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  1. On 11/15/2017 at 7:34 PM, yoshi said:

    Can any new countries enter the race now? Would've thought it was well over time for Spain to have another big tournament. 

    Spain bid for Euro 2004 but lost heavily, the end result was something like 9 votes to Portugal, 1 to Austria-Hungary 0 to Spain

  2. I keep my post...

    Golan have a big problem with Brazil...

    Always stupid posts about our country...

    I never got why he is so happy to bash Brazil everytime...

    Go find a job....

    I don't have a problem with Brazil, it's not a country that I want to visit (except maybe Recife), but I don 't have a problem with it. My first post was a joke, you reacted badly and I responded, that's it.

  3. Portugal establishes colonies on all continents, but its because of brazillians that they speak portuguese not the portuguese people that settled those places? Funny joke

    Just so you know, I am self employed in an established business and I have several brazillian clients who were forced to come to Portugal because they weren't earning enough money in brasil. We may be passing through a bad time in terms of public finances, but we are hardly on our knees, we don't have favelas, we don't need to send the army into our worst neighbourhoods just so they calm down. If Brasil is in a so much better place why is that we have hundreds of bars filled with brazillian women selling their company to men in exchange for money?

  4. And smart enough to lose it, subsequently returning to its insignificance...

    Don't know why I'm discussing this. I mean... the Portuguese standard of living is the worst in Western Europe. Its HDI is the same of Chile. ^_^

    still way better than brazil, as for our standard of living, that's due to several factors including 50 years under a dictatorship and no natural resources. While Brazil has an abundance of natural resources, what's its excuse?

  5. É incrível que vc não faz um post que presta sobre o Rio...

    Português invejoso.

    That's a joke, right? Why would I be jealous of Brazil? We have a lot more safety, standard of living, etc etc.

    It was a joke, for a country with many problems and inequalities, you are very sensitive to criticisms. Relax, life is just two days, carnival is three.

  6. So which themes do you think they will use in the ceremony to present brazil to the world?

    Greece used math, philosophy, theater.

    China had the compass, moving typewriter, etc.

    London went for the industrial revolution and the internet.

    Can brazil try to claim airplanes? What else?

    Pao de queijo and brigadeiro? ;)

    My bet:


    Escort Girls


    Guns & Drugs


  7. People in Brazil really does not care much about Brazil's history or "history heros", indeed, I do think the ceremony will be more about the future of the "once sleeping giant" than about the past, specially the Portuguese part of it.

    Sorry about that, but people in Brazil is really not proud about Portuguese heritage, specially due slavery and exploration of natural resources...

    We are curious about our history, but not exactly proud of it.

    I'm not fluent in Brazillian History but from what I know they should'n be ashamed of it, it's not as proud or significant as English, French or Portuguese History but it should be celebrated as well, even Slavery was important, Brazil would be a totally different country today if it haven't had slavery, the music, culture and brazillian way of being would be completely different.

  8. I'm making some posts on my blog about the 2012 olympic venues, usually I use 2 pictures for each venue, but I could only finf 1 picture of the Hockey center, do any of you have more pictures of that hockey stadium? Also some renders of North Greenwich 2 Arena would be welcome.

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