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  1. In all honesty, If Russia continue like this, The chances of them making Team Finals is slim as hell... Especially with USA, Brazil, GB, Netherlands & Germany still to come.. Spiridonova falls on her mount during FX and Mustafina scores a 14.066 with a fall... talk of favouritism. My dreams might come true and Seda might make the AA after all (:O)
  2. 13.200 for Melnikova, talk of a meltdown.. Kinda crazy how the most inconsistent out of the Russians (Tutkhalyan) has been killing it so far..
  3. Man is Russia having a terrible Qualification. Mustafina falling off the Beam. Messy FX from Tutkhalyan. Melnikova being a mess on everything so far...
  4. Messy FX from Tutkhalyan. Fantastic Vaults from Steingruber. Boy, is Vaulting Finals gonn be awesome w/Hong, Steingruber, Chuso, Paseka & Biles!!
  5. Correction - Yilmaz of Turkey scored a 14.500 higher than Russia's Seda Tutkhalyan!!!
  6. Steingruber's FX wasn't shown but she recieved a 14.666, Still pissed off over Ponor's 14.200.
  7. Mixed Group 6 also includes Giulia Steingruber of Switzerland (Watch out for her FX and VT).
  8. Session 1 has come to an end. Here are my Highlights (I missed out the beginning of the Session X_X) - - Hong Un Jong nearly sticks her Amanar Vault. Scores 15.600 for both Vaults, Will be in Vault EF's unless something disastrous happens to her. - Oksana Chusovitina of Uzbekistan scores 15.100 (I'm guessing) Expect her in VT Finals, Had a great BB Routine, Amazing by Chuso who is 41. - Shang Chunsong's fever that she caught a few days ago really affected her performance here. 14.100 on FX and a fall on VT She came back strong on Bars with a 15.300 so expect in the Bars EF's and AA. - Tutya Yilmaz of Turkey hit the heck outta her Beam Routine, 14.100. Would be AMAZING if Turkey get a Gymnast into a Finals. Session 2 (Russia, Italy, Mixed Group 5 & Mixed Group 6 - Includes Catalina Ponor of Romania) will begin now.
  9. Ok. It's hard to watch foreign live streams because I have no clue what they're saying I'll just do highlights at the end of the day because NBC live streams aren't working for me and I have to resort to a forgein one which is hard to understand.
  10. Very clean FX from Laura Waem (BEL), not a fan of the choreo but it had the crowd going for a bit.
  11. If Shang never had that cold that messed up her performance, She woulda been in FX finals, I'm sure 14.100 will not make FX finals which is a shame because she had a really good chance at getting a medal there China lead so far with Belgium in second, China are now on the vault.
  12. Highlights so far - - Hong Un Jong (DPRK) nearly sticks her Amanar, 15.600 for both vaults. - Wang Yan (CHN) did some great tumbling on FX, not really good on the leaps though. - Mao Yi (CHN) put hands down on her 2.5 on FX, repeated the same error, 11.700.. - Shang Chunsong (CHN) good FX, not better than Wang, super low on the double pike, leaves out the wolf turn at the end of her routine. 14.100.
  13. Yikes @ Belgium's Leo. I'll do a roundup of each Session instead of constantly coming back because I seem to miss quite a bit.
  14. Highlights for PT for me would be Biles nailing her Amanar. I was also pissed when I found out Hernandez wouldn't be doing AA. She has outscored both Raisman & Douglas before (Olympic Trials) and is a better bars worker than Raisman. Like Athensfan said, It seemed like Marta was keeping her distance from Laurie whilst being cozy and smiley with everyone else. Unless whoever qualifies for the 2nd AA spot redeems themselves and manages to make it onto the AA podium, I think this move just cost the US a 2nd AA medal because Hernandez was their best shot in securing either a silver or bronze whilst Biles would take home the gold. I just hope this doesn't get to Laurie's head and she pushes for 100% today because I would love to see her in the beam/floor finals. Men's qualifications were a mess yesterday, loads of falters on the floor (Marian Dragulescu). I LOVED Ablyazin's vaults. If the US can fix the PH issue then I think they've got a medal in the bag.
  15. Full credit to GymMultimedia for this, US Women's Podium Training - Podium Training USA - Part 01 - 30 min https://www.facebook.com/renan.seth/videos/10154377724340489/ Podium Training USA - Part 02 - 30 min https://www.facebook.com/renan.seth/videos/10154377891295489/ USA WAG Podium Training 03.08.2016 Part 03 https://www.facebook.com/renan.seth/videos/10154378103990489/ USA WAG Podium Training 03.08.2016 Part 04 https://www.facebook.com/renan.seth/videos/10154378230010489/
  16. I'll put up the US Podium Training links because I think Martha chose the Lineup after evaluating the Girls from their PT Performances. Hence, Laurie isn't doing Bars because she had a messy Routine during PT. They've split the Individual Event Finals into 3 Days and I'm pretty sure this is the first time they're doing it, Here's how it's going to go - Day 1 of EF's - Men's Floor Exercise, Women's Vault, Men's Pommel Horse, Women's Uneven Bars Day 2 of EF's - Men's Rings, Men's Vault, Women's Balance Beam Day 3 of EF's - Men's Parallel Bars, Women's Floor Exercise, Men's Horizontal Bar I'm kind of disappointed that Laurie isn't doing All-Around also, but it'll be an interesting battle between Douglas/Raisman so I can't wait!
  17. Men's Qualifications today. If anyone can do quick hits then it'll mean loads. Also, Hernandez will NOT be doing AA during Quals tomorrow. I think after that messy Bars Routine from Podium Training, Martha is having the 2nd AA Spot up for grabs between Raisman/Douglas. Here's the USA Lineup for tomorrow - Floor Exercise - Douglas, Hernandez, Biles, Raisman Vault - Hernandez, Douglas, Raisman, Biles Uneven Bars - Raisman, Biles, Douglas, Kocian Balance Beam - Douglas, Raisman, Hernandez, Biles
  18. I think Rhinestones are waaayyy too popular now. I hate the fake flesh on the French one. I wish the US would wear a Flag-Like Leo like they did back in 1984 & 1996 -
  19. More of China - Canada (Honestly, My only favourite Pink/Purple Leotard so far) - France - Great Britain (I LOVE These!!!) - https://www.instagram.com/p/BH7Epffg3QP/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BH68XB_g-nB/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BH7GBI5gPRh/
  20. Better Picture of the US Gear (No Pink!!! ALL Leos will be Red, White or Blue. YAY!!) - China - Japan -
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