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  1. The winner of the greek national contest: Maria Eleni Kyriakou – One Last Breath
  2. Well not exactly ... It was after the Closing Ceremony ended. Here a video of her dancing as broadcasted in the news. So nice to see her so happy.
  3. To response to some of the posts I read without being an expert and from a subjective point of view: Building great venues was a matter of pride for the greeks. Temporary stadiums seemed to be disrespectful for the athletes and the sport. Gianna Aggelopoulos Daskalaki who was the force behind Athens 2004 had this vision of «state of the art» venues and the responsibility to make those Games a reality. Temporary venues didn't seemed to fit into that concept. Also I would like to remind you that back then economic crisis seemed no to exist and the most of us believed that the Olympic Games w
  4. Indeed it is. Truly excellent documentaries: http://birthplace2004.com
  5. birthplace "The ceremony I dreamt of creating had clarity of form and economy of colour, focused exclusively on art history, took a sensual approach to Greek identity, and bore an underlying sexuality that would make it engaging on a visceral level. I sought to create intimacy on a grand, spectacular scale, and to appeal to archetypal emotions and images in order for the ceremony to work on both a spiritual and emotional level. The ceremony could not be a story – it could only be the unfolding of a dream sequence." Dimitris Papaioannou "I woke with this marble head in my ha
  6. I would like to make some things clear or at least to try. There are venues «abandoned» but in most cases this is the result of very complicated processes. The OAKA is in use as before of the games. There are some legal difficulties with the license of the venues because the organization that manages the venues doesn't own the venues. So there is a managing problem with the maintenance of the Aquatic Centre, the Velodrome and the Calatrava Roof of the Olympic Stadium. Because of the 10th Anniversary those issues are again treated and I hope that they will find a solution. The Faliron Bay wa
  7. In the next days i will re-upload the wallpapers Athens 2004:
  8. I think it is a good thing the Austria won. We all know that this song wouldn't have won without the personality of Conchita Wurst so it is more a political statement. But: I did felt very sorry for the russian girls. I didn't like the song. And I absolutely dislike Putin with his barbaric politics. But those sweet girls looked so young and happy and it almost broke my heart hearing all this "hate" falling on them, they didn't deserved it at all and for a view moments this "gay bitching" was really annoying, it got really on my nerves and the word tolerance loosed his meaning. So for the gay c
  9. a wonderful behind the scenes of ATHENS 2004 Opening Ceremony
  10. Funny ... for just a sec I thought this is a japanese toilette seat ... Kidding aside .. looks great Kidding aside ... looks great
  11. My personal winner is France. No idea why France always hits the bottom ... it must be their too beautiful language that people envy Fantastic song
  12. I am not sure. The choreography of Azerbaijan could be considered also very homoerotic and it almost won. Thank god it didn't the rumour of gay people having such a good taste? Well when it comes to music it gets difficult lol
  13. Just came home from our private Eurovision dinner party very tasty and quite funny as we had our own voting. I predicted Denmark as the winner and also Norway in the top 5 I am very happy that Greece made it to the 6th place. No idea why Azerbaijan became second and the Russian entry in the top 5 ... a quite average ballad. I am sorry for France as they had a great song. Cascada's place is ok for me as I dint like the song from the very first time. Although it was definitely better then Romania's entry. Loved Petra, the swedish humour, the liberal show with two gay kissing scenes and that #
  14. Well this Transylvanian performance ... terrible, absolutely awful! Malta was absolutely sweet even if the song is quite average. My Top 5 yesterday: - Greece - Norway - Hungary - Malta - Georgia It is really sad that Austria didn't qualify. My Top 5: - France - Sweden - Greece - Denmark - Norway
  15. what a sad decision that proves many things about the nature of the IOC and how this corporation works. a morally obligated fucker
  16. This sounds logical,... either way I have the feeling that this area will definitely somehow be involved with the lighting of the cauldron... even partial usually red lights on high buildings have to do with aeronautical security...
  17. I think the "oak tree" is the cauldron ... or the thing that is under the tree ...
  18. and the team outfits for the greek team ... or part of it ... blue sport outfits ... and for the casual beige and grey-blue... bad photo but its the only one I could find ... ahh here another one...
  19. here a nice picture © Luke MacGregor/Reuters by Zeit Online
  20. I think the edgy line texture is the best part of the olympic look. The logo and the pictograms I do not like. I see some colour-combinations that they seem familiar and look nice. The typography is fine. In general although I don't like the logo and pictograms I think that it is better the Beijing. But for some reason, i have the feeling that someone compromised a lot in the evolution of the Olympic Look. The promised revolutionary Look didn't came and it looks like they try to have a classic look although they don't want to. It looks unfinished, not very "round" It will do its job, m
  21. ... and this with a soundtrack by underworld? Man this could blow my mind
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