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  1. How about this one: Take the Entrance of the Athletes a la Athens Closing, all the Athletes run in to the field with some crazy, very joyful music, it gets dark and then every Country will be presented by a crazy animated flag as a gigantic hologram in the middle of the stadium above the athletes. As the name of the country is pronounced a spotlight goes to section were the athletes stand. Every Nation gets 10 sec. that means round about 35 min. for all plus 5 min. extra for the hosting nation and all of them at the end. Yeah this sounds great
  2. As for the Opening Ceremony of London: I am expecting a grande and very modern soundtrack. I like the Dickens idea very much but only as a part of a homogenous story. What I absolutely dont want to see is this boring "change of the epoch: and know comes the age of this..." I hate those continuity interruptions. The idea of having a young, handsome guy as the main character who walks through the story is very appealing to me. Yeah I like the idea of "walking through the story" a lot. Something like a modern "the little Prince".
  3. I suppose this is a completely different approach to how an audience experiences an artistic work, an act or how you would say a show. You can have it the easy "fast food" way which blunts your imagination und your credibility of using your mind and soul or you can try to challenge an audience. Although the Athens OC wasn't that challenging. Even an educated, well-traveled person should have the imagination of understanding that the gigantic head i, probably an ancient statue, a head made of white stone, that the reflections of geometric shapes and formulas is about geometry and mathematics ... It wasn't that difficult. I believe that there is nothing more dangerous then art, or music, or entertainment that is made to please even the dumpest. nasty baron In this interview he criticized the IOC and not the Olympic Games. He said that he isn't a fan of the extreme commercialisation of the Games and of the big circus they have become and he thought it would be a great challenge to give the OC back the artistic and emotional intenseness that they – in his opinion – lacked before. Gianna loved his work and artistic approach and asked him to be the OC creator. A Vangelis Production would have been outdated as he has missed the opportunity to get a modern style in his work. His shows are very pompous and quite kitschy. It was a very wise decision not to get him for this work. I dont know why you always say that the Athens OC was minimalistic. It emotional incredible intense and audio-visual spectacular. From the beginning with the lake of water in the Stadion, the paper boat, the gigantic rings of fire, the gigantic Cycladic head coming out of the ground, braking apart in pieces all over the air, the Passage through the ages, the pregnant woman to give birth to a new life, the gigantic hologram of the DNA, the huge olive tree coming out of the ground, the big screen earth globe, the flying torch bearers, a highly dramatic lightning of the olympic torch. All this with a fantastic soundtrack, the best walk of Presidents ever, a fenomenal Parade of Athletes. Ok its clear that I am a huge fan. This OC waived of abundance effects and meaningless action but it wasn't minimalistic. But I think we only can agree in one think that we will not agree on this one.
  4. The Athens Opening was the absolutely opposite of misguided. It was perfect in matter of dramaturgy and with a stunning concept. It was ment to be a hellenic experience, a different answer to how we perceive hellenic culture today. Not what it is. I remember reading an interview of d.p. and him saying that he regrets not been able to get more abstract and avantgarde in the opening because of the IOC. He also was very unsatisfied about the long and completely unnecessary narration on tv during the ceremony also forced by the IOC. This disturbed this experience. Thank god Vangelis didn't was the creator of the Opening because this would have been another high end oversized hellenic epos a la hollywood opening ceremony, a revival of ancient times, a hymn to zeus subordinating the human to the mythical notion of what Vangelis believes to be hellenic. The Beijing Opening was to me like a woman with a totally exaggerated makeup which tries too hard to seduce you with overdone feminine behavior. You know this is a facade and you are searching for the true face behind the show. You are dazzled by the beauty but this doesn't last long. And you think "What a pity, I could have liked her if only she had shown me her true face" Wasn't it Zhang Yimou himself who told that it will be not possible to match the perfect scenery of the Athens OC? Long time ago ...
  5. Wow, lets see,... @baron I wrote "foolish things" because of your sarcasm of "No wonder the Greek civilization didn't last long" ... I don't think that this needs further explanation. I know that you dont need me to like you. I just tried to be humorous. When it comes to the Athens Olympic Games, here is my opinion; Was Greece ten years ago able financially to stage the Games? Maybe not. Was it the right thing to do? In my opinion yes. Why? Because the Olympic Games was the largest investment for Greece to undertake at this time. Massive infrastructure and modernisation projects were only possible because of the olympics. So it wasn't just a billion party as you describe it. And when it comes to the Opening Ceremony I also think it was the right decision to have this budged for D. Papaioannou as his avantgarde Ceremony achieved for the greek people and to million of people around the world to have a totally new view on greek civilization. It was an investment on culture. You never can spend enough on education and culture. Was it partially an expression of a general mentality of "living over the own means"? Yes it was. But I will not accept that this is a greek idiosyncrasy. There is hardly a western nation that does live within its means. I also will not accept that Greece should be the black sheep. Could the US afford the Wars on Iraq and Afghanistan by a national dept of 5,415 billion? Can Germany afford a tax reduction by a national dept of 2,000 billion? Do you feel fully represented by the politics of your government Baron? Or the protesters of "Occupy Wall Street"? You see the protest on the news and you think that this speaks for a whole nation? Does this means that Greece isn't responsible for its situation? Absolutely not. The greek people have a really hard time it this moment, the challenge is gigantic and the therapy extremely painful. It is more then normal that such a situation brings some massive reactions. You cant change a mentality and a political and economy system of the past 30 years over night. And I find it extremely unfair that no one recognizes that at this time the greek government and the greek people undertake such a massive effort, with all the internal reactions that this brings. Pointing with the finger, nasty, vicious comments and spitefulness dont contribute. But because this is a really complicated issue and this is the wrong topic to have this discussion I will stop here. Apologies for going off topic.
  6. Oh Baron,.. sometimes you write some pretty foolish things ... and I try so hard to like you
  7. this goes along with my prediction 3 years ago about the olympic flame :
  8. ok, ok, ok... i was working quite hard the last months, i didnt found any thread about it and i thought this is breaking news... so please be gentle with me i am very sensitive
  9. The 2010 Olympic Torch, designed and manufactured by Bombardier in collaboration with the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC), is a symbol of the 2010 Winter Games, and will carry the Olympic Flame across Canada on its 45,000-kilometre journey. Twelve-thousand torchbearers will hold an Olympic Torch as they move through 1,020 communities across Canada. Over 90 per cent of the Canadian population will have an opportunity to see the beauty of the Olympic Torch and experience the warmth of the Olympic Flame. blog.seattletimes.nwsource.com
  10. i think they look quite nice,... maybe a bit too much elements yet this is the look of Vancouver. But are they really that big?
  11. Much Ado About Nothing. The Olympic Rings where nice but no innovation in Torino. We had them in Sydney (for the first time?), then in Athens, then in Torino and now in Vancouver.
  12. Great songs by te Doves: Firesuite, The Cedar Room, Rise, Black and White Town, Satellites, Words... Sorry for the off topic
  13. Oh,.. yeah,... how embarrassing! But the Doves are also great!!!
  14. Wel fantastic choise of music: The Editors!!!
  15. Well maybe Greece isnt in the top10 but they are in the 20 first countries. A fantastic performance buy the hellenic paralympic team and they surely deserve big respect as all athletes of the paralympics!
  16. especially the "top gun" wannabe sound of the 80-90s
  17. why was it so difficult for the chinese to compose 2 hours of music? the loop gets on my nerves!
  18. Unfortunately we have a music loop again!!!!! Dont get it..
  19. The Music of the Parade of the Athletes is much better then the of the Olympic Ceremony!!!
  20. » airv The OST of the Ceremonies underlies strict IOC Copyrights so it will be very difficult to find this music. Advise, by the OC DVD!
  21. Mercy Pierre pour le compliment... Of course there are rejected ideas for every OC. Dozens of rejected ideas... I just said that i have the feeling that some of those pictures are just drawings of artits inspired by the OC or trying to present an own idea. For example this picture: It seems more like a drawing of a young manga artist... I may be wrong but imo it doenst fit in Zhan Yimous style. On the "Making of Video of Beijing OC" there are also some rejected ideas to see.
  22. Well it does. If they arent official then they cant be rejected OC ideas either!!
  23. i have the feeling that some of them arent really conceptuall drawings but fantasy works of some chinese artists who were not involved... By the way,.. what do you think about the use of 3d projections and hologramms? Would you mind the extreme use of them in a opening ceremony or would you prefer to try to use the real element... Example: Lets say it is possible to simulate visualy rain. Would it be ok or would you prefer "real rain"?
  24. ...and because NBCs coverage isnt the original issue: fact is that this Martin Rogers, knowing of the great weight it haves to make public such an article on the front page of yahoo.sports, made an aimed mudslinging against Greeces reputation and our hosting of teh Olympic Games by publicating lies and creating an enotionaly withering negative picture of Athens. PurelyAcademic and myself could revise this ridiculous article. But only in here... Thousands or even million of other people have not the chance to learn the truth and this is the so unfair and annoying thing. It is really outrageous that a "journalist" slates his position and the powr his writing has to promote personal views by intentional telling lies. The "funny" thing and the best proove is that he has changed now his article now and he writes many of the venues... and not 21 of 22 as original written. This is the proof of he didnt researched what he reports. If he had then it would not be necessary to change it. There is one thing that really hate and this is unfairness and boldness. Those I take very serious and thats the point where humor ends for me. By the way of beeing too serious, you are also taking this too serious as it seems that you dont want to accept our success and permanent comming up with other "negative" things. It seems almost desperate... We proove that almost every venue is in use, we explain that the view who arent belong to the future Athens Metropolitan Park and on stand-by, we explain all the other great attenmaints. But this isnt enough for you,.. you bring up the refugees issue which has nothing to do with the Olympic Games. Then you come with greek arrogance in the 90s!!! which also has nothing to do with the Olympic Games. Then you come with empty seats in Athens, an issue also already beeing discussed. We answer Athens sold as much as Barcelona and Seoul and that Beijing a city of 15,5 million, the capital of a country with 1/5 of worlds population had to put "fake" audience to cover also the many empty seats. But this still isnt enough... Now you are trying to create a negative atmosphere on PurelyAcademic.. Talking about talking things to seriously and pleasing people....
  25. I will not play silly kindergarden games of using political correct names Barron. It isnt the use of the word it is the meaning behind is saying: Gypsy camps have sprung up in the shadow of stadiums where the world’s finest athletes once battled for gold. If you can not see the chauvinism and the rasism in this sentense then i cant help you either...
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