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  1. To the train distance Geneva-Sion, it does take 2 hours because the train stops in every single town during the commute. I take the train as the best option since this is considered the main transportation system during the Games and not so much the car. The organizational comity could then consider a "Special-Express-Olympic" train skipping the non-venues train stations, which could reduce the travelling time GVA-Sion to 1h15 or less depending upon the train speed. Again, many previous winter Olympics games have been facing longer commute since larger cities have been favored to host the event like Vancouver, Turino, Sochi and the potential upcoming Beijing 2022. Besides, the Swiss train is never late! You can yourself miss it if you arrive one minute late to the platform!
  2. Since the approved Olympic Agenda 2020 allowing several cities/regions to partner together in order to organize the Olympic Games, Geneva-Lausanne-Sion are talking to join forces in order to stage the event in 2026. As you said, the venues are already existing among the three cities and would allow the entire region to participate, thus putting all the local support behind them at the political and economical level. The distance between the Olympic village and the ski competition has been also great at Sochi, Turino, and also for Beijing 2022's bid. More info to be coming soon!
  3. We can count on USOC to surprise us with their candidate to represent the US, like Boston! To my opinion, Los Angeles would have been a much better choice for 2024. Switzerland has been wanting the games for a very long time and particularly in Valais-Sion, and hasn't organized it since 1948. It's got a very long alpine tradition with the Olympic spirit and has scored high at many winter games, while organizing many ski world cup events. Thus having already venues and hotel infrastructure in place with a very efficient transportation system all year around. You can literally take the train to every single spot in the Swiss Alps!
  4. I agree that SLC wasn't the first city to show dirty hands, since Nagano 1998 was staged as the Big Brother acknowledging afterwards having participated in very, very generous gifts and loan practices given to IOC members and relatives. USOC has improved its relationships with the IOC by accepting the new terms and how to split the pie about the TV Rights. However, USOC wants to go full steam now on the Summer Games 2024 with Boston, facing a harsh competition against Paris and Rome. It seems like the rotation over the continents doesn't matter as much anymore since Asia will organize consecutively the Games in 2018, 2020, and 2022! Therefore, Europe could obtain the Games consecutively in 2024 and 2026. Also, Switzerland hasn't organized the Olympics since 1948, and Sion this time, will certainly market heavily its candidature in Lausanne, international IOC headquarters, just an hour away by car.
  5. Salt Lake City had tried to bid four times prior to be selected in 2002, and nearly $16 million was spent in briberies and other campaign to convince the IOC members to vote in its favor for the 2002 bid. Sion was finalist as well but played the "Fair-Games". All those members have been let go by the IOC and rules were changed stipulating that a candidate city could not offer any gift to its members for a value exceeding a certain limit, and that official visits to candidate cities would be taken following the IOC rules. Why do you think New York and Chicago bidding for the summer games right after had such bad reputation? Sion had by far the best technical report in the last two bids as described by the IOC. The only real obstacle Sion could face for the 2026 race would be another serious European city.
  6. Sion will certainly be a great contester having acquired the bidding experience in the past and been every single time to the final. Sion has lost against Salt Lake City in 2002, and I found interesting that everybody remembers how Denver dropped its bid in the 70's but no one seems to remember the scandal and corruption surrounding the bid of Salt Lake City to be chosen as the organizing city in 2002, which Sion lost it by just a few votes! The IOC has been reformed ever since and Sion has certainly learned the hard lesson and will not let the games slipped between his fingers. The region is very pro-sport mentality with an alpine culture so organizing the games will be like second nature. I doubt a referendum will stop them to race for 2026. GO SION!
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