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  1. Look closely enough at the emblem. REALLLY study it and the "T" emerges in a way you at first don't expect, but when you do find it, it is a glorious realization. The red sun then confirms your "Aha!' moment! Only Japan can do something like this and be completely successful at it.
  2. Let us be real. After how Beijing delivered in 2008......can you ACTUALLY see the IOC going to Almaty? I insist that is why this race dwindled to two runners. The other cities who pulled out KNEW that when Beijing stepped in, it would be unbeatable. I am sad for Almaty because Kazaks are exceptionally warm hospitable people. I have some of them as friends and I believe they would have made for a truly wonderful experience. However, I congratulate Beijing. Discipline is what gets the gold. That's not to say Almaty was not disciplined....they were. But Beijing was given an opportunity to show just how disciplined it was in 2008, and it left the world mind-boggled.
  3. All Japanese don't like sushi. All Japanese will not like the logo. Your thinking, therefore, is stereotypical. A black Miss Japan will represent Japan at the Miss Universe Contest. I am sure she is not accepted by many Japanese. But that doe not mean she isn't beautiful. In the same way, just because some may have an issue with this emblem doesn't mean it isn't an exquisite way to reinvent the wheel or to reshape minds.
  4. Then, if the logo has affected you in this way, then it has brilliantly done what it is supposed to do - Push you out of the box to think of the future - Tomorrow, and how humans are mover closer to the Truth. Tokyo. Tomorrow. Team. Together. TRUTH. Twenty-Twenty.
  5. Thank you so much for this. It just confirms what I have been saying. Tokyo 2020 is the BEST Logo since Barcelona 1992. It is SUPERLATIVE!
  6. Do find some flashy stockings and some underlit inner city street corner to ply your trade. Leave intellect to the intellectuals, would you?
  7. Toronto need A LOT OF WORK!!!!!!!! Stop believing that youth culture or black culture = classlessness! I mean Kanye West? The Toronto 2015 games ended on a sour note! And you really want to be taken seriously? For an Olympics? Please, see a shrink!
  8. Rio is an impossibly beautiful city. I think the Olympics will have a tremendous "Barcelona effect" on this city. It will emerge -post Olympics - as a global epicentre of tourism.
  9. Very, very accurate trajectory of thought here. I am actually starting to second guess just who are the people running that city. This is way too rash and in Toronto's case, THAT is dangerous. They had years to prepare for the B rated Pan Ams and look - they fell short of acing what needed to be aced. I would suggest to the Toronto people to try a Commonwealth Games Bid first. This is what they should have gone after in the first place. Use the Commonwealths to correct the flaws that were so obvious with the Pan Ams. Get off the "greenness" that was so unmistakable with the Pan Am experience.THEN go after the Olympics. Toronto will just lose....AGAIN. Which would be a most unfortunate thing. Then the city's image would suffer a Dynasty styled bitch-slap.
  10. Very, very rash decision. This is why Toronto suffers in races for global events - jumping in without looking.
  11. Black in the context of mixing pigment, not light.
  12. Rob. The truth is a tooth ache....I wish you could enjoy it.
  13. Do permit me to commend you on granting me the sheer delight in reading one of the most accurate and superbly expressed posts on this topic from the vantage point of UNDERSTANDING Japanese culture. Excellent! I cannot add to this. EVERYONE should read your post.
  14. The idea of Toronto bidding for 2024 is strategically CATASTROPHIC! The bid obviously will be rushed and that does not argue well for what might lay in the future. Added to this, the Pan Ams, incidentally, as I made very very clear before the games started, HAVE SHOWN that the Toronto people were totally underprepared for the city's impact on the games. They were too focussed on the impact of the games on the city, and because the games were B rated, preparations - most notably those related to public relations - were B rated. There was just too much sloppiness associated with strategically important aspects of the games that, have injured your city's image in some circles. Toronto should not bid for 2024 nor should it be allowed to, quite frankly.
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