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  1. Well if Miss Eurasia can use Harbins 2010 logo as PART of his Harbin logo, then I should be able to use those mountains as PART of my Anchorage logo.

    1st of all I'm a woman, so I do not know why you believe I have what you have.

    2nd of all I am withdrawing my Harbin entry, I believe it is inappropriate and it is what all the copying stuff so I apologise for that.

  2. True. It depends on how many Cities will bid on how it will influence Sion 2026's bid.

    Well, If the US do bid, the candidate would probably be Anchorage or Salt Lake City or even Denver (Bit hard since they withdrew in 1976), it would be hard for them if they get 2024, Asia can be ruled out straight away, we've seen too many games from them so goodbye Sapporo (Not saying the bid is going to be rubbish or poor, just saying it'll be hard for them too) South America would probably have Santiago (It would be a favourite, but I think they would use this as a test bid for the future?) Leaving Europe, The only strong bids from Europe that I can think of would probably be:

    Barcelona, Spain

    The Joint Bid from Norway and Sweden

    and Sion

    I'd say the toughest cookie Sion would have to get past is Barcelona...

  3. Well, it does look like Durbans bid for the 2022 Commonwealth Games is starting to lose interest, Edmonton looks like they're miles ahead of Durban, considering they've got their logo etc and that was months ago, we have no logo fron Durban and does it even have a website? If it's starting to lose more interest then Durban should just drop the bid and give it to Edmonton....

    What I think is going to happen is a domestic bid race between Durban and a joint bid from Johannesburg and Pretoria and possibly a Cape Town, Durban would probably be the front-runner with Cape Town being the Dark Horse? Or should that be Johannesburg? I don't know, anyways, Durban would probably win the domestic bid race and apply for 2024, but, I would say Johannesburg would be the backup for 2028.

  4. I'm currently looking for:

    Nagoya 1988

    Seoul 1988

    Berchtesgaden 1992 (Which I believe I've found somewhere)

    Paris 1992 (Found a Summary but no sign of the Full Bid Book Set)

    Belgrade 1992 or 1996

    Toronto 1996

    Brasilia 2000 (A Photo Album, found)

    Milan 2000

    Beijing 2000

    Sochi 2002 (9 Years!)

    Quebec 2002

    San Juan 2004

    St. Petersburg 2004

    Rio 2004

    Osaka 2008

    So yeah, I got a pretty long list there...

  5. You Welcome! Happy to help! I enjoy researching so yeah.... anyways, Tominger, you seem to have some rare books, I've read a few of your posts that say you have Sochi 2002 (I've been looking for them for 9 years now!) and now you've found Beijing.... (Another one I'm hunting down!) How do you find this stuff though?

  6. Dear all, I am looking for the IOC Evaluation Report for the 2002 Cities. Does anyone have it?

    Furthermore, I have got a question regarding the Beijing 2000 Bid Books. I have them and its just three books in a plain box. Was that really all? I can imagine that they came along with something more or is this set really a "classic" one (three books only)?

    Hmmm.... Well, Puppy did upload their Bid Summary, it did look plain even though it was scanned black and white, you can see they used poor binding on the summary like Berlin did with their bid books, All the other candidates (Including Milan not Brasilia & Tashkent) produced a 3 Volume Bid Book Set, so I think Beijing did the same, I hope thias helps, as for the 2002 Evaluation Report, I will try and look for it, maybe ask Puppy and see if he has anything.

  7. ^^ I had a friend long time ago who used to own a very old website dedicated to the Pan Am Games (now defunct) which had this ceremony. Sadly it seems he didn't had any device to help him record the VHS tape onto the comp back then. I dunno about now. The excerpt I posted on my Youtube account was from TV Globo (Brazil) but that's the only thing i had so far of it. Plus it seems the background audio is not matching what is happening on the video.

    Interesting, Do you still have any contact with him? or even the old URL of the website? I really want to watch the ceremony, I've seen your video and another one, which made me interested in watching the entire thing.

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