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  1. I agree about the minimalist logos, but LA's bid logo looks like a mix between London 2012 and 1970s wallpaper. LOL!
  2. My point exactly. LA's a large city, it's highly electable, assuming that the economic guarantees go through and they adopt a model like they did in '84 (lots of sponsorship money like Tokyo is doing). My original post said that Los Angeles should think about these small cities, exploit their weaknesses, as you have done, and have a decent chance at winning instead of going up against Paris. Again, 2024 is Paris's race to lose.
  3. Nooooo! Wait until 2028 when smaller cities come forward. 2024 is Paris's race to lose, not LA's to win.
  4. Sorry for double posting. It stinks that regular users can't edit posts like on most forum sites! In that case, roller sports would be a better choice. Even though it is very popular in Asia, I don't think bowling would fit that well into the Olympics at this stage. I've watched coverage of inline speed skating at the World Games thanks to YouTube, and it looks much more fan-friendly. The crowds were also pretty decent at the last Games, albeit they were in Colombia.
  5. Synchronized swimming has no place in the Olympics either. It's incredibly boring to watch on TV, and I wouldn't be surprised if it had low youth appeal, either. For Tokyo, I would say the two sports (actually three) to be added are baseball/softball and karate, despite bowling, wushu, and roller sports' decent followings in Japan.
  6. I was asking in order of the presentations. Sydney presented second (after Berlin) to win the 2000 Games. Source: http://library.la84.org/OlympicInformationCenter/OlympicReview/1993/ore311/ORE311h.pdf
  7. Oh, I'm not that unhappy with the IOC's decision, and I'm sorry if what I posted makes it sounds that way. As I've said before, on paper Beijing was the clear favorite and likely choice. What I'm unhappy about is that the IOC, for one moment, looked like they were actually wanting to do something about their problems, unlike another Swiss organization, but with this vote, they've shot themselves in the foot rather embarrassingly. Am I saying Almaty should have won? No, but I am saying that the IOC did have a chance to positively separate themselves from other international sporting organizations, which they decided not to do.
  8. Correct me if i'm wrong, JO, but wasn't the last bid to win after presenting first Atlanta 1996, nineteen years ago?
  9. I just hope that the IOC won't put money and national economy over everything else, like they did with Beijing 2022. It probably won't happen, of course, but there's hope.
  10. In my opinion, Beijing's biggest selling point was the opportunity for its huge population to experience winter sport. To be honest, I found Beijing's presentation average and it seemed like they were banking on their 2008 experience and legacy a little too much. On the other hand, Almaty's presentation was very fresh, if not controversial. Again, if China can deliver on this promise, then the Games will be a success. Otherwise, it could be that this is just another WOG, and, more importantly, Agenda 2020 is much less of a priority in the eyes of the IOC. Congratulations to Beijing, but this is clearly a choice of the lesser of two evils.
  11. I thought the exact same thing. The only rationale I can possibly come up with for a question like that is that Cinquanta thinks small countries are incapable of hosting successful events. The question was very loaded and arrogant, in my opinion.
  12. BREAKING: http://bigstory.ap.org/article/3a8d52ddee7c4434a0d4cfdb151d706a/usoc-talk-mass-gov-decide-next-step-boston-bid
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