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  1. ^^^^ I'm not criticising them lol. I was just pointing out that something similar has happened before so it's nit really a shock or surprise. Alex Naddour leads PH Finals w/15.700 with Smith's score pending.
  2. Women's Vaulting Finals Results - 1st - Simone Biles (USA) 2nd - Maria Paseka (RUS) 3rd - Giulia Steingruber (SWI) It was messy. Hong threw a TTY and falls, was not recognised as a triple, She looked really nervous. Paseka taking Silver over Steingruber is a crime, She had real messy form on her 1st Vault and barely controlled the landing on her 2nd, Still happy for both! Simone's Vaults were amazing, Gorgeous form, Good landings. I don't agree with Karmakar taking 4th over Wang Yan of China, Especially after the butt-planted the Produnova. Bars and Beam Finals are going to be REALLY exciting. I hope Steingruber picks up a Medal on FX also! Also, The way the Brazillian Crowd behaved here is now surprise. Same thing happened during the 2007 Pan Ams, They cheered when the Americans had falls because they knew it'd increase Brazil's chances of taking Gold. I remember seeing a Cuban Vaulter fall and the crowd just erupted in cheers. I guess they really wanted Barbosa to take Gold lol.
  3. Ahh Ok. Here's Elena Produnova herself doing the Produnova Vault (Hands down the best attempt yet) - Hong did the TTY with the help of her Coach in training - Dipa's Produnova in Qualifications - She landed it during the Commonwealth Games EF's - Chuso's Prod - Chuso needs to work on the execution because she sat down and put her hands down on that attempt. I remember watching Hong throw the TTY in Podium Training and the way she landed made me cringe so badly, I was scared that she hurt herself.
  4. She is a serious Medal Contender because she's performing one of the hardest Vaults in the World which has a 7.0 D Score. The only thing knocking her down is her E Score, She lands the Vault on her feet but it looks like she sits it down, If she can land upright then it's Medal confirmed. Paseka should not have won the World Title last year considering Hong performed the same Vault she did but with much better form. Chuso will be throwing the Produnova also, But I don't think anyone will top the Queen herself when she did it at the 1999 University Games - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UZBM1wgfRA (BTW - Who's Park?)
  5. Also, Here's how the Qualifications went for Vault - 1. Simone Biles (USA) 2. Hong Un Jong (PRK) 3. Giulia Steingruber (SWI) 4. Maria Paseka (RUS) 5. Oksana Chusovitina (UZB) 6. Shallon Olsen (CAN) 7. Wang Yan (CHN) 8. Dipa Karmakar (IND) Alternates for the Vault Finals are - 1. Britney Rogers (CAN) 2. Seda Tutkhalyan (RUS) 3. Ellie Downie (GBR)
  6. Women's Vault Finals Line-Up - 1. Hong Un Jong (PRK) 2. Shallon Olsen (CAN) 3. Oksana Chusovitina (UZB) 4. Wang Yan (CHN) 5. Giulia Steingruber (SWI) 6. Dipa Karmakar (IND) 7. Maria Paseka (RUS) 8. Simone Biles (USA) Karmakar & Chusovitina will probably opt for the Produnova. Considering Biles threw the Gauntlet down in Qualifications, I'm guessing Hong is going to try and kill herself by attempting the TTY (Triple-Twisting Yurchenko). Perfect position for Steingruber because she can see what Vaults Hong/Chuso do and then think of what Vaults she should throw. I think Vault Finals will be one of the most exciting Finals of the Night. I'd expect Bronze to be Paseka vs. Chuso vs. Karmakar vs. Steingruber whilst Hong & Biles go at it for Silver & Gold.
  7. ^^^ This. If Ellie had a much harder Vault, I believe she would've beaten Mustafina for Bronze. She was one of the most consistent last night with very clean performances.
  8. I'd just like to say - Ellie Black created history when she placed 5th in the Women's Individual All-Around last night, Highest ever from a Canadian Gymnast! Also, Shallon Olsen qualfied for the Vault Event Finals and Isabela Onyshko qualified for the Balance Beam Event Finals.
  9. I just realised Ellie Black of Canada finished in 5th, She hit all her Routines also. I can't get over how Musty has a higher E Score than Shang on Beam. I don't we'd have Musty VS. Shang if the stupid 2-Per Country Rule forced Gabby out of the AA. We could have seen a clean sweep from the US. Even Hernandez could've been on the Podium.
  10. ^^ Very same Routine that got me into Gymnastics. I didn't watch anything but Dominique lol. It's a shame she wasn't consistent because she could have been All-Around Champion at the 1993 & 1994 World Championships and the 1996 Olympics. I still think she was robbed of a Bronze on the Uneven Bars in 1996. I think she was the only one who did Back-To-Back Tumbling in the 90's, In the 80's I remember seeing Oksana Omelianchik, Daniela Silivas & Elena Shushunova do it. Also, We would have seen that FX Routine in the Barcelona '92 FX Finals had she been scored correctly! I would have pulled Zmeskal for Dawes after her previous FX Routines through those Games. Had she hit in EF's, Bronze would have been hers, No doubt.
  11. I feel like Shang was robbed. 14.833 for a hit Beam? Please... I LOVe Musty, I really do, But I feel like Bronze should have went to Shang Chunsong. If Seda didn't bomb Floor and scored somewhere around 14... She woulda tied with Musty. I hope Raisman and Mustafina retire now and Biles takes a break because I'm dying to see FRESH, NEW, Talent at 2017 Worlds. Biles' crying after winning AA touched my heart. Aly and her Coach crying had me in tears too.
  12. Yup. Simone Biles is our Olympic AA Champion - 1st - Simone Biles 2nd - Aly Raisman 3rd - Aliya Mustafina
  13. Happy that Andrade had fun on FX. Aly nails FX. Silver confirmed. Bronze for Musty, Gold for Biles if she hits (She'll win even if she falls... twice)
  14. Poor Shang crying her eyes out It's hard to be 4th two times in a row (2015 World and now here). Not sure how Musty scored over her.
  15. Right, Seda bombs Floor. Turning this Competition off because Podium is now predictable.
  16. YAY MUSTY HITS!!! BRONZE CONFIRMED UNLESS ALY MESSES UP (HIGHLY UNLIKELY)!! Loved, Loved, LOVED Musty's turns. Ellie Black was AMAZING she hit everything! Hoping she snatched a Top 5 Spot along w/SCS or Steingruber. Wish Seda never messed that Dismount. Downie could've challenged for Bronze if she didn't mess Bars up.
  17. Aly hits Beam, now in 3rd (a tenth ahead is Musty). Biles has Gold sealed. Down to Mustafina vs. Raisman on FX. Still in tears after Seda fell. She may not have won a Medal judging by the whole Biles vs. Musty vs. Aly thing but she hit Beam every Competition in Rio until now, and everyone thought she was the inconsistent one (Who ultimately turned out to be Melnikova) Andrade now 7th after a disastrous Beam. All my faves making mistakes except Musty Steingruber tryna chase down Raisman for Bronze but she finishes on Bars which is her weak event.
  18. Ugh. Seda had it untl she falls back on her dismount (Ima cry). Downie on Bars now. Messes up. Bronze is wide open unless someone messes up big time.
  19. Biles nails Beam, Still don't like her Barani. Musty was ok, Not her best, I think she's going for Silver. Ellie Black of Canada has been awesome so far. Yet to see Tut and Aly on Beam. Still annoyed that Ellie Downie's DTY scored lower that Mustafina's, Seda was overscored on Bars.
  20. Musty in lead after 2 rotations. Biles nailing Beam so Musty can say Bye to that lead now. Tut in 3rd. Simone 2nd. Aly 5th. Downie underscored on DTY. Barbosa hurt on Floor, Can't continue.
  21. Wow. Vault's been an issue for Men whilst Floor has been an issue for Women. I really think they should check the Apparatus and see if there is an issue. Women's All-Around today!!! I can't wait! Well, It's pretty predictable considering Biles is a lock for Gold, Silver & Bronze may be up in the air though! Silver might be Raisman's but the battle for Bronze will be exciting! I really, really hope Seda Tutkhalyan or Rebeca Andrade make the Podium. Tutkhalyan in particular.
  22. Apparatus Starting Lists for Tomorrow's Women's All-Around Final - Vault - Simone Biles, United States Aly Raisman, United States Rebeca Andrade, Brazil Seda Tutkhalyan, Russia Aliya Mustafina, Russia Wang Yan, China Uneven Bars - Eythora Thorsdottir, Netherlands Mai Murakami, Japan Isabela Onyshko, Canada Elisabeth Seitz, Germany Asuka Teramoto, Japan Ellie Black, Canada Balance Beam - Jessica Lopez, Venezuela Giulia Steingruber, Switzerland Lieke Wevers, Netherlands Marine Brevet, France Flavia Saraiva, Brazil Shang Chunsong, China Floor Exercise - Nina Darwael, Belgium Ellie Downie, Great Britain Louise Vanhille, France Carlotta Ferlito, Italy Sophie Scheder, Germany Vanessa Ferrari, Italy Reserves - 1st - Claudia Fragapane (GBR), Alexa Moreno (MEX), Ana Sofia Gomez Porras (ARG), Zsofia Kovacs (HUN) I'm guessing if the Saraiva withdrawing thing is true, then I'd expect Barbosa to step in. I LOVE the top group!! It's going to be so competitive between them! Hoping Mustafina, Andrade, Downie or Tutkhalyan make the Podium!
  23. Rewatching Qualifications after someone from GymMultimedia posted a ton of Routines that weren't shown in the BBC Coverage. I can't stop watching Hernandez's FX!! Her smile and expression through her Routine says it all!
  24. I'm just going to watch Vault & Beam Finals because they at least have some interesting rivalries and strong contenders (Biles vs. Hong) (Saraiva vs. Wevers). I might watch Bars just for JLo but I dunno.
  25. Ugh. I'm literally going to miss FX Finals on purpose because it looks boring as hell. I wish Hernandez, Thorsdottir, Shang & Miyakawa qualified. Gymnasts in FX Finals - Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, Vanessa Ferrari, Giulia Steingruber, Wang Yan, Amy Tinkler, Mai Murakami, Erika Fasana. I'd love to have seen this in FX Finals - Laurie Hernandez, Simone Biles/Aly Raisman, Giulia Steingruber, Eythora Thorsdottir, Lieke Wevers, Shang Chunsong, Claudia Fragapane/Flavia Saraiva, Sae Miyakawa.
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