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  1. Also, Apparently Flavia Saraiva is withdrawing from the All-Around to focus soley on the Team Finals & Beam Event Finals (She qualified in 3rd, Behind Biles & Hernandez). I guess they'll put in Jade Barbosa instead. Kinda odd since I would think that it's every Gymnasts dream to make it into the All-Around especially in front of your Home Crowd. Sure, She might not Medal and Andrade might have the bigger chance, But it woulda been awesome to see her compete in the AA in front of her Country.

  2. Team Finals today!! (Same time as Men's). You can download the Start List here - https://www.rio2016.com/en/artistic-gymnastics-ga-womens-team-download

    ^^^ A few things I noticed after going through the List ^^^ -

    - Biles on Bars

    - Fragapane on Beam

    - No Spiridonova on Beam

    - No Gabby on Vault

    - Melnikova doing AA

    - No Hypolito on FX

    I think taking Hypolito off FX was a good decision, Especially after that disastrous Routine in Qualifications. I would have put Tinkler on Beam instead of Frags. Kind of surprised Spiri isn't doing Beam, She hit a rock solid Routine after Mustafina fell. Melnikova & Mustafina are doing AA in the Team Finals whilst Tutkhalyan is sitting out on Bars. I think if Angelina hits 100% and has the meet of her Life, She'll take Seda's place. Gabby won't be doing Vault, Laurie will be doing Vault instead.

  3. SI's AA Podium Prediction seemed legit until Melnikova got 2-Per'd by Musty & Seda and Laurie didn't do AA. I think Biles & Raisman will go 1-2 and Bronze will be battled for between Andrade, Steingruber and the Russians. Melnikova was all over the place. I hope Seda doesn't get pulled out in favour for her, though it is likey (Roza Galiyeva, 1992) :( Even though Melnikova has a decent shot at making the Podium, I don't want Seda to get pulled out just for that, She's the top Russian Qualifier going into the All-Around and that's big in it's own right. No one expected her to hit everything and she was the most consistent out of all the Russians yesterday. Mustafina is definately going to the All-Around, her being pulled out is highly unlikely, I'm just worried about Seda's spot lol. ANYWAY. Now that we know who's going where, Other than the US dominating everything, Anyone have any other "Wishes" I'm here hoping JLo medals in the Bars Finals! (Maybe because I'm biased due to the fact that I have some Venezuelan in my blood lol).

  4. 12 hours ago, Athensfan said:

    Miss Eurasia, what do you think of my Hernandez theory?

    I think you hit the nail on the head Athensfan. Exactly what I was thinking. Raisman is the stronger All-Arounder at the moment and she looked amazing last night. If it weren't for the balance check on Beam, It would have been hard for Laurie to catch her down.

    Also, I just realised Kylie Dickson is second to last in the AA Standings. I wonder why Belarus chose her in the first place, If you want a Gymnast in the Olympics then at least pick someone who wouldn't fall on the most basic skills, that too on Floor Exercise. I did however like her Soviet-Esque Leotard. Poor Girl needs to eat something because she looked absolutely miserable yesterday.

    2 minutes ago, LatinXTC said:

    What time does the team event start, in US Central time please? NBC site has it at 2pm, but not sure if that's the time they're gonna decide to air it or the actual start time.

    It'd be 8PM here which would be 3PM for you I believe. I'm not sure because I'm nowhere near good with times lol.

  5. ^This. Also, Japan make it it into Team Finals. Canada miss out by just 0.2 behind Netherlands. Germany & Netherlands qualify for the first time in Olympic Team Finals in aaagggeeesssss. I think Brazil have a chance of Medalling in Team if Russia & GB perform the way they did in Quals. I think Andrade has a chance of sneaking onto the AA Podium whilst Saraiva has a strong chance of a Beam Medal.

  6. 30 minutes ago, LatinXTC said:

    And the only reason why we didn't qualify another athlete in vault was because Aly was too scared of doing a 2nd vault. It's always a tricky situation that doesn't always pay off. Jake Dalton could have qualified for the vault final had he not landed so badly on his 2nd vault. Plus that looked like it hurt too, and that's the thing we also saw yesteday, if you don't land right on a vault you can risk some serious injury!

    Wouldn't really have mattered considering Hong, Paseka, Karmakar & Chuso usually hit in the Finals and post big scores. Andrade could have been in the final if she had a 2nd vault but her medalling is a different story.

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