotypia's Olympic Magazine:
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