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  1. Okay, I've re-done my Melbourne 2022 Logo, if someone can get rid of the black rough edges then I shall be grateful... This time, I've used pastel colours and made transparent circles, the mountains form an M too.
  2. I'm currently looking for: Nagoya 1988 Seoul 1988 Berchtesgaden 1992 (Which I believe I've found somewhere) Paris 1992 (Found a Summary but no sign of the Full Bid Book Set) Belgrade 1992 or 1996 Toronto 1996 Brasilia 2000 (A Photo Album, found) Milan 2000 Beijing 2000 Sochi 2002 (9 Years!) Quebec 2002 San Juan 2004 St. Petersburg 2004 Rio 2004 Osaka 2008 So yeah, I got a pretty long list there...
  3. You Welcome! Happy to help! I enjoy researching so yeah.... anyways, Tominger, you seem to have some rare books, I've read a few of your posts that say you have Sochi 2002 (I've been looking for them for 9 years now!) and now you've found Beijing.... (Another one I'm hunting down!) How do you find this stuff though?
  4. Heres something that talks about the four candidates (Salt Lake City, Quebec City, Ostersund & Sion) http://library.la84.org/OlympicInformationCenter/OlympicReview/1995/oreXXV1/oreXXV1e.pdf
  5. Hmmm.... Well, Puppy did upload their Bid Summary, it did look plain even though it was scanned black and white, you can see they used poor binding on the summary like Berlin did with their bid books, All the other candidates (Including Milan not Brasilia & Tashkent) produced a 3 Volume Bid Book Set, so I think Beijing did the same, I hope thias helps, as for the 2002 Evaluation Report, I will try and look for it, maybe ask Puppy and see if he has anything.
  6. Interesting, Do you still have any contact with him? or even the old URL of the website? I really want to watch the ceremony, I've seen your video and another one, which made me interested in watching the entire thing.
  7. Hmmm..... Anyone found the Havana 1991 Pan American Games OC yet? I've been looking for some time now
  8. I know this is not related to Bid Books, but I went onto the Russian Google, and typed 'Sochi 2002 Олимпийские' I stumbled across what I believe are a few venue renderings from the bid. Here is the link: http://www.privetsochi.ru/blog/4882.html Another find, Sochi's bid logo: http://m.perm.kp.ru/daily/26188/3077045/
  9. Try Here: http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20070305103412/http:/www.london2012.com/news/publications/candidate-file.php
  10. Thanks!, I was thinking of doing blue, but I decided to go with the the colours of the sun instead, I might edit it and make the colours slightly more transparent. Ok! I'll get to work!
  11. Its ok! I tried and the outcome was great as you can see. Is it ok if I do logos for the other hosts? I have something in mind for Anchorage, Santiago and Borjomi.
  12. The concept of the Melbourne 2022 Logo: The white parts of the logo are meant to represent the mountains of Melbourne, it is in a circular shape because the circle represent the bright sun in Australia (One of my favourite things about Australia!) I used aboriginal art (circles) to fill in the rest of the circle, I used the colours red, orange and yellow since they are the colour of the sun.
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