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  1. Melbourne has mountains? Must of missed those the 40 odd years I lived there. Ya learn something new everyday. Also the local Koori are known for their more muted art palate (deep ochres, browns, blues) but nonetheless an interesting take.

    Thanks!, I was thinking of doing blue, but I decided to go with the the colours of the sun instead, I might edit it and make the colours slightly more transparent.

    Not only is it okay - it's encouraged!

    Ok! I'll get to work!

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  2. The concept of the Melbourne 2022 Logo:

    The white parts of the logo are meant to represent the mountains of Melbourne, it is in a circular shape because the circle represent the bright sun in Australia (One of my favourite things about Australia!) I used aboriginal art (circles) to fill in the rest of the circle, I used the colours red, orange and yellow since they are the colour of the sun.

  3. I agree, but this is one of the worst options.

    I somewhat agree, they did had Egypt, Algeria or Nigeria as options, Angola was an option but they backed out. Nigeria has got stadiums that can be used (Abuja National Stadium, Surulere Stadium in Lagos and The Akwa Ibom Stadium) In my opinion I think Algeria would've been prepared quicker than any of the options since they have the venues required and past experience.

  4. @LatinXTC

    I don't think they built new stadiums for the AFCON, it was said that CAF gave them the AFCON because they hosted the FIFA Club World Cup successfully, Aren't all the stadiums that were going to be used for the AFCON part of Morocco's 2010 FIFA World Cup Bid?

    I believe they were going to use:

    Stade de Marrakech, Marrakech

    Moulay Abdellah Stadium, Rabat

    Stade de Tangier, Tangier

    Agadir Stadium, Agadir

    Note: Casablanca was going to be the Alternative Host.

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