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  1. The American's competing for Belarus was just stupid, I felt sorry for the original two Gymnasts scheduled to compete for BLR (Sviatlana Lifenka & Valeryia Tsekhmistrenka) These two may have dreamt about competing for the their home nation but it was ultimately snatched away by 2 Gymnasts who don't train in Belarus, Don't speak their language & Have never set foot in the country. I watched an interview on Youtube and I noticed that Alaina Kwan had no shame when she said 'So we just replaced the 2 other girls and took their place' Really disgusted me. I'm sure placing 74th isn't that much of an improvement for Belarus. Seriously, You had greats like Olga Korbut and Svetlana Boginskaya, It wouldn't hurt in asking them to come over and train their Gymnasts.

    The US Team was awesome! I loved how they co-operated with one another and stuff! I would say Biles, Douglas, Raisman & Nichols are definite locks for Rio, I would think the other spots would be contested between Madison Kocian, Kyla Ross & Bailie Key (Who is trained by Kim Zmeskal!).

    For Russia I would expect Mustafina and Komova on the Team, Unless something HUGE happens that takes them completely out of the equation, I see them on the Team. I would think that Paseka would also be on the Team, Russia need some strong vaulters and considering she is now World Champ on the apparatus I see her in Rio for sure. I'd say Afanasyeva is a lock too. I think the other spots would be between Spiridonova, Melnikova & Skrypnik. Grishina...Not so sure about.

    Japan seem to be following US's footsteps, They finished 5th (US would usually end up there in the 70's) so expect great things from the Japanese in years to come I would think in the 20's they'd be medalling in team competitions.

    My favourites however were the Netherlands, They brought back 'Artistic' in Artistic Gymnastics for sure, Adored Lieke's and Eythora's Floor Routines.

    Pulling for GB Women to win a Medal next year! I really really REALLY want Catherine Lyons on that Team! I hope Ellie, Becky, Amy, Claudia and Ruby Medal individually too!

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  2. No, that would only be for people who can't decide on a city for themselves. In which case I'd reach into a pot of, say, 26 cities (A to Z) and give them a random metropolis which they can then do... or choose to ignore. Otherwise, as far as I'm concerned, it's still open slather. No-one's gonna be forced to do any city, people can still do wherever they want, and I look forward to seeing what burgs people bring out for a spin. New Orleans is already definitely in the mix here now. Thanks for bringing it.

    Ah Ok, Thanks for clearing that up Rols :).

  3. If we go for the 'Tony Sweep Rules' Then I'm afraid I will not participate. It may not seem a big deal but I just wanted it out there. It took me almost 2 Hours (I'm a slow thinker) to think of the concept of my Logo, It even took me a while to think of the City I wanted to do in the first place (I believe I have OCD). So if I am given a city different to the one I did my Logo for, I won't take part. I just think you should keep the original concept.

  4. Ahh screw it, Here goes (Probably my best one yet) -

    Concept -

    The Logo is based off of Mardi Gras, A Celebration which held in New Orleans every year. The Middle of the Logo represents Mardi Gras beads which say 'NOLA 28'. The Fleur de lis represents New Orleans' French Culture and I added a feather-like border to add to that Mardi Gras Theme. On the left I have put 'XXXIV' to mark the edition of the Games and on the other I've put the Olympic Rings.

    Whoops, looks like the upload didn't work, Here it is XD -


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  5. or Grishina :)

    Grishina getting onto the Russian Squad would be very unlikely, After her London Performance, She's been blacklisted by Russia since, You don't see Pavlova competing after Beijing for Russia for the same reason. Grishina's better off doing what Pavlova did by moving to somewhere like Azerbaijan and competing for them. I would love to see Melnikova and Skrypnik in Rio! Also can't wait to see Flavia Saraiva there too!

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  6. Questioning whether this site has more than 20 users. So dead. But anyway. My Amsterdam 1992 Olympic bid book arrived today :D

    Oooooh!!! I've seen that up on LOADS of Ingrid O'Neal Catalogs!!! Pictures please?? I'd love to see it! I'm hoping to get my first Book soon!

  7. I'm happy for the Japanese Women, Back in the 90's it'd be mainly Risa Sugawara and Miho Hashiguchi representing Japan, Now they have a much bigger team with better chances. Germany had a strong Women's Team back in the 80's, (Well, GDR did), They were WAY Overscored though especially at the 1988 Olympics where they ROBBED the USA AND Bulgaria in what I believe should have been a joint Team Bronze. Dagmar Kersten took a Bronze on Bars for a 10 that was not deserved at all IMO e.e Here's here Routine -


    How did THAT get a 10?! Insult to Perfect 10 Winners like Nadia Comaneci and Daniela Silivas if you ask. Kersten and her Teammate Ulrike Klotz, Had to be the most Overscored Gymnasts I have come across ever.

  8. Team Final -

    GB winning bronze was the highlight for me, first ever team medal for the girls, shows what's to come in the future. Proud Brit :D. Russia finishing out of the medals wasn't a surprise, they didn't have head bitch Mustafina with them. Romania not qualifying was no surprise either, they had pretty weak teams over the past few worlds, hope they pull their act together and qualify a team at the Rio Test Event, Well they can with the likes of Andrea Iridon, Larisa Iordache, Diana Bulimar and a now returning Catalina Ponor.

    All-Around -

    Simone winning was no surprise, I had her down as AA Champion straight after that AMAZING Performance at US Nationals earlier this year. I wasn't expecting Gabby to take silver, but what a comeback from her. Happy that Iordache medalled for Romania in the Bronze Medal position, You can always count on her.

    Event Finals -

    Ok, This is where I got really pissed off. Maria Paseka of Russia, Who won Gold had TERRIBLE form on her first Vault (A Cheng) opposed to North Korea's Hong Un Jong's lovely first vault (Again, a Cheng). I can say Hong was robbed of the Vaulting Title here. Simone took Bronze, Hoping she would take a Silver or Gold but hey ho, Congrats anyway! Bars, Komova was ROBBED. Near perfect Routine compared to the other 3, I dunno how on Earth Kocian won a Gold with all those terrible Handstands...But yeah, the steroid comments from Komova about the US are a big No No.

    All in all, It was 'Ok'was hoping for Dipa Karmakar of India to win a Medal, She performed one of the hardest Vaults in the World (A Produnova) and I was also hoping for GB's Ellie Downie and Ruby Harrold to win Medals on Vault and Bars, but still, it was meh for me.

  9. Well, Athletics was a disappointment, Nigeria in particular. After a terrible showing at the Worlds in Beijing, Nigeria's shining star, Blessing Okagbare, did not compete in the 100m nor 200m, She competed in the 4x100m which the Nigerian Team won. Shame because her and Murielle Ahoure (Also Absent) of the Ivory Coast could've had some tight races. Anyways, congrats to Marie Josee Ta Lou on her Sprint Double for to Ivory Coast.

  10. ^^That's one beautiful Stadium. Shame that most Olympic Stadiums look terrible (My Opinion) Whereas Stadiums used in Smaller Events (Hangzhou 2022, Brazzaville 2015) Look better, Well, it's probably just my Opinion, but yeah, I hope it's not just Korea and China. I'd love to see other Nations like Iran, Malaysia, Phillipines & Thailand host. Thailand's chances may be slim due to the amount they've already hosted but still, I'd love to see em host again. The Opening for Bangkok 1998 is one of my Favourites...

  11. Ok NOW it's starting to look like a proper OC, at least the floor does. Why the hell did they just not start with this??? And let the head assholes of state arrive just in time for them to take their seat in the stadium? And also this way the athletes could stay on the stadium floor after the pageantry just like a traditional Olympic OC.

    I agree, 2 Hours wasted...I wish they did the Countdown thing with the fireworks at the beginning.

  12. omg when will this thing officially start??? I've been watching almost an hour of absolutely nothing! lol

    IKR, I was thinking the same exact thing - All I see is the Camera showing different people waving at the Jumbotrons after seeing themselves...

    Just saw the exterior of the Stadium, Looks awesome but some lights would really make it glow, I can't see much landscape...

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