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  1. Oh wait nevermind now I see what you mean haha. But one side is not being filled with spectators for a good reason. There is a lot of seating available at the top. So right now it looks over half full.

    I love how excited they get just to see themselves on the jumbotron. And some of these guys are dressed like they're ready to see a soccer game lol. I've seen Brazil jerseys and I saw a couple with US shirts on.

    Yeah it's getting filled up more right now...Love the Animation of the Mascot.

  2. Women's 100m Final -

    Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce took Gold with a time of 10.76 which I believe is 0.06 shy of the Championship Record and 0.02 shy of the World Lead set by Fraser-Pryce herself at the Diamond League in Paris.

    Holland's Dafne Schippers took Silver with a time of 10.81, breaking the Dutch National Record by 0.02.

    Tori Bowie of the USA claimed Bronze with a time of 10.86.

    I was really impressed with Dafne Schippers who broke the Dutch National Record twice. She really began closing in on Fraser-Pryce at the end but Shelly had the advantage and took Gold.

    I was hoping for Michelle Lee-Ahye of Trinidad to take home a Medal but she wounded up 5th behind Veronica Campbell-Brown. I was really disappointed with Blessing Okagbare of Nigeria who clocked 10.89 in the Semis but finished 8th in the Finals with 11.01. Was really hoping she medalled if not Ahye...

  3. UPDATE -

    After going through a few old Thread I have managed to upload both Volumes of the Russia 2018 Bid Book created by burrito & the Bursa 2022 Bid Book created by fatixx. I've also added the 2023 Pan Am Bid Books too. Also, Puppy, is it possible to revive this Website - http://ontour2001.tripod.com/

    I'm asking since half the links I've clicked on link to that Site and I think there might be a decent amount of Bid Books on there that would make a great addition to the FantasyDocs Library.

    Check out what I have mentioned here! - http://issuu.com/fantasydocs/docs


    NOTE - The Bid Books are still loading so they may not be there yet.

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  4. ^^Well, Paris are considered the Favourites for 2024. So 2028 would be a battle between South Africa and USA.. USA would put in either LA or San Francisco while South Africa try with Durban. If the USA decide to go for 2026, then I'd expect a Bid from either Anchorage, Reno or Salt Lake City. If USA host 2026 then it opens the door for South Africa to 2028. Other Bidders I see for 2026 include Stockholm & Quebec City. I'm not too sure about other Candidates for 2028 since Asia would've hosted 3 Times (If Beijing Host 2022), Europe would have just hosted (Paris 2024), South America have Rio next year & USA would have hosted 2026, I only see Australia or South Africa as contenders for 2028, if the USA do not go for 2026.

  5. Even if Yokohama is close to Tokyo, like Baron said, it'll be too far from the Olympic Village and the Rest of the Venues.... The better thing to do is (If it hasn't been demolished yet) to upgrade the Current National Stadium. It still looks great and with a few upgrades till be ready.

    And plus, this is Athletics were talking about, I'm sure Japan wouldn't want a very popular and huge event of the Olympics held out of the Main Host.

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