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  1. Yeah this sounds really great ... A boat which flows into the stadium with the flame on it ... This would be perfect and the both ceremonies of Athens and London would be perfectly linked just imagine this atmosphere: the stadium gets totally dark, all the audience lights their lamps and a boat flows into the stadium... Thames gets lighten by the floating boat like the stadium floor on the DNA Section in Athens When it comes to the meadow then ... No idea
  2. Well I just read more posts and some on ssc and my question as answered ... I am really excited to see how they will manage to have such a massive change of the stage! I think it will be awesome !!!
  3. Well this stage looks fantastic! I am quite irritated about this presentation... It was extremely detailed as they delete with this presentation a part of the surprise effect! Did we had such a detailed presentation of the stage before? I think the stage looks truly great and if the story is good then we will have an extraordinary ceremony. Random thoughts: - there is no Thames to see on this version of the stage so I suppose the stage will evolve to another version - it must as there is the need for place for the athletes right?
  4. Look great, althought I think it would have been better if they were white as the black ring isn't to see... Still great
  5. Could this be the title of the ceremony; "the London of the Rings" or "Harry Potter and the Lost Rings" or "Honey, I Shrunk London" ... Kidding aside I getting more and more excited about this ceremony and can't wait the day to come...
  6. For me the London Look of the Games could be even better then Beijing. I thought Beijing could have been much much better with such a tradition and amazing history and culture. Even that I dislike the Logo and — sorry — the pictograms and I think that until now the design lacked of emotion and love for detail, I like the "line" concept and the banner decoration could be really nice if they do it right by using the right color combination.
  7. As I said before... I think the banners look rather nice but quite average at the moment. It could look modern and dynamic and memorable by using strong color contrasts. Athens Look of the Games is for me an example of excellent design. Absolutely stunning. You can see the greek patterns playing a great role but also a bright palette of colors. Taking this to the London 2012 Look of the Games, I think they have to be more extravagant in the use of colors. Be bolder. Something friendly but strong like this: or like this But we have to wait until the full range of elements is there ..
  8. Looks ok friendly but also quite average. From the distance you see just a plain gradient ... If the white lines which divide the areas were thicker then the banners would look bolder and much better. I miss the individuality
  9. Sydney's lighting of the Olympic cauldron had this moment of the cauldron raising up with Cathy Freeman standing in the middle and the water was just great For me the Athens lighting was perfect as it was simple and solemn but at the same time very emotional because of the dramaturgy. What was great in Athens was the stadiums shape and open ends which allowed perfect view from outside and the inside of the stadium. Also when you look at the cauldron it looks like an arm holding a torch ... I am really excited to see what london will do, but I have to say that I am no big fan of the o
  10. Mmh,... indeed, they look kinda strange... and strange why they choose a russian company to design the outfits :-/ I tried to find something about the greek outfits but it seems that there are no official outfits there until now ...
  11. From what I have seen until now the GB has great outfits topped by the French!!! I love them
  12. fantastic ... its hard to decide .... both have great voices and the songs are really good Roman should sing "standing still" "Standing still" is the best song!!! What about a duet!!!??? That would be the best solution..
  13. Wow, those are fantastic news! Apropos my favourite song of "Florence and the Machine" is "Cosmic Love". This song is just awesome and absolutely epic... http://vimeo.com/25454434
  14. How about this one: Take the Entrance of the Athletes a la Athens Closing, all the Athletes run in to the field with some crazy, very joyful music, it gets dark and then every Country will be presented by a crazy animated flag as a gigantic hologram in the middle of the stadium above the athletes. As the name of the country is pronounced a spotlight goes to section were the athletes stand. Every Nation gets 10 sec. that means round about 35 min. for all plus 5 min. extra for the hosting nation and all of them at the end. Yeah this sounds great
  15. As for the Opening Ceremony of London: I am expecting a grande and very modern soundtrack. I like the Dickens idea very much but only as a part of a homogenous story. What I absolutely dont want to see is this boring "change of the epoch: and know comes the age of this..." I hate those continuity interruptions. The idea of having a young, handsome guy as the main character who walks through the story is very appealing to me. Yeah I like the idea of "walking through the story" a lot. Something like a modern "the little Prince".
  16. I suppose this is a completely different approach to how an audience experiences an artistic work, an act or how you would say a show. You can have it the easy "fast food" way which blunts your imagination und your credibility of using your mind and soul or you can try to challenge an audience. Although the Athens OC wasn't that challenging. Even an educated, well-traveled person should have the imagination of understanding that the gigantic head i, probably an ancient statue, a head made of white stone, that the reflections of geometric shapes and formulas is about geometry and mathematics ..
  17. The Athens Opening was the absolutely opposite of misguided. It was perfect in matter of dramaturgy and with a stunning concept. It was ment to be a hellenic experience, a different answer to how we perceive hellenic culture today. Not what it is. I remember reading an interview of d.p. and him saying that he regrets not been able to get more abstract and avantgarde in the opening because of the IOC. He also was very unsatisfied about the long and completely unnecessary narration on tv during the ceremony also forced by the IOC. This disturbed this experience. Thank god Vangelis didn't was t
  18. Wow, lets see,... @baron I wrote "foolish things" because of your sarcasm of "No wonder the Greek civilization didn't last long" ... I don't think that this needs further explanation. I know that you dont need me to like you. I just tried to be humorous. When it comes to the Athens Olympic Games, here is my opinion; Was Greece ten years ago able financially to stage the Games? Maybe not. Was it the right thing to do? In my opinion yes. Why? Because the Olympic Games was the largest investment for Greece to undertake at this time. Massive infrastructure and modernisation projects were only
  19. Oh Baron,.. sometimes you write some pretty foolish things ... and I try so hard to like you
  20. Actually Athens 2004 used Myriad Pro only for the Logotype but Gill Sans for all other prints.
  21. this goes along with my prediction 3 years ago about the olympic flame :
  22. ok, ok, ok... i was working quite hard the last months, i didnt found any thread about it and i thought this is breaking news... so please be gentle with me i am very sensitive
  23. The 2010 Olympic Torch, designed and manufactured by Bombardier in collaboration with the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC), is a symbol of the 2010 Winter Games, and will carry the Olympic Flame across Canada on its 45,000-kilometre journey. Twelve-thousand torchbearers will hold an Olympic Torch as they move through 1,020 communities across Canada. Over 90 per cent of the Canadian population will have an opportunity to see the beauty of the Olympic Torch and experience the warmth of the Olympic Flame. blog.seattletimes.nwsource.com
  24. i think they look quite nice,... maybe a bit too much elements yet this is the look of Vancouver. But are they really that big?
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