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  1. @Quaker2001 I would hope that if a Southern Hemisphere city had the best bid and offered the most to the Olympic movement then the IOC would consider it for its merits, not because it would cause a change in the calendar. If the Olympics were held in New Zealand, I think the best time would be in August with the Paralympics being held in early September which means it wouldn't affect the World Cup, similar timing to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this year.

    Also, I believe that the Southern Hemisphere city which would have the best chance of hosting the Games would be Queenstown and to complement @Alexjc's comments, I too believe the bid would need to involve Christchurch. The reason for this is not only Christchurch's Antarctic connection and the earthquakes but I do believe that the blueprint plan for Christchurch has now made Christchurch a much more appealing city to the IOC as it can cater for many of the IOC's requirements.

    You have the Stadium and Metro Sports Centre which can host events and ceremonies (and is close to Horncastle Arena in Addington), the East Frame which can be the Athletes' Village, the Convention Centre being the Main Media Centre, Hagley Park and Cathedral Square able to host fan zones, facilities such as the Arts Centre, Arts Gallery and Performing Arts Precinct hosting many cultural Olympiad events as well as being the location of a large percentage of Christchurch's accommodation all within walking distance.

    I don't know if anyone saw this but Queenstown experienced record guest night figures for winter this year. Full story: http://tvnz.co.nz/business-news/queenstown-experiences-record-guest-numbers-winter-2014-6129693

  2. Reading through this forum, I think the Winter Olympics is within New Zealand's grasp.

    I believe that Christchurch and Queenstown will have sufficient accommodation available to meet the IOC's requirements by 2026. First of all, assume Queenstown and Christchurch would have 16,000 rooms by 2026, add to that around 1,500 rooms in Wanaka, which can serve as accommodation for people attending events at Cardrona and Snow Farm, as well as media villages in Christchurch and Queenstown, made by a mixture of permanent and modular housing (which can be transported to Auckland after the games) that can house all the media attending, as well as University accommodation, 3-4 cruise ships docked in Lyttelton, secondary school boarding houses and home rental programmes, similar to what was used for 2011 Rugby World Cup. Also, many domestic visitors can stay in their campervans at the local campgrounds in and around Christchurch and Queenstown.

    My transport strategy is formed around public transport, park and ride services, fan trails (similar to 2011 Rugby World Cup) and cycling. First of all, Christchurch, Queenstown and Auckland Airports would be the official airports. Also train lines could be built from Queenstown to Wanaka via. Cardrona, this would give another transport route to the Cardrona venues and should Queenstown Airport be inaccessible due to weather, planes can be diverted to Wanaka and travellers can then train to Queenstown. Also, planes could be diverted to Invercargill and Dunedin Airports should Queenstown and/or Wanaka airports be inaccessible and then bus to Queenstown. Also, bus services could be available from Queenstown to and from Christchurch hourly which can decrease the dependency on air travel. Buses could be scheduled so visitors could watch a morning event in one city and watch an evening event in the other city or a midnight service could be offered where passengers can arrive in the other city in time for the morning events.

    In Christchurch, all the buses services that pass through the central city could become more frequent during the games as well as offering park and ride services and in Queenstown, a temporary bus exchange could be set up at the Recreation Ground, which is within walking distance of the town centre and accommodation.

    Would be interested to hear your opinions.

  3. @BruceMcGechan Thank you for writing this preliminary study. I was very excited when I found out. This has been a dream of mine since watching the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

    I believe the Winter Olympics should be co-hosted between Christchurch and Queenstown with Christchurch hosting the Ceremonies and ice sports and Queenstown (and Wanaka) hosting the snow and sliding sports. I believe Christchurch will the perfect co-host with all the rebuild happening as a result of the quakes, but also we will have the facilities available in the central city within walking distance of each other, once they are built, and our connection to Antarctica.

    With the accommodation issue, my proposal was for Christchurch was for an athletes village to built on the old salesyards site and some media villages built on empty sites in and around the central city as well as using the accommodation available at University of Canterbury and secondary school boarding houses. Also, a couple of cruise ships could be docked at Lyttelton. I would assume that would add a couple of thousand rooms. Lastly, we could use a homestay programme which would add more rooms.

    Some of my other proposals were that the ski jump facility and sliding centre would be retained and used as tourist destinations and would be incorporated into an Olympic Training Centre with some of the athletes village being used as accommodation and the speed skating track and curling rinks being relocated to the athletes village to create the first ever Winter Olympic Training Centre in the Southern Hemisphere. This would be a massive bonus to our bid should be proceed with one.

    I feel that with the Olympic Agenda 2020 coming up this is New Zealand's best chance of ever hosting the Winter Olympics.

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