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  1. All-Around - Simone Biles (1st), Aly Raisman (2nd), Gabby Douglas (3rd)* Vault - Simone Biles (1st) Uneven Bars - Madison Kocian (1st), Gabby Douglas (3rd) Balance Beam - Simone Biles (1st), Laurie Hernandez (2nd), Gabby Douglas & Aly Raisman (Joint 7th)* Floor Exercise - Simone Biles (1st), Aly Raisman (2nd), Laurie Hernandez (4th)*, Gabby Douglas (8th)* * = Gymnasts that cannot compete in the Finals due to the 2-Per Country rule. ^^ This just shows how dominating the United States have been. Looks like Marta wants to leave her last Olympics with a powerful statement. I wish the 3-Per Country rule in the All-Around still existed because a clean sweep in the All-Around could have definately happened.
  2. Nice FX from Douglas. They were showing Wevers' Bars instead of Hernandez's FX X_X
  3. Ellie Downie returned for Vault, 14.833. Rebeca Andrade of Brazil leads AA as we come into Session 4 and only 0.01 separates 3rd & 4th Place in Team Standings which is GB & Brazil. Session 4 (Netherlands, USA, Mixed Groups 2 & 4) Will begin soon.
  4. Tinkler earns 14.600 on Floor. Knocks Ponor out of the FX Finals Germany currently in 1st Place with Brazil in 2nd, China 3rd, GB 4th & Russia 5th. Normally for me, Meets like this would be a disaster with all the mistakes and injuries but if Brazil can win a Team Medal, This'll be one of my favourite Gymnastics Moments!
  5. 14.333 for Frags. No update on Downie so far. I wonder who's going to Vault in Ellie's place if she can't make it..
  6. German's are on fire on the Bars!! Both Seitz & Scheder put up 15.400's!! Becky Downie now down to 7th.. and Ellie Downie gets injured on the Floor (Hits her Head) Unable to continue The Floor really needs to inspected because it's been messing with loads of Gymnasts. I hope Ellie is ok.
  7. Becky & Frags fall off Beam. So sad seeing Becky upset to be honest. She's come so far I hope she makes it into the UB Finals. Reigning European Champion, Has a shot at winning a Medal.
  8. Saraiva scores 15.133!!! Beats Ponor and is now leader in Beam Finals! Amazing, Absolutely Amazing.
  9. Both Downie's hit. I think Becky hit the bar on one release but she earns a 15.233.
  10. Session 3 is now! Hypolito makes a great start for Brazil on Beam. I'm here praying to God hoping Becky Downie hits and makes it to Finals.
  11. You can view live scoring here - https://live.fig-gymnastics.com/schedule.php?idevent=6405
  12. I can see Seda being tossed aside for Melnikova Shame because she did better than all the Russians today (She placed top AA in the whole Subdivision!!). Melnikova was shaky on Beam & Floor so unless she can get her act together during Team Finals, I don't see her doing AA. Session 3 (Germany, GB, Brazil, Mixed Group 8) Begins in an Hour. I'm still angry over Ponor's score on FX, 14.200 was harsh if you ask me. At least she scored a 14.900 on Beam and is going to Finals. Still gunning for Yilmaz to make it into Beam Finals also.
  13. Yikes. Melnikova got 2-Perd. Tutkhalyan & Mustafina will be doing AA. Unless an "Injury" let's Melnikova in.
  14. This. I was thinking the exact same, Especially after what happened to the Men yesterday and the same thing happening to some of the Women. Russians are making a comeback on Bars, Mustafina & Spiridonova scored big. Ponor scores 14.900, Looks like we'll see her in Beam Finals. Italy recover with amazing FX after the Beam disaster. What's crazy is, Tutya Yilmaz of Turkey has a high chance of making Beam Finals after all the falls!!!
  15. Catalina Escobar injures herself on her 1st pass on FX. She tries to continue but just couldn't, Leaves FX podium and the crowd is cheering her on All these injuries are so sad..
  16. Paseks scores a 14.733 for a messy Cheng.. Good Amanar but that pre-flight leg seperation needs to go.
  17. Mustafina nails/sticks her DTY. 14.733 for Tutkhalyan. Paseka f's up her only Event with messy form and a bad landing. Bad fall for Ferrari on Beam.
  18. Nice Double Twisting Yurchenko from Melnikova. 14.933. Solid Bars from Steingruber also.
  19. Looks like Ponor isn't doing AA. She didn't Vault. They were harsh with her Floor Ex. Score so I hope she can pull together on Beam. Russia are LAST in their Subdivision, but they've got their best Event (Bars) last and Vault is now so hopefully they can climb the Rankings.
  20. Yikes. 12.033 for Spiri. Correction - Mustafina did not fall on Floor, WWGym had me thinkin why she got a 14.066 with a fall. Apologies for that. Russia is a mess anyway. Melnikova literally looks like she doesn't give a f*ck anymore.
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