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  1. I feel like 2024 is for Europe because then it's going to be America (probably the US), Africa, Oceania, and Asia. So, 2024 is Europe, and next time they will host the games probably won't be before 2040.... And that's why so many European cities will be biding for 2024.
  2. For those wondering what are the planned existing and soon to be venues. It's important to remind how the "'Grand Paris" will have its importance in this bid: basically, this project is to increase the transportation system in and around Paris. The current problem with Paris is that it's really easy to get from the suburb to Paris, but getting from somewhere in the suburb to another part of the suburb is almost impossible without travelling through Paris. So between now and 2030, Paris will be building 4 new metro lines that will solve that major issue. Those lines you can see in orange on the map. I'm talking about his because some venues will be outside Paris. And this is why Paris 2024 will be improved upon Paris 2012. F**** all the French pessimists, I'm excited about Paris 2024!!
  3. The only tow reasons why the IOC won't pick America for their 2024 is because 1) Rio 2016 is games being held in America (the continent), and 2) Boston has a weak bid, there's too much too be built, too many temporary venues (talk about legacy!). Africa is NOT ready for Olympic Games, but they willl be soon. If Durban hosts the Commonwealth Games (and they're they only bidders so far), they won't host 2024. Oceania, there's not much to chose from there. It's Australia, and I don't think they're planning on bidding for 2024 (And Sydney 2000 wasn't that long ago). Paris 2024 will be a strong and safe bid. Beijing, Sotchi, Rio were not. And it started the decaying of the Olympics image. Picking Tokyo was chosing safety, so I understand the IOC might take risks for 2024, but I really don't think they will. Berlin will be the strongest competitor. But I hope that the IOC will remember the last time Germany and France hosted Summer Games.
  4. Well, should I say that I'm French and I very much support Paris 2024!? Anyway, I really don't see how Boston could beat Paris unless there's corruption again. Regarding the SoG, the US had the Games twice within 12 years (1984 and 1996), Germany had them 40 years ago, Italy 54 years ago, and France...100 years ago (by 2024)! And I do believe that the IOC will remember 2012. If Paris bids for 2024 and loses, we can be sure that it won't bid for another 50 years. We've been waiting for a century for f**** sake!!! The race for 2024 might get really exiting....
  5. It is available here, but I'm afraid it's only in French. You could, though, check out the possible already existing venues! http://fr.scribd.com/doc/255532268/Synthese-de-l-etude-d-opportunite-sur-les-Jeux-Olympiques-a-Paris Keep in mind it's a summary (45 pages I think). The real thing handed to Maior Hidalgo is 300 pages long, and it includes more details that aren't revealed in the summary, in order to keep it secret to comepetitors! ;-)
  6. Oh that's what this is all about? Makes sense now... Anyway, I couldn't agree more Mr.Bernham. If Paris bids (and it's looking more and more like it will), it will definitely be a strong competitor as Bach said not so long ago.
  7. Well, the cultures are as different between Spain, Germany, France, England, Italy. Yet they're all part of Europe. Tokyo is absolutely not. Think about the Olympic rings. Rio and Boston share the same ring, Paris and Tokyo don't. There are 5 five continents for 5 rings. But of course it will all depends on who's bidding in the end. I do think there will be at least one European bid (Rome, Berlin/Hamburg, Paris, maybe more).
  8. I have one simple and probably silly question. Regarding this continent roation thing, we could consider that America is out of the race for 2024, right? Since Rio's Game will be held on the American continent. Wouldn't be safer to bet on the 2028 Games for the US? And probably 2032 for the first African Games? So yes, basically here's my question: do you guys also consider Rio to be Games set on the American continent (I know, South America but yet, America)?
  9. Agreed, and I think that if Paris indeed bids, it could win because of that. "Cheap" Olympics could seduce the IOC in order to regain attractivness after the insane costs of the last Olympics (Winter or Summer). That's why I don't think Boston stands a chance, since it has to build pretty much everything and would cost a lot more than what they've planned.
  10. Tulsa, here's an article about why the Games always cost more than what was planned. It's interesting, and in French. Have a look. http://www.eurosport.fr/jeux-olympiques/jeux-olympiques-2024/2015/paris-2024-le-vrai-cout-des-jeux_sto4597550/story.shtml I agree that this is being very optimistic, but I also think it wouldn't cost more than 8 billion, since 1) the infrastructures are already there or will be by 2024, and 2) Transportation wise, the Grand Paris project will happen whether or not Paris get the Games, so its cost won't be considered part of the Games cost but it will considerably strenghten Paris' bid. The only major cost will be the Olympic Village, the media centers and an Olympic swimming pool.
  11. I don't think she was actually against the Games, she was just being very cautious with the whole thing. Basically just making sure Paris could afford it and could win the bid! We don't want another Paris 2012. It's been 10 years but the wound hasn't healed quite yet.
  12. I read the summary of the feasibility report that was introduced today to Paris' mayor Anne Hidalgo and the press. It's obviously what we all pretty much expected, very very positive. The games would cost around 4.5 billion euros if you take out the 2 billion from the IOC. A vote within Paris council will be held in April. I think it will decide whether should bid or not.
  13. And for the Paris 2008 bid which had planned the Athletes village to be in Saint Denis, where the Stade de France is, the IOC didn't like this idea and suggested Paris to put this village somewhere else. As of now, it's suggested that the Olympic Village could be either at la Coureneuve, close to the Stadium and Saint Denis, or at Colombes, where most of the infrastructures for the 1924 Games were. It would then be between the Northern cluster and the Western cluster, so it could be a good option I think.
  14. I'm pretty sure Paris will bid for the 2024 games, it's looking more and more positive. By 2024, a lot of infrastructures will be already built regardless the Olympics, and not much would be needed for the Games. The only issues right now is indeed about the Olympic Village, which will have to be close to the Olympic Stadium (stade de France most likely) and the Olympic swimming pool (probably where it was to be 2012, close the Stadium). There are a few options though, and I think it would be similar to what London did in 2012, transforming and old industrialised area. I am not sure there will be a proper Olympic Park like there were ever since the 1992 games, but I think that Agenda 2020 was made to accept non-compact games, and anyway most of the infrastures for the games would be within a 20km limit, so I suppose it's acceptable.
  15. Hello everyone! I'm new here, and this is my very first contribution to this topic. One of the things you'll notice is that I'm very much interested in a Paris bid for the 2024 Games. I hope Paris will bid, and I definitely want Paris to WIN those Games. I do think Paris has a lot of potential, with very little venues to be build (most are already existing or will be by 2024). And I honestly think that the IOC will favour low cost Games for 2024 in order to regain the trust from countries and people who don't want to bid anymore (see of the case of the 2022 Games bids).
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