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  1. Ooh! Please do! I'm mainly out for Gymnastics Stuff but I'm happy to take anything!
  2. Ok, I know it may be a longshot, But I have contacted the CIJM in hopes of getting my hands on both the Opening/Closing Ceremonies of Latakia 1987 in good quality and in full. I've watched the one posted on YT but would love to see a more clearer version.
  3. That Athens Guy is back selling another 1996 Bid Book Set - http://www.ebay.com/itm/ATHENS-1996-OLYMPIC-CANDIDATE-CITY-6-SUBFILES-FROM-THE-BIDING-FILE-/222126974295? ^^Seems to be the complete Set with the Box according to the Pictures provided. I'd go for it but timing kills it for me...
  4. When is ze next one coming? I love these! Wouldn't mind hearing about Tashkent 2000 or Leningrad 1994 but I don't mind! Can't wait for ze next one!
  5. Good for her! She was a finalist in the Vaulting Event Finals at last years Championships and is a 2014 Commonwealth Games Bronze Medallist on Vault too! She performs one of the hardest Vaults in the World. Good luck to her and can't wait to see her!
  6. ^^Well, I know what I'll be watching for the next Hour and 14 Minutes. Glad it's finally up. I'm here looking/waiting for someone to upload the Opening/Closing of the 95 Pan Ams and 03 African Games.
  7. My Östersund 1998 book came today, really happy with the quality of the book despite the overdue delivery and a few marks and folds... Really excited to see the venue plan and presentation!
  8. You're welcome! I really liked the video, Dunno why xD Hope someone uploads the full Ceremony!
  9. Highlights of the Opening Ceremony of the 1989 Francophonie held in Casablanca/Rabat, Morocco -
  10. I actually wasn't at all frustrated at Tesh. I was really annoyed at how Tim Daggett and Elfi Schlegal would constantly keep going on and on about the whole USA VS Russia thing, Yes, I know it's exciting and what not but there are other Gymnasts performing and the least they could have done was pay attention. I won't even start on Elfi at the 2003 World Championships.
  11. Anyone know what Ostersund's 1998 Bid Book set is like?
  12. Gymnastics was VERY Bias. I was fine with the Commentary Teams in 84 and 88 but when 92 and 96 came around, I got really annoyed. The Team I believe was Tim Daggett, Elfi Schlegal & John Tesh. I can't believe how biased they were constantly talking about how much chances the US have and what not...Like, There are other Gymnasts from other Nations that people want to know of too. I still don't get why Cathy Johnson and Bart Conner were not brought it, I never heard bias commentary from either of them.
  13. My Favourites - 1976 - Nadia Comaneci winning the All-Around and earning the 1st ever 'Perfect 10' 1984 - Mary Lou Retton winning the All-Around over the Romanian Favourite Ecaterina Szabo. 1992 - Nigerian Women's 4x100 Team capturing the Bronze Medal in a rather tight Race. I loved how happy they were and celebrating when they found out they won the Bronze Medal, Really felt touched by it. 1996 - USA Women's Gymnastics Team fighting off Russia and Romania to win the Gold Medal in the Team Event, The Crowd in the Georgia Dome went nuts when Kerri Strug stuck her 2nd Vault with an injured knee. Another one of my favourites was when Nigeria's Chioma Ajunwa won Nigeria's 1st Gold Medal in the Women's Long Jump Event. 2000 - Romania winning Gold in both the Team Event and sweeping the Medals Podium in the All-Around Finals with Andreea Raducan, Simona Amanar & Maria Olaru winning Gold, Silver & Bronze. . 2012 - USA Winning Team & All-Around Gold with Gabby Douglas.
  14. I doubt there will be a European Games in 2019 considering there's only 3 Years to prepare for them unless Baku's up for a 2nd time round. Either bidding will be restarted for 2023 or the 2019 Edition will be postponed.
  15. Anyone know what this is? - http://www.ebay.de/itm/Berlin-2000-Olympia-Bildband-die-Stadt-fur-Olympia-Hrsg-und-Red-Berlin-200-/172059310895?hash=item280f88bb2f:g:m7IAAOSwJkJWlCI5 I'm pretty sure Berlin submitted 3 Volumes opposed to 1 shown above...
  16. Sapporo 1972 Bid Book - http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1972-SAPPORO-OLYMPIC-CANDIDATE-CITY-JAPAN-PLAN-REPORT-BOOK-/171169351193?hash=item27da7d0619:g:Yh0AAOxyuR5TX2b7 Turns out the Amsterdam set I wanted (With the slipcase) was the French copy :/ Looks like I'll have to go for the non-slipcase one, I'm also planning on buying the Manchester 96 Presentation Summary that Darcy posted earlier.
  17. Hello Everyone! I'm researching for Info on the following Bids - - Belgrade 1992/96 - Brasilia 2000 - Rio 2004 - Havana 2008/12 If anyone knows anyone who was Members of the Bid Committees for these Bids then do let me know! I'll be really grateful!
  18. Ok, Super Pumped. Buying my 1st Bid Book next week! (Amsterdam 92).
  19. ^^I had a look, And I'm thinking - 'Is it just me or are most Main Stadium Renders in Bid Books following the same format/design?' I've seen their Stadium Design in many other Books too... Would've loved to seen Czechoslovakia host the Games...They did host a few events for the Alternate Games held in 1984. I remember Artistic Gymnastics being held at the Winter Stadium in Olomouc. Anyways, I've checked on AbeBooks UK and found 4 Amsterdam Bid Books, The lowest is going for £15.17 with £6.00 Shipping! Not much detail about the condition so maybe that's why there's a low price...
  20. Well, The Brisbane 1992 Bid Book set is pretty rare, Darcy had to go to a Library to view it, I would love to see Pictures of it! I'll PM you my Email
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