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  1. Damn, that is one ugly Olympic Stadium, nothing like the initial proposals, the last trully iconic Olympic Stadium was the Birds nest in Beijing in 2008.
  2. If there's a clear example of what an Expo can do to a city it is Lisbon, the eastern part of the city was an industrial wasteland, now it is one of the more fashionable and expensive parts of Lisbon.
  3. Spain bid for Euro 2004 but lost heavily, the end result was something like 9 votes to Portugal, 1 to Austria-Hungary 0 to Spain
  4. The Portuguese song is chosen, the final was held in my hometown, the birthplace of our country
  5. https://www.publico.pt/mundo/noticia/o-espirito-olimpico-no-rio-tomara-que-acabe-logo-1737743
  6. The protests in Portugal were justified, they even should have been greater in order to cause the fall of this right wing government, but in Brasil's case for the outside looker these protests are unexpected.
  7. All is not well in Brasil, what would happen if these protests happen again during the world cup or Olympics?
  8. Foi uma piada, tu é levas tudo muito a sério, muito pouco brasileiro da tua parte.
  9. Best games ever, great atmosphere, great city, Rio has a lot of work ahead in order to stage games as good as these.
  10. 2 U23 World Champions, 4 Champions Leagues, 2 Uefa Cups, 2 World Club Titles, a 3rd and 4th place in a world cup, those results disagree with your assessment.
  11. Brazil, what a joke, they thought they had this in the bag, too bad, it would have meant thrre gold medals to my club.
  12. Rink hockey, futsal, beach soccer, baseball, bowling.
  13. The French had a golden opportunity to organize the games in 2012, but do to footis mouthis of Chirac, a little arrogance in the french bid (the whole presentation was in french) and a feeling they had already this in the bag, doomed the french bid. They must be kicking themselves watching the success of these games.
  14. I'm not planning to attend the next olympics, I didn't go to london olympics, wich are less than 2 hours away by plane.
  15. I don't have a problem with Brazil, it's not a country that I want to visit (except maybe Recife), but I don 't have a problem with it. My first post was a joke, you reacted badly and I responded, that's it.
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