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  1. Lagos reveal Olympic Bid: 31.10.14 At exactly 8:00pm in front of a crowd in the National Stadium, the Nigerian Olympic Committee revealed that the city of Lagos will be bidding to host the 2028 Summer Olympics. Lagos defeated Abuja in a domestic bid race to become Nigeria's candidate. The votes were 56 to Lagos and only 14 to Abuja. Many citizens of Lagos were showing their joy by burning down buildings, making protests, committing suicide and in many other 'joyful' manners. 'I look forward to working with Lagos and its Olympic bid' said a member of the already formed bid committee, another said 'We have all facilities including a stadium that meets all Olympic Standards'. The Lagos 2028 bid committee will be relocated to Abuja due to Street Boys taking over their headquarters. Pictures of the venues and the logo will be revealed soon.
  2. I know Bid Contests are starting to get less interesting around here, but why not try this one. This is kind of like Puppy's Inappropriate Bid Comps. You have to choose a city that is unlikely/has less chances in bidding for the 2028 Summer Olympics. It's up to you if you want to make a Bid Book, I would go with a simple brochure or pamphlet. If you think you can't design a logo {I can't} then don't worry, have a go, its may be a competition but it's also a time to let your imagination run wild! The deadline for logos: 11th November 2014 Deadline for Bid Documents: 24th November 2014 If extensions are needed, then I will only give 3 days. Joint bids are allowed. By my memory the previous winner was Krow with Fukushima right? I am going with Lagos, Nigeria
  3. I might try and start a 'What If' bid competition. The competition mainly focuses on cities that normally wouldn't bid for the Olympics, kinda like Puppy's Inappropriate Comps.
  4. If Japan was to bid and a domestic bid took place between Hiroshima and Tokyo, then Tokyo obviously would've been selected. I also remember a few japanese bids that were never finalised, I remember: Yokohama 2008, great proposal, very wide venue plan though. Nagoya 1988, I managed to view the Bid Book set along with Seoul's through a friend. In my opinion Seoul would've still won. Nagoya 2016, Not much detail or enthusiasm about the bid Sapporo 2016, Same thing like Nagoya Fukuoka 2016, Interesting bid in my opinion, they should have been Japan's 2016 candidate, I mean the IOC has seen enough of Tokyo already, Fukuoka would've been a great choice. Hiroshima-Nagasaki 2020, strange proposal, was going to go up against Tokyo to become Japan's candidate, but was never finalised. Hiroshima-Manila 2020, the mayor of Manila wanted a joint bid between Manila and Hiroshima for the 2020 Games, it was slightly interesting and no news of the bid came back.
  5. Hmmmm.... I don't think you should start another bid comp. The 2023 Pan Am Bid Comp was delayed so many times that it lost the enthusiasm and the comp is currently stopped halfway. If you are still going for it then I would have to choose between Lagos, Abuja, Cape Town or Dar es Salaam.
  6. Oh ok, thanks for telling me that. I'm purchasing the SLC 98 set and possibly, Sofia 92 and Denver 76
  7. Memorabilia, what other bid books have you got? I currently have: NONE!!!
  8. Also, the Denver 1976 and Sofia 1992 sets look decent, I asked the seller for pictures so I got to see them. I also found the Toronto 1996 set, I emailed the seller for pics but no reply, probably sold or something. Also that Moscow 1976 book is too expensive.
  9. Shipping of the Bid Books are really pricey, I found the Salt Lake 1998 set for £18.00, I emailed the seller for pictures of the book and it's current condition. They told me shipping is another $75.00!! I'm still buying it though.
  10. Thanks TNMP. I managed to go through the Bid Library via Wayback Machine. Do you still have: Athens 1996 Athens 2004 Sion 2006 2012 Bid Books 2010 YOG Books 2012 YOG Books Madrid 1972 USOC Books Halifax 2014 EURO Bid Books Sorry if I'm asking too much.
  11. Possible that Morocco can withdraw as host of 2015, SA is possibly the Alt Host.
  12. I'm fine about the Milan books, thanks for the rest though.
  13. Can someone please be kind enough and re-upload these files, please?
  14. Anyone want Lillehammer 2016? I found a digital version.
  15. I just checked his profile and he was last online on the 22nd of August 2014, so I guess he's been inactive for a while.
  16. No luck, I found out that the user thatsnotmypuppy give bid book downloads. Beijing's Bid Book was available on it's website but now the links are broken.
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