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  1. Yes but you need to take into account that pretty much no one was 100% at Euros. GB wasn't at their best, Netherlands did not send their A Team, Ponor wasn't 100% & Russia had Mustafina who was returning from a long layoff & an inconsistent Tutkhalyan. I'm sure they'll try and improve but if Melnikova's hamstring is really bothering her, Then I see the Silver/Bronze Podium open. I believe Komova hasn't retired, Well, She herself didn't say anything about her retiring but she was going into Rio as a favourite for a Bars Medal. It's a shame we won't get to see her, or her bitterness, I hope she sticks around for a while. I think Gabby's AA days are over. Hernandez is very popular now and people are expecting big things from her. She's young and fresh and so far has handled the pressure very well. I hope she gets the 2nd Spot, It'd be awesome to see Laurie win her first Individual Olympic Medal in the All-Around in her 1st Year as a Senior. I would think she has a shot at a Medal in the Beam Finals, I'd say Floor too but that'd take a lot of work. I just hope the Brits leave with Medals. Considering Russia is going Beijing 2008 with how their Team looks right now, I think GB has a good chance in capturing the Bronze, Not saying Russia won't be competition, But I think the possibility of GB medalling the Team Event has increased a bit. I'd love to see the Double Downies & Frags all win Individual Medals, This Quad has been great for the GB Women, I hope they can end it in spectacular fashion.
  2. Sometimes the depth of the US Team is so incredible that it's hard to make a decision. I adore Cata, Hands down one of my all time favourites, I love how she'd come back a year or 2 before the Olympics for a comeback, Goes to show how much passion and love she has for the sport. The Russians are a mess right now. Komova is out with an injury and Afanasyeva has retired after being pulled out due to kidney issues. Melnikova apparently has a hamstring injury and Paseka is hurt also. Tutkhalyan is on the Team now (I LOVE her, But I wish she'd be consistent) and Mustafina looks like she's barely surviving. I wonder who the Russians will replace Paseka with if she's too hurt to compete. I still have hopes for a Bars Medal in Spiridonova or Mustafina.
  3. Same. I see Kocian going through either way. The main reason behind her selection was her Bars of course. It's crazy to think that Ponor is going to do All-Around in Rio. She has Floor, Beam & Vault down, I'm just worried about her Bars. Romania are usually weak when it comes to Bars (Which is a shame because that was one of their strongest events back when Nadia was around). I see her qualifying for Floor & Beam Finals, Whether she medals is a different story, Especially with how stacked the talent is this quad.
  4. As much as I'd love to see Raisman do Bars and make it, I don't see it happening. Especially after Marta hinted her desire for Gabby to compete AA but the again, Marta may take the decision to let Aly do Bars and have Hernandez sit out. Sports Illustrated predict the AA Podium like this - Gold - Simone Biles. Silver - Angelina Melnikova. Bronze - Laurie Hernandez. But like you said, Anything can happen (Jordyn Weiber 2012). I would absolutely LOVE to see Mustafina, Saraiva, Ponor or Downie on the AA Podium, May sound crazy, But boy would that be amazing.
  5. Interesting. First of all, It's worth mentioning that Biles is a lock for an All-Around spot, She's 3 time and defending World Champion so I'm 100% sure that Marta would put her up for Bars so that she can go through. Kocian will definitely be doing Bars in Qualifications so that she can make it to the Event Finals. That leaves us with Douglas, Hernandez & Raisman. Personally, I think they'll have Raisman sit out which'll leave Douglas & Hernandez fighting for that 2nd AA Spot. Also, What are your predictions for the All-Around Podium in Rio?
  6. She was injured in 2013. Almost every gymnast goes through injuries. I understand where your coming as to why Gabby is on the Team but I still feel like Ashton should have went instead. I hope the alternate experience helps her continue into the next quad and push for the Olympics. What's interesting is - If Douglas, Hernandez or Kocian get hurt, Then Locklear could easily fill in for them on Bars because she is the better Bars Worker out of her, Skinner & Smith. The only time I think Skinner can be used is if Simone gets hurt, The US will need a strong Vaulter and Floor Ex. so Skinner would be the Go-To. Smith could fill in for Hernandez along with Raisman. I feel bad for Maggie Nichols. She was really at it before she busted up her knee. Was sad when her name wasn't called for the Team nor Alternate Positions. I would rather Maggie as an Alternate over Skinner
  7. Yes. I get that her best event is Bars, But she has the capability of scoring big. She has consistently been scoring high up in the 15's leading up to the Trials (She put up a staggering 15.850 at the Secret Classic). Kocian has only outscored her on the 2nd Night of Trials (With a huge 15.950). If Locklear was on the Team, Then it would be for Bars only. That would allow her to focus soley on her Bar Routine and focus on nailing it in Rio. I still think Ashton should have went over Gabby. Also, she can't compete all 4 Events due to a Stress Fracture from 2013, She had to stop doing Floor & Vault. I hope Ashton continues after Rio, If she can fix up that Beam Routine, Then I can see her acting as a UB/BB Specialist for US Teams in the future.
  8. ^^ True. Anyway, I was watching the US Olympic Trials and I still can't get over the decision to take Gabby Douglas over Ashton Locklear (Who is an Alternate to the Team). If Martha wanted 2 Uneven Bars Speciallists then Asthon and Madison Kocian (Who is on the Team) should have went, Locklear would have been able to perform Bars in Rio and Kocian could have done both Bars and Beam. Well, Martha knows what she's doing I guess and I doubt she would want to show up to Rio without the reigning Olympic All-Around Champion. I kinda find it funny how MyKayla Skinner's Fans think she's the #1 Ranked Alternate even though Martha didn't rank the Alternates at all. The only Gymnast I can see Skinner filling in for is Biles, and Biles getting injured or being pulled out is highly unlikely. Locklear can fill in for Douglas, Hernandez (Perhaps Smith can fill in for her too) & Kocian. This is what the US Women's Squad looks like - Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, Laurie Hernandez, Gabby Douglas & Madison Kocian. Alternates - Ashton Locklear, MyKayla Skinner & Ragan Smith. This was my prefered Olympic Team - Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, Laurie Hernandez, Ashton Locklear & Madison Kocian. Alternates - Gabby Douglas, Maggie Nichols & Ragan Smith.
  9. Beijing's was 3 Books in a Container (Tominger showed me his set through pictures, I'll upload them in a bit). Brasilia, I believe did not produce an official bid book set but they did produce a photo book or whatever it is I see on the net every now and then.
  10. Whoops. Correction - Angelina Melnikova is from Russia, not USA.
  11. I believe they are. Here's the Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Team - Vera Biryukova, Anastasia Bliznyuk, Anastasia Maksimova, Anastasiia Tatareva & Maria Tolkacheva. I'm keeping this Thread for Artistic Gymn because I don't watch much of Rhythmic at all but if anyone wants to cover the Rhythmic Events then go ahead.
  12. Wowsers. I knew about the pics but not about the pornstar lol. Literally, Danell's the only reason I tune into the men's side of gymnastics.
  13. Here are Sports Illustrated's Artistic Gymnastics Predictions for the Podiums in Rio - Women - Team - 1. United States | 2. China | 3. Russia All-Around - 1. Simone Biles (USA) | 2. Angelina Melnikova (USA) | 3. Laurie Hernandez (USA) (I would go fricking nuts if Laurie medals! She's like one of the only reasons I'm watching!!) Vault - 1. Simone Biles (USA) | 2. Maria Paseka (RUS) | 3. Hong Un Jong (DPRK) Uneven Bars - 1. Fan Yilin (CHN) | 2. Madison Kocian (USA) | 3. Daria Spiridonova (RUS) Balance Beam - 1. Simone Biles (USA) | 2. Wang Yan (CHN) (OMG WTF?!?!) | 3. Angelina Melnikova (RUS) (WTF?) Floor Exercise - 1. Simone Biles (USA) | 2. Aly Raisman (USA) | 3. Ksenia Afanasyeva (RUS) - This was published before she withdrew. Men - Team - 1. Japan | 2. China | 3. Russia (No GB or USA?!) All-Around - 1. Kohei Uchimura (JPN) | 2. Deng Shudi (CHN) | 3. Manrique Larduet (Again, No GB or USA..) Floor Exercise - 1. Kenzo Shirai (JPN) | 2. Max Whitlock (GBR) | 3. Marian Dragulescu (ROM) Pommel Horse - 1. Max Whitlock (GBR) | 2. Louis Smith (GBR) | 3. Harutyun Merdinyan (ARM) Still Rings - 1. You Hao (CHN) | 2. Arthur Zanetti (BRA) | 3. Eleftherios Petrounias (GRE) Vault - 1. Ri Se-Gwang (DPRK) | 2. Denis Ablyazin (RUS) | 3. Marian Dragulescu (ROM) Parallel Bars - 1. You Hao (CHN) | 2. Deng Shudi (CHN) | 3. Oleg Vernyayev (UKR) Horizontal Bar - 1. Kenzo Uchimura (JPN) | 2. Nile Wilson (GBR) | 3. Danell Leyva (USA) I highly doubt Wang Yan or Melnikova would make the Podium for Beam, Everything else looks ok (I would think that Mustafina and Downie would be threats for the Bars Podium). SI have predicted that the US Men's Team will leave with 1 Medal and that is Leyva's Bronze on the HB.
  14. All Rio-Related Artistic Gymnastics stuff goes here. Well, the US seem to be a lock for the Gold in the Team All-Around whilst Simone Biles is a heavy favourite for the Individual All-Around. I'd expect the 2nd US All-Around Spot to be up for grabs between Aly Raisman, Laurie Hernandez & Gabby Douglas. Silver seems to be reserved for China while the Brits & Russians may battle for the Bronze. It'd be wierd without Romania considering this is the first Olympics they fail to qualify a full Team at in years. I hope Catalina Ponor (Romania's 1 Gymnast that's being sent to Rio) pulls through for a Medal, She's very strong on Beam & Floor Exercise (Silver Medalist from London) and I think she'll be competing in the All-Around (That's if she gets her mess of a Bar Routine fixed). Biles is also favourite to win Medals on the Vault, Beam & Floor events whilst Madison Kocian (The Bars Speciallist of the US Team and reigning World Champion) is expected to Medal in the Uneven Bars Finals. The Bars Finals are stacked, I hope Becky Downie qualifies because it'd be awesome to see her finally win an Olympic Medal in best event. Also, Watch out for the Germans & Brazillians in the Team Event because they have pretty strong Teams that are potential Medal Contenders. The Brits have potential in not only medalling in the Team Event, but also qualifying for pretty much all the Apparatus Finals - Ellie Downie (VT, FX), Claudia Fragapane (VT, FX), Becky Downie (UB, BB) & Ruby Harrold (UB) this, is probably our strongest Squad yet.
  15. I'm here praying that Blessing Okagbare doesn't screw up and pulls through for a Medal. She usually messes up when it counts (Worlds, Olympics etc). English Gardner looked strong at US Olympic Trials handing Tori Bowie her first loss of the year (Bowie finished 3rd behind Tianna Bartoletta). Elaine Thompson destroyed her field in the 100m Finals at the Jamaican Olympic Trials (10.74). Schippers has been looking "Meh" lately, Hopefully she finds something in her and does well. Allyson Felix of the USA and Shaunae Miller of the Bahamas are expected to battle for the Gold in the 400. Shame that Kendra Harrison isn't going, She broke the WR at the Anniversary Games (12.20) I guess not making it onto the Team fueled her more into breaking the 28 Year-Old Record.
  16. Speaking of Sydney, Found some 1988 & 1996 Bid Memorabilia (Yikes - $500.00) - http://www.ebay.com/itm/SYDNEY-1988-1996-OLYMPIC-BID-MEMORABILIA-EXTREMELY-RARE-/290753699812?hash=item43b2455fe4
  17. Leyva will be replacing John Orozco who suffered a torn ACL & meniscus. Biles is a lock for a spot in the all-around whilst the 2nd may be up for grabs between Raisman, Douglas & Hernandez. Kocian will probably be used for uneven bars only considering she is the team's bars specialist and reiging world champion on the event.
  18. Yeah. I really wanted that Melbourne 1988 one lol, I contacted the Site but they said it was sold I hope another one surfaces soon!
  19. Found some really cool stuff on an Auction Website (mossgreen.com) - Melbourne 1988 Bid Book (I didn't even know this existed until I read something on LA84 which said that Melbourne did prepare a Book that they were going to hand over to the IOC during a trip to Lausanne but the trip never happened) - http://www.mossgreen.com.au/m/lot-details/index/catalog/161/lot/76569/BID-BOOK-nbsp-Invitation-to-celebrate-the-games-of-the-XXIVth-Olympiad-Melbourne-1988-Melbourne-1981-82-pages-in-English-amp-French-Limited-Edition-0174-650 Melbourne 1988 Feasability Study - http://www.mossgreen.com.au/m/lot-details/index/catalog/161/lot/76251/Olympic-Games-Melbourne-1988-Feasability-Study-in-5-Volumes-Melbourne-1978 Brisbane 1992 Bid Book (Looks like they have just the 1 Book which had the Bid Logo on) - http://www.mossgreen.com.au/m/lot-details/index/catalog/161/lot/76252/BID-BOOK-Brisbane-1992-Brisbane-c1988-signed-by-Sallyanne-Atkinson Melbourne 1996 Bid Book - http://www.mossgreen.com.au/m/lot-details/index/catalog/161/lot/76269/BID-BOOK-Melbourne-1996-Official-submission-to-Host-the-Games-of-the-XVIth-Olympiad-3-Volumes-in-slipcase-Melbourne-1990 I contacted the Site via Email and sadly, All of these have been sold At least we get to see what Melbourne's 1988 Book looked like. I wonder what Seoul's and Nagoya's looked like too...
  20. Eh. I might go for it. I'm getting tired of reading my Ostersund 1998 Bid Book lol. I was disappointed when I was sent only 1 of the Books, Should ask for Pics of the Books next time I guess. I really want Athens 1996 complete with the Box, Books & Tapes.
  21. Man, You beat me to that Toronto 1996 Set! I was seriously considering purchasing that one! Ah well, Congrats and yeah, The price for the Beijing Set is ridiculous. I came across a Beijing 2000 Set on a Chinese Site going for 3000 Yuan. I'm super excited, I might be getting my hands on a Tampa 2012 Set soon!!!
  22. Beijing 2022 going for a whopping $2000 - http://www.ebay.com/itm/Beijing-2022-Official-Olympic-Bid-Report-Book-RARE-/381705525418?
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