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  1. Meh, not so many Bid Books out there, Memorablilia has put up a few, Anyone seen a London 2012 or Tokyo 2016 floating around?
  2. Is he? I can't wait then! Athens' OC was amazing!
  3. I actually have a Competition Planned, but Ima wait 2 weeks or so, It's gotta do with producing your own ceremony!
  4. TBH, The format of this competition was awesome! I loved the timeline, Q&A Sessions, Applicant Phase and all that, even though many of us (Including me) dropped out, it was still a great contest. Can't wait for another one!
  5. UPDATE: With a lot of hard work, I've finally managed to upload Putrajaya 2024, it is still loading so bear with, also, Rome 2024 will be on there soon! Ciao! www.issuu.com/fantasydocs
  6. Moving to Spain Soon! Wish me luck! Also, Darcy, please clear out your inbox! Thanks!

  7. Ooooh, I hope San Juan or New Orleans host the 2023 PanAms would be awesome to see the Superdome host the Ceremonies!
  8. Moving to Spain soon!! Wish me luck!

    1. BR2028


      I will! Enjoy your time there!

    2. MissEurasia
  9. Congratulations Sapporo! Also, a well done to Melbourne and NYC. This was one of the best competitions I've been able to witness during my time here, also, a MASSIVE thank you to PBE for making this comp as fun as he possibly could and again thanks for putting your time into this.
  10. Yeah, about that....The Putrajaya Bid Book is in pictures and I don't know how to convert Pictures to PDF, Plus I have no PC, if you can make the Putrajaya Bid Book into PDF and PM me it, then I'll be happy to upload it Also, those that have participated in the 2026 Fantasy Bid Comp, please RE-UPLOAD your Bid Books here, I've uploaded Australia-New Zealand, West Indies and Antarctica, I'm looking for China, USA, Thailand-Vietnam and Canada!
  11. No problem! You should thank PBE for letting them downloadable and great job to the creators too!
  12. UPDATE: 2028 Candidature Files and Applicant Summary are officially up! Check them out at: https://issuu.com/fantasydocs Also, I know I keep repeating this but, please, please, PLEASE re-upload your Bid Books, because the links to some are broken, and the contributions will be greatly appreciated thanks!
  13. Anyone got the full openings for the 1994 and 1998 Goodwill Games that were held in St.Petersburg and NYC? Would go great with my gymnastics tapes...
  14. I love the Magic Box, it stands out in front of the other Bid Books, very extravagant and nice.
  15. Also, I've uploaded Antarctica 2026 and Ottawa 2023, they're still loading but they'll be up there soon
  16. UPDATE: I'm going to upload the 2028 Bid Files after their release so stay tuned! Also, please, please PLEASE post download links here because some are broken
  17. Ok, I've uploaded Berlin, Kuala Lumpur and Delhi 2024 from Paul92's Design Competition, Santiago, Rome and Putrajaya are soon to come, also I'm going to message Darcy for the Brisbane one. Enjoy!
  18. Be sure to check out www.issuu.com/fantasydocs!

    1. BR2028


      Really interesting stack! Loved looking through everything!

    2. MissEurasia
  19. UPDATE: I have uploaded EVERYTHING I had, there is still a lot to come, I'm awaiting a reply from Puppy for the Inappropriate Comp Files and have also obtained Wellington 2026 and Berlin 2024.
  20. Well, It's finally open! https://issuu.com/fantasydocs So Far, I've upload the 2018 Winter Olympics Bid Books, A 2018 Commonwealth Games Bid Book & 3 2020 Summer Olympics Bid Books, Unfortunately, some of the download links I came across were broken, so I am not able to include every bid book from every bid. More Bid Books to come! Also, it would be extremely helpful if people email me download links to their Bid Books, just email me at: KaptainKharisma11@Gmail.Com More updates to come!
  21. Ooohhh! I love planned cities! Even though they don't always turn out right.....This one looks amazing, and like LD said it could play a major role in a future Cairo Olympic Bid...
  22. Looking for the full OC of the 1994 & 1998 Goodwill Games that were held in Saint Petersburg and NYC
  23. Yep, that's Barcelona's Bid Books, Also, I wouldn't mind getting my hands on Seoul 1988 and Nagoya 1988.
  24. Here's one I found: Currently on the hunt for the 1996 Set (Mainly Atlanta, Belgrade & Melbourne)
  25. The Guy's got some other Havana 1991 stuff too along with the full Opening/Closing Ceremonies of Barcelona 1992.
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