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  1. That is such sad news!! Now we can't get any physical copies!
  2. Hmmmmm.... after the 2023 Pan Am Games Comp lost popularity and interest, it'll be hard to get member interested but I'll give a go! I'm bidding with: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Slogan: Celebrating Youth in Africa! Logo soon to come.
  3. I somewhat agree, they did had Egypt, Algeria or Nigeria as options, Angola was an option but they backed out. Nigeria has got stadiums that can be used (Abuja National Stadium, Surulere Stadium in Lagos and The Akwa Ibom Stadium) In my opinion I think Algeria would've been prepared quicker than any of the options since they have the venues required and past experience.
  4. @LatinXTC I don't think they built new stadiums for the AFCON, it was said that CAF gave them the AFCON because they hosted the FIFA Club World Cup successfully, Aren't all the stadiums that were going to be used for the AFCON part of Morocco's 2010 FIFA World Cup Bid? I believe they were going to use: Stade de Marrakech, Marrakech Moulay Abdellah Stadium, Rabat Stade de Tangier, Tangier Agadir Stadium, Agadir Note: Casablanca was going to be the Alternative Host.
  5. Equatorial Guinea co-hosted the 2012 AFCON with Gabon.
  6. CAF has selected Equatorial Guinea as the host, {Venues will be: Malabo, Bata, Mongomo and Ebebiyin, Malabo will also host the final draw which was supposed to be in Rabat if Morocco wasn't stripped}
  7. I find it odd too. Apparently Muju was not suitable to bid for 2014?
  8. Yeah, it is, I hope they change plans, can't they disassemble it and move it to I don't know, Muju? They are going to move Ice Hockey 1 to Wonju after the games. The Speed Skating venue looks beautiful too. Can someone post a pic of ghe actual Speed Skating venue design? I've seen 3 and I don't know which one it is.
  9. It was reported that CAF asked Ghana and South Africa to take over but they both rejected. I think CAF will have to stick to Morocco. They can possibly ask Nigeria or Cameroon since they have stadiums that meet the standards, also, wasn't Nigeria the reserve host?
  10. Muju was Pyeongchang's rival to become South Korea's candidate for the 2010 Winter Olympics. I heard that Muju was given the chance to bid for 2014 if Pyeongchang loses. Muju did host the 1997 Winter Universiade with Jeonju. Why didn't Muju bid for 2014? Anyone know? Did they have a logo? If Muju was to bid again, then it would at least be in 2040 because we won't be seeing any Olympic in Asia after 3 games in a row! (Almaty and Beijing)
  11. When is part 2 of the Bangkok 1998 OC will be uploaded? Also, has anyone got the full OC for Kuala Lumpur 1998 and Abuja 2003?
  12. I was looking at the 2024 Summer Olympic Page on Wikipedia and I found that Johannesburg was listed. I then Decided to do a bit of research, and I found an article on Insidethegames. It basically said South Africa's Gauteng Province is set to make a bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics if the IOC. The bid would be focused on it's capital Johannesburg. If they do bid, they'll have to get past Durban first right? I mean Durban was SA's favourite for years.
  13. Are there going to be any new books added? I would like to see: Milan 2000 Sydney 2000 Athens 2004 Osaka 2008 Paris 1992 Amsterdam 1992 Belgrade 1996 Atlanta 1996
  14. Interesting, I am on the hunt for bid books, here are the ones I'm looking for: Milan 2000 Brasilia 2000 Photo Book (Found) Atlanta 1996 Belgrade 1996 or 1992 Lille 2004 San Juan 2004 St Petersburg 2004 Rio 2004 Pyeongchang 2010 Bern 2010
  15. Abebooks!! Also I just purchased an Abuja 2014 set!! I really don't think anyone would want to spend 416 pounds for a Moscow 1976 Bid Book!
  16. Quick question, did the 2004 applicants that never made the shortlist make bid books? I know Lille and San Juan did I'm talking mainly about Rio. Did Sochi make anything for 2002? Also, did Brasilia, Milan and Tashkent make anything for 2000?
  17. Hmmmm...... maybe your right, this contest is called off. I tried to bring some interest but my plan failed.
  18. Lagos unveil Olympic Bid Logo: 01.11.14 We are back again at the beautiful National Stadium in Lagos where the logo for the city's bid for the 2028 Summer Olympics was unveiled. Plans were to have a firework show after the unveiling and to have the whole stadium as usual lightened up. Unfortunately like always in Nigeria, the electricity went out just as the logo was being unveiled and the fireworks were stolen! Due to this incident the citizens of Lagos will not be able to see the logo that has been submitted. An anonymous reporter has managed to email us some pictures of the logo: http://tinypic.com/r/263ep37/8 The logo shows the proud citizens of Lagos joyfully protesting and causing a riot in the city.
  19. Lagos National Stadium is readt and need no renovating: http://i58.tinypic.com/iqlxxx.jpg http://i59.tinypic.com/4s1qbn.jpg http://i58.tinypic.com/jauixz.jpg Correction: Ready and need no renovating.
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